Invest 10k In Yourself And See How Your Life Changes

Invest 10k In Yourself And See How Your Life Changes by Charles Sledge

I want to invite you to try an experiment with me. An experiment that could completely change your life or at the very least improve it tremendously. This experiment involved an investment, as a matter of fact the best investment and your money. This experiment could be done in less than year but even if so should be continued for your entire life. So what is this experiment that could change your life and is changing mine? This experiment is all about investing in yourself and spending your money on what matters most.

Here is what I am going to propose to you. You are going to track all the investments that you make in yourself. I’m not talking about healthy foods or the nice car you got yourself. Although those are fine. I’m talking about specifically what you invest into your mind, skills, and knowledge. So things like protein powder, supplements, massages, and things you do for yourself while nice don’t count towards the overall investment.

It Starts With A Pledge

The first thing I want you to do is make a pledge that you will invest 10,000.00$ in yourself. There is no time limit (other than death) but simply that you will invest 10,000.00$ into your skills, knowledge, and self-development. This will mainly take the form of books, lectures, courses, audio programs, and hands on training. I want you to write this out make it look official if you want. You are going to record every investment that you make into developing your skills, development, and knowledge.

So for example reading a fiction book because you enjoy it wouldn’t count towards you investment but reading a book on sales would. You are going to record every investment that you make in yourself. You are going to record month to month and try to beat last months every time. If you want you could make one of those charts that look like a thermometer ¬†and color it in until you get to 10,000 or you could simply keep a spiral notebook where you record all the investments like I do.

The Best Investment

The best investment you will ever make is in yourself. Most people never get it into their head that they should invest in themselves and spend all their lives spending their money on things that will never do anything for them. Rich and successful people are different and spend a good portion of their most valuable asset (their time) on investing in themselves. Which is why they live the lives that they do. Most people will pay hundreds of dollars every weekend to get numbed up for the week ahead on to repeat the cycle over and over again.

The more you develop your skills the better quality of life that you will have and the more money you will make. Instead of spending your money on NetFlix, booze, and junk food you instead spend that money on books, audio programs, and training. Then record them in your ledger. Most people probably go their entire lives only investing a couple thousand into themselves and their development if that. Which is why they always remain stuck where they are.

So What Counts & What Doesn’t?

Alright so here are things that count: Books, courses, training programs, seminars, audio programs, memberships that add to your development (dojo, gym, investment newsletter, etc.), paying a knowledgeable person to share their knowledge with you, and anything of that nature.

Here is what doesn’t count: Any kind of formalized education (college, grad school), equipment for gym or healthy foods (could spend a fortune here with little change in life), vacations or any sort of relaxation (nothing wrong with per se but it’s no investment), and anything of that nature.

This guidelines are broad for a reason. I want you to get the general idea of each so you can then go and do it on your own. Don’t worry that much if you’re not sure if something counts or not. Remember the goal is to reach an investment of 10,000.00$ in your knowledge, skills, and self-improvement.


The best investment that you will ever make is the one you make in yourself. I know I’ve repeated that but I want to make sure that you’ve got it in your head. Rich, successful, and happy people are that way because of the investments that they made in themselves. Rich people are rich because they have made investments in their financial knowledge and skill, men who sleep with tons of beautiful women do so because the have made investments in their seduction knowledge and skill, and men who are battle hardened and hard to kill are that way because they have invested in their survival knowledge and skill. Knowledge and skills these are what you invest in.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge