Introducing To Be A Man: A Guide To Manhood Now On Amazon

To Be A Man: A Guide To Manhood by Charles Sledge

This week you’re going to get three free chapters from my latest book To Be A Man: A Guide To Manhood now available on Amazon.

Here is what’s in store for you.

What does it mean to be a man? And even if one gets the definition right (something that very few do) how does one go about becoming a man? We live in a world where most males are divorced from their masculinity. They have been told that their masculinity is at best “old fashioned” (as if that was a bad thing) and at worst “evil” and “toxic”. Because of this we live in a time where males are more confused than ever. On one hand they hear about the war on masculinity and on the other hear about how their masculinity (which many have little or any of) are responsible for all of the worlds ills. Becoming a man is something that has taken time, guidance, and effort in any age.

Including one without all of the delusions and poisons of our own. In this book a path, a guide to manhood is offered. First off once must understand that not only is their manhood not evil but rather right, natural, and good but also that males will always feel lost and adrift without starting on this path. They will for all time feel like a fish out of water. It is only through starting on and going through this rigorous journey that they will feel well within their souls. This doesn’t mean that the path is easy of course, far from it. But it is healthy and it is what is needed in this day and age (as all others before it and all that are to come).

In To Be A Man: A Guide To Manhood you’ll learn…

– What this spirit of man is, why it’s so important, and how to cultivate it in yourself.
– The 3 P’s of manhood and while they represent a foundation of what being a man is all about.
– How a man is to handle women in his life.
– How a man is to handle enemies in his life.
– How a man is to handle accumulating resources in his life.
– The inextricable connection between a man’s freedom and his sense of manhood.
– The 2 natural professions of man, that every man must develop to feel fulfilled.
– The relationship between pain, challenge, and growth and what this means for a man.
– The one and true measure of a man that has held time since time began and will until it ends.
– How to get started on the path to manhood and what this means for every man on it.
– And much more.

If you’re ready to get started on your path to becoming the man you always wanted to be then get your copy of To Be A Man: A Guide To Manhood today.

If you find any of the chapters you read these week interesting then I’d highly encourage you to check out To Be A Man: A Guide To Manhood and everything it has to offer for yourself!

Charles Sledge

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    Just got it in the mail today, going to read a little tonight. Will leave a review!