How To Increase Your Value To The Marketplace & Thereby Increase Your Wealth

How To Increase Your Value To The Marketplace & Thereby Increase Your Wealth by Charles Sledge

I’ve recently been reading a great book by the marketing legend Dan Kennedy titled No B.S. Wealth Attraction In The New Economy in it Kennedy talks about different ways to make yourself more “attractive” to wealth covering everything from beliefs that the wealthy have to skills that they learn. Sort of like being dominant and having other certain traits will make you more attractive to women, following the guidelines in this book will make you more attractive to money and wealth.

One chapter that stood out to me was how only by increasing your value to the marketplace can you increase your wealth. For example think of the employee that every year asks for a raise because he’s been there another year and for some reason thinks that entitles him to higher pay. His skills could be the same or even deteriorated in that year yet he wants more money. In reality the only way to get more money is to become more valuable. Here in this article I am going to show you multiple ways to increase your value to the marketplace and thereby increase your wealth.


“Call in the experts” when someone doesn’t have an answer to a problem they are not going to hand it off to any Tom, Dick, or Harry around they are going to find out who has the answer to the problem and call them. For example if your house was infested with pests you wouldn’t call the plumber you’d call the exterminator because they are experts in getting rid of pests. Not only would you’d call the exterminator but you’d call the ones that you trusted the most and knew what they were doing.

If an exterminator showed up and asked you what the best way to get rid of the pests were you’d fire them on the spot and for good reason. Because they are supposed to be experts. Likewise if you were able to get a hold of exterminators who wrote a series of books on the topic, had their own popular YouTube channel, and were featured in Getting Rid Of Pests Quarterly you wouldn’t mind giving them a higher price. Whatever it is you do, you must become an expert in it.


This ties in with being an expert. Not only must you be an expert but you must be an expert in skills that are highly valuable to the marketplace. The most valuable skills to the marketplace are sales, copywriting, and marketing. I would add on whatever specialty it is you do. For example if you program computers for a living then addition to the above three also include computer programming as an essential skill for you. Or if you were a welder it’d be welding, a judo instructor judo, and so on and so forth.

It is skills that will give you the raise you want or the income you desire. For example if you are a mid level employee you will always remain a mid level employee until you start learning skills and become adept at them that are going to be valuable to higher ups. Just doing your job and doing it well is never ever enough for a raise or increased income if you are self-employed. Ever. Develop important skills to your niche of which will always include sales, copywriting, and marketing then be broken down by niche.


While this phrase if often used as an excuse for people in lower levels there is much truth to it “It’s not what you know but who you know”. Again take it with a grain of salt but no matter how you look at it the relationships that you have and the influence you have over those relationships is an incredibly valuable asset. You must have a strong vibrant network. Don’t be one of those losers who always whines when someone gets a leg up because of a connection yet does nothing to network himself, we all know the type I’m talking about.

Even if you hate people you need to become a good networker. You need to reach out to others and be likable. Always look for opportunities to expand your social circle and make a friend. Relationships are an asset they have value. Knowing one important person can completely change your career and income status. So it makes sense to reach out to such people whenever the chance arrives. Don’t be needy of course just reach out naturally and don’t be one of those males who sulk in corners never associating with anyone then crying when they’re passed over by higher ups even though they “do a better job”. Humans are social creatures this is a fact you can either utilize it or break yourself against it.


Wealth follows value it’s as simple as that. Unless you work for the government or some other regulated entity your wealth will only increase as your value does. Expertise, skills, and relationships are three of the greatest ways to increase your value. Remember just doing your job at a proficient level means absolutely nothing. This may not be “fair” but honesty you should realize by now that nothing is fair how we were taught it was in school. Learn the rules of the world or break yourself against them. Thrive or die, these are your options. Choose wisely.

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-Charles Sledge

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