The Importance Of Repurposing Content For Bloggers

The Importance Of Repurposing Content For Bloggers by Charles Sledge

As much as we would just like to, we have to do more than just publish posts as bloggers. Sure I guess technically one could simply publish post after post day in and day out and consider him or herself a blogger. But for those of us who want to turn our blogs into something more this isn’t going to be an option. We have to turn our blogs into sources of information that can lead to even more information for those hungry to know more. I know many bloggers are adverse to marketing, monetization, and networking. Which is unfortunate.

Because unless blogging is a hobby you’re going to have to treat it like any other business. And the purpose of business is to gain revenue plain and simple. Without revenue nothing else in the business matters. This doesn’t mean you have to turn your blog into a giant sales page to work or that you have to water down your content or anything like that. It simple means you need to have an idea in mind of how you are going to make money from your blog.

Content Repurposing

A great way to do this is through repurposing content. Look there are plenty of blogs that I like but even my favorites I don’t keep up with everyday and I rarely go back to look at posts. However if I buy a bloggers book I read the entire thing from beginning to end. Even if part of the book was from the blog as long as it’s quality I don’t care. Many bloggers take their content and put it into book format for readers to purchase. Generally they’ll go back through it editing and changing things then sell it in paperback (or another format not available before). This allows them to make money, please their readers, and expand their reach.

Look at books like Gorilla Mindset or Rework both were in good part taken from things on their respective blogs. Yet both are books that deliver high quality content and are selling in high numbers. Many bloggers think they’re doing their readers a disservice if they publish old content into a buyable format when anything could be further from the truth. If anything you are doing your readers and potential readers a disservice by not allowing them another purchasing option.

Content Monetization

Unless your blog is being built for people to buy your services (such as many content marketing, copywriting, and marketing blogs) you are going to have to find ways to make money from your content. Information products are a great way to do this. Look at Bold & Determined, Danger & Play, and Roosh V for prime examples of this. It takes hard work but it’s worth it in the end. Otherwise you’d could have a great blog with great content and lots of quality traffic yet never make a dime from it.

You’re letting money slip through your fingers and preventing a whole other part of the population from getting your quality content. I know some people (I often fall into this category) who use blogs just to see if they’re any good then go and buy the authors book. No one has time to scroll through pages upon pages of old posts no matter how good they are. Make it easy for your readers to have your posts in e-book or paperback format. They’ll be grateful.

Begin With The End In Mind

The old Ziglar quote applies to blogging as well “If you help enough people get what they want you can have anything you want” put another way give value, help others and you’ll get what you want in the end. However you have to provide a way to do that. Think about how you are going to make money off your blog from the very beginning. Don’t get me wrong it’ll be some time until the money really starts flowing in but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still have a plan in place.

Blog your book. Put together a book and turn each chapter into a post then at the end put it all together and sell it in book format. People will happily pay to have the content all together for them instead of spending their valuable time combing through a blog. Find ways to repurpose your content so you can monetize your blog and extend your influence. The more you make the more you’ll be able to help others, it’s as simple as that.


If you want to have a successful blog that has the potential to change the lives of people all over the world while also making you money then I would encourage you to check out my Blog Yourself Rich series. There is good money to be made in quality information and people will happily pay for it. Make it convenient and easy for your readers, they’ll thank you for it. So always think about how to make the most out of every post and to one day make good money off your blog.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge