Is Ignorance Actually Bliss?

Is Ignorance Actually Bliss? by Charles Sledge

There is an old axiom that says that ignorance is bliss. Meaning those who are ignorant can wallow in their ignorance and essentially be as happy as a clam. Like a child or a woman who goes about life having everything done for them and taken care of so they never have to face reality. It is said that their ignorance is the source of their bliss. That because they don’t know the reality of the world they can afford to be happy.

Part of me agrees with this. As when young ignorance can truly be bliss. You are focused on being a kid and having fun, not how you will earn your living or why your parents sleep in different bedrooms. Your worry free, this being worry free is because of ignorance. Because you don’t know what is waiting around the corner in adulthood. However with that being said overall this axiom is nothing but foolishness and I will explain why.

Ignorance Is Pain

Now with women and children they can often afford to be ignorant because they are sheltered from their consequences by men. However as men we have no such protection and will get shafted at both ends if we go through life ignorant and that’s putting it mildly. Is the guy who is ignorant of female biology blissful when he comes home to his wife getting porked by the unemployed biker? Is it blissful when the ignorant yuppie wanders into the diverse side of town to see how great diversity is and gets beaten and killed? Is it blissful when a guy takes out huge loans for a worthless degree and is stuck getting crapped on by a sadistic boss while he works for pennies?

For women and children perhaps ignorance is bliss but for men it is a liability. Ignorance will lead to one thing and one thing only for men, and that is pain. Pain and suffering are what is in store for a man who is ignorant. Men have no one coming to help them they must make their way on their own. They is no one going to save them not God, not other men, and certainly not society which if anything hates them or at best sees them as useful idiots. Men is alone and must learn to survive on his own.

Knowledge Is Freedom

The path to freedom for man is through knowledge. It is only through the acquirement of wisdom that a man can hope to make it in this world. Pursue wisdom and everything else will follow. Knowledge is power and a man is nothing if he is not powerful. A man cannot afford to sit back and coast along hoping for the best. Coasting is death. A man must be prepared for whatever may come, he must be proactive. He cannot wait until the barbarians are at his door bursting it down before he knows if he has the will to fight or not.

A man must be able to deal with the worst of situations then and only then can he enjoy the best. He cannot drift around expecting things to “just work out”. That never happens. Women and children think this way because men make things work out. Inventions, society, not getting raped by barbarians, all things that children and women take for granted yet all granted to them by men. Things only happen when men make them happen. The universe drifts towards chaos with man being the force that keeps it in check.

Ignorance Is Weakness

Weakness is sickness and neither have any place in a man’s life. Ignorance is another form of weakness. To be ignorant is to make yourself a target. Being ignorant is like not knowing how to fight. You will suffer for it, if not today than tomorrow. For the world is a cruel and harsh place that only men can tame. You must exercise ignorance from your mind as you would frailty from your body. Your mind is the source of your power. Without it you will fail. Conditioning you body is important, conditioning and expanding your mind even more so.

Destroy ignorance as you would any other form of weakness. If you don’t you will suffer for it. It’s as simple as that. One key way to destroy ignorance is by reading good books. You have to read. Listen to those who came before and suffered so that you do not have to. They took the shots so that you can learn how to avoid them. It is foolish to not avail yourself of that vast knowledge that is contained in books.


Ignorance is not bliss as a matter of fact it is pain. It is pain, suffering, and agony for man. Perhaps ignorance truly is bliss for women and children as they live sheltered lives but it is not so for men. It never has been and it never will be. A man must stand boldly against the forces of this world. He must fight and never give in. Much is required of a man to be a man. To be a man not for others but for himself so he lives a fulfilled life. So he goes to his death with a smile on his face knowing he fought the good fight.

There is no shelter for a man. He must face the storm. He must become the rock that can withstand anything or crumble. There is no where to hide for men. Certainly not in weakness or ignorance like women and children. To be a man is a special calling, it is the highest of callings. A child or a woman can exist but a man cannot. He either thrives or dies. He either rises to the front of falls by the wayside. A man lives or dies. Be the man who lives.

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-Charles Sledge


Charles Sledge