How To Go From Dud To Stud Instantly

How To Go From Dud To Stud Instantly by Charles Sledge

This is a chapter from my book How To Get Girls: The Definitive Guide. Enjoy.

Believe it or not it has nothing to do with having billions, having six pack abs, or having any other false ideals about what women want. You can go from dud to stud instantly by following what is lain out below. The tips lain out below form the foundation of being an attractive man. When these are based on an even greater foundation of embracing your masculinity and being a masculine man then women will be helpless to you. You can go from dud to stud.

While usually when you hear the phrase dud to stud either dangerous pills or overpriced products are hawked. None of that here. What I have below is what I have found to be the absolutely quickest, easiest way to increase your attractiveness to women. These are all what would be considered “outer game” meaning they are active actions you take. Not sure if that’s the usual definition of outer game but frankly neither do I care. That’s my definition and the one were going with for this article.

I would suggest printing this up and running through it before you go out for quite awhile. Eventually the words and what to do will become part of you and you no longer will need to read it. But before that time be sure to keep it somewhere convenient so that you can reference it at your own leisure. Remember repetition is the mother of learning. You’ll never get everything out of reading something only one time. It must be repeated to have it’s full effect and truly become a deep part of you. But without further ado we will begin to dud to stud process.

Eye Contact

Men make eye contact with women. Never be the first to look away. Show yourself uninhibitedly to women. Let them know that you are not scared. This shows confidence, dominance, and a host of other good features women love. You should practice making eye contact more with everyone, especially good looking women who you are interested in.

Even if a woman doesn’t want you she will still respect you for having the balls to look her in her eyes and if anything it will create attraction for you. Even if there wasn’t any already there. Looking another person in the eyes requires balls which are one hundred times sexier than a six pack or a large wallet.

Project your thoughts and feelings for her through your eyes. Don’t hold back. Look into her eyes unashamedly and completely. Be a man. She wants it and there are very few men who have the guts to do it. Be the guy who is going to take her breath away. And remember never be the first to look away.


You should always be smiling. It puts you in a good mood as well as releases feel good chemicals throughout your body. People who smile more are going to have more enjoyable lives. When you put yourself in a good mood you are more likely to interact with others and express yourself.

Smiling also shows others that you are social and women will be intrigued when you smile at them. As you should. In addition to look into the eyes of women that you find attractive you should also smile at them. This combined with your eye contact will go far to create or increase a woman’s attraction to you.

I should make one caveat here. When I say smile I don’t mean a full teeth showing, smile at the camera because I’m a four year old smile. That smile is submissive and weak and will just turn women off. What I mean is more of a smirk. Make sure you’re smiling but not a full faced goofy looking one. Smile like a man, not like a boy.

Physical Touch

If there is one thing that turns a woman on more than anything else it is physical touch. Women are more tactile while men are more visual. Many women complain that men don’t touch them more. Women want to be touched. Just like men want to see attractive women.

A woman getting touched by a man is like a man seeing an attractive women take off her clothes. Remember women are more tactile and men are more visual. So you know that feeling you get and how stimulated you are when a smoking hot girl is taking off her clothes for you. Women feel that same way when being touched by a man. Don’t be selfish and touch her.

Touch her confidently and with apology. Touch her like a man (it really all comes down to this, being a man). You must get used to touching women and do it often. Touch her on the arm, shoulder, or lower back and progress from there. Don’t touch her timidly or you’ll come across as a little boy. Touch her like she is already yours.

A note on touching start out light and progress from there. Calibrate your touch, don’t just go groping from her like some desperate drunk slob. Calibrate. Passive acceptance of touch means keep escalating. So start out light but all means keep progressing. Slowly but surely you will work her up.


Many men (especially around good looking women) talk way too fast. They talk like if they don’t get out everything they have to say in five seconds they will be interrupted. You need to slow down the rate at which you talk. Talk like a man not like a boy. Meaning don’t rush your words take your time with every word. You’re not in a hurry.

Speak slowly and enunciate every word. Don’t worry if you forget something or there is a pause in the conversation. Only insecure people worry about pauses. They shouldn’t even register to you. Just take the conversation in the direction that you want. But make sure to speak slowly and enunciate.

In addition to speaking slowly you should also speak clearly and loudly. You don’t have to shout but make sure you are not whispering. Do all this in addition to speaking clearly. So when you speak make sure that each word has enough value, is said clearly, and that it is said slowly. Also having a deeper voice doesn’t hurt. Speak from the voice deep in your chest not the one in your nose. All of these thing become habits when you do them enough, never forget that.

Great Attitude

A man has a great attitude towards life, no exceptions. Men do not sit around and whine or mope. Even when the worst is thrown at them they stand strong, resolute, and happy. They laugh with cheer in the face of death. The point is there is no place for anger, hatred, or negativity to weigh you down.

You must cultivate a great attitude. A zest for life and existence. See every day as a blessing because it is. Have a positive attitude towards life. Be optimistic. This doesn’t mean to be Pollyanna in your outlook. Simply to be positive. Keep negative things away from you and focus on positive things. Until you entire outlook is reflecting that which you are focusing on. As it inevitably will.

In addition to this have an open vibe. Meaning you are open to new experiences and people. Women can pick up on this and it draws them to you (among other things). Always be up for an adventure. Have a devil may care attitude. Don’t let the things of this world keep you down. Keep your masculine spirit free and wild as it was born to be. A man with his spirit in tact will stand out to all in the best way possible and women absolutely love it. Rise above, don’t let this world bring you down.

Always expect a positive outcome, you most often get what you expect. Remember you are the man women love men, they are desperate for you. They want you to approach them, to meet a real man for once in their life. Give them that opportunity. Have confidence in yourself. You’re the prize, she’s the lucky one.

From Dud To Stud

Be a man. This is what it all fundamentally comes down to. Being a man. However what that means has been severely misconstrued and willfully distorted by our society among other factors. Going from dud to stud is a process of going from boy to man. It doesn’t matter your physical age you could still have the mindset of a boy. Few ever truly become fully men. Few go from dud to stud completely.

Be forward and bold. Be a man. You are the active force she is the passive. You are the dominant and she the submissive. This is how it is supposed to be and how she wants it to be. Women love men. Women are waiting for you to make a move. To be the stud they dream of. It doesn’t take much to go from dud to stud. Read the above and go out and do them. Go out and go from dud to stud and sweep the women you want off their feet…they’re waiting.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • The speaking bit is what I have the most problem with. I tend to speak fast even though I know I should slow it down. Dunno what it is, just get caught up in the moment and begin yammering away. I’ll make that my goal for this week; to be more mindful of my speech and work on slowing it down.

    • I had that same problem. My brain runs at a hundred miles per hour so I think thats where it stems from. Once you become aware of it though its only a matter of time before you gradually learn to slow it down. Can be hard in the beginning when you have so much to say lol.