How To Brainwash A Belief Into Yourself

How To Brainwash A Belief Into Yourself by Charles Sledge

Our life in large part stems from our beliefs. Essentially have the right beliefs and you will have the right life. For example the biggest difference between men who have sex with lots of women and males who stay virgins until thirty is their belief system. Men who are successful with women have different beliefs. Of course this also applies to business, relationships, health, wellness, and over all happiness.

Many people live in self made prisons because of their faulty belief systems. However even when you identitfy a faulty belief and know it’s wrong it doesn’t just fall away from your mind. It’s still there and you still operate based on that belief even when you know it’s wrong. Identification of a faulty belief is just the first step. You must then actively work to not just remove but also replace that faulty belief. And the only way to do that is through a form of “brainwashing”.

Healthy Brainwashing

When we think of brainwashing we think of poor souls strapped into a chair in some CIA facility with their eyes pried open watching horror after horror on film. While that is certainly a sort of brainwashing that is not what I am talking about here. What I am talking about here is positive brainwashing designed to give yourself a great attitude and the opportunity to live life to the fullest.

You see to push out that old faulty belief you need to replace it with something better. For example let’s say you have the belief that since you never went to college you’ll never be rich (obviously if you’ve read this blog for any length of time you now how patently false this belief is but bear with me). Now let’s say you read a book about famous entrepreneurs both from the past and now and it turns out not a single damn one of them went to college.

However you still have this faulty belief that college is the key to something (when it isn’t). So you study what these entrepreneurs did and let’s say you settle on starting a freelance copywriting business. You timidly go out thinking “I’m not educated why would someone hire me?” this belief will hold you back more than anything else ever could. So how do we get this belief out of you and replace it with something healthy?

The Power Of Writing

Enter writing. Writing something out has tremendous power. Think about how powerful affirmations can be and those are simply recited. Writing something out brings much more into play. It activates more of your mind and helps sink things into your subconscious (which is where your beliefs stem from in the first place). That is why your conscious mind can know something is false but you still follow it because your subconscious mind has yet to be convinced.

Writing combined with repitition can replace even the most deeply ingrained of beliefs. Normally this process is used in negative ways such as brainwashing POWs and such but today we are going to use it for positive change in our own lives. So back to our example of “No one will hire me because I have no college degree”. Now we know consciously this is wrong because we read the book about the entrepreneurs (knowledge also helps override faulty beliefs).

However our subconscious has yet to be convinced. So here is what we are going to do to remedy this. We are going to take out a piece of paper (not a Word document) and a pen. Then we are going to write out a new belief one hundred times. So let’s take the phrase “I am the greatest copywriter in my city” (start small then once convinced of that go bigger). We now write that out one hundred times.

Your thinking “That has to be time consuming” and you’re right it is but here’s the thing. Beliefs last a lifetime and are the number one indicator of how we end up. It pays to get it right. Getting the right beliefs in your mind is one of the most important things that you can do. If you want an in depth look at this and how your mind works check out Mind Is The Master where I cover this very important topic in depth.


Replacing old negative beliefs is how you improve. It’s how you start creating the life that you want and achieve the freedom to do so. Beliefs are ultimately what limit or propel us to where we are. They can be prisons that keep us locked in until judgement day or they can be the wind beneath our wings that takes us to greatness. And the thing is our beliefs are all up to us. They are things we choose so we might as well choose the best.

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-Charles Sledge


Charles Sledge

  • Not sure if this is a good idea but maybe it is

    Since you bring up the example of entrepreneurs here’s a thought (independent of your brainwashing suggestion)

    How many are those entrepreneurs? I sometimes wonder if those “stars” are just put out there by the elite to fool everyone into thinking they can be “just as unique and special as them”

    And even if not its a tiny number compared to the populace

    So while you may be right that a college degree isnt important (who needs a piece of paper to prove they can do a job instead of being able to do it?) I think you are bringing up a mediocre justification for this belief because you are focusing on some top 0 point 001 percent of people and we dont even know if their story is real and if they really “made it” all on their own even if they claim that and even if its true I think its healthier to focus on something more tangible than to become the “next great one” – because lets face it how many will?

    Sorry my period key is broken

    • Np. That’s a good point. Idk I guess its sort of like shoot for the stars and you won’t end up with dirt rather than be realistic and barely make it.

      I personally work much better with shooting for goals that are 10x bigger than the average persons. But that is my personality. Some people might be better off learning a trade and something a little more “practical”.

      But not me.

      • Fair! Sometimes thats necessary simply because you have more skill and knowledge than the average person or other professionals and thus higher expectations towards the project

        So in your personal case do your results end up being 10x bigger than average too?

        • No, but they do end up being 7-8 times, which to me is worth it.

  • Excellent point. I personally find a lot of my own growth comes from writing. If I write about a subject, say fitness, but I am not working out as much as I need to, I feel like a fraud. Writing on my site that anyone can read keeps me honest.

    • Yeah there are lots of benefits of writing I didn’t really think of until I started doing it everyday.