How To Be A One Percenter

How To Be A One Percenter by Charles Sledge

If you are reading my site then you do not want to be average. You want to be above the level of the common man you want to soar to heights that he can’t even imagine, you want to be a conqueror and lay claim to the earth, you want to be the king. In this article I aim to show you how to begin this journey from average to superman, from the masses to the top, from the ninety nine percent to the one. From loser to winner and beyond. You want to take the most out of life and live at a level that most can never even dream of. This article is the beginning of your path.

Being average is something that is celebrated, something that we are told it is okay to be. We are told that being average or inferior is somehow noble when it is anything but. We are told weakness is strength, up is down, and wrong is right. We live in a world of average where the lowest common denominator is pandered too. In marketing, in politics, in everything. Our culture and country is sinking into the abyss of the lowest common denominator. Of the slobbering masses. We are told to be content with what we have and other faulty mindsets designed to keep us in slavery. We must get rid of these mindsets and replace with them with something greater and far more effective.

Mediocrity Rules The Marketplace

Mediocrity rules the marketplace. It doesn’t take much to distinguish yourself from the average man. From the ninety nine percent. Most people do not put in the time or effort to improve their life or to get better at their craft. Most will get in a job and then never do anything other than mandated training to get better at it. They won’t take matters into their own hands and get shit done like they should. Instead they’ll meander around waiting for others to do things for them. If you are a man this will always result in living a sub par life. A life that no man wants to live.

People are actually proud of being part of the ninety nine percent, they are proud of being losers, of being a part of the sheep. Think about that people are proud of their slavery. We have a screwed up consciousness when people celebrate their own slavery and destruction. However this is the way of society and you if you are reading this site know that society exists for it’s own benefit and if anything is against you. The powers that be are not your friends. But that does not matter because a man can steer his own fate regardless of the time or place he is born. That is if he is willing to step up to the plate and do so.

Separate From The Herd

The ninety nine percent, the herd, sheep, the slobbering masses. The first thing you have to do to separate yourself from them is to stop being a follower. Start thinking on your own, don’t let others decide things for you. Come to your own conclusions about things. Think for yourself on your own two feet. One percenters are leaders plain and simple. You don’t get to the top by following the herd you get to the top by going your own way. A man is meant to lead. You were born to be a leader you were born to be powerful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Once you are thinking with your own mind it gets easier and easier to separate yourself from the herd. You start thinking your own thoughts and taking right actions. Stop letting the media, schools, and other institutions decide things for you. You are the leader you make the decisions. The more you do this the more natural it will be for you to do this. You must keep at it so it becomes a deep part of you. Once you do this you’ll never want to be a follower again because you will have started reclaiming your power.

Invest In Yourself

You are your best investment. The greatest ROI you will ever get is by investing in yourself. By investing in your survival by learning to handle violence. By reading books to expand your knowledge. By keeping healthy to prolong your life. By putting yourself first in all that you do. We’ll use business as an example. Say you into business as a car salesmen (a wise choice…sales always is). You look around you and you see Roy who’s been there ten years yet barely get’s by. Carol who’s been there five and always going after person after person yet never improves. Everyone seems to be set in their ways and stuck.

You go in. You start talking to a lot of people getting your feet wet. You experience some success which leads to some more but then you stall out. Instead of being like Roy who does nothing or Carol who does ineffectual things you go and look up some books on sales. You purchase some books from the greatest salesmen of all time and read them. Since reading essentially gives you superpowers you are know armed with knowledge that Carol and Roy will never have. And knowledge is power.

You go out and start selling cars like hot cakes. You then take that money and use it to invest in real estate. You’re not sure what to do there so you go and buy books by the best real estate agents in the world. Armed with this knowledge you then take action. You make some mistakes but then get a steady flow going. Ten years later you’re living on a private island banging twenty year old island girls everyday. Meanwhile Carol and Roy are still back at the dealership just ten years older. Hey but they should be proud of being part of the ninety nine percent right?


It takes so little to be above average. The rare one percent who put in the time absolutely clean up both in business and life. The guy who dedicates himself to investing in himself and self-improvement is going to blow by those around him. He is going to be driving a race car while they are still peddling bicycles. It’s that big of a difference. All men should invest in learning and being good at these three things. Sales (making money), fighting (both hand to hand and arms), and how to handle women. Then he should devote his time to becoming skilled at his craft and whatever else he wants as well.

Every day we are given is an opportunity to get a little better. Time is our most valuable asset and the male who wastes it, is an idiot. Be a leader and go your own way. Separate from the herd and soar like an eagle, conquer like a warrior, become the king you were meant to be. Be a one percenter anything less just isn’t worth it. Be a one percenter in all that you do not just in monetary things. Don’t settle and don’t cut yourself short. Be the man you were created to be.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge