How To Be A Natural With Women

How To Be A Natural With Women by Charles Sledge

What does it mean to be a natural with women? How is it different from non-natural? Is there a difference or is it just semantics? While if you really want to most things can come to semantics however I do agree that there are certain things that naturals do that set them apart from the person who strives to be better with women through games and routines.

Eventually if you do something enough you become a natural at it. You can walk right, if an alien came down from space and observed you they would probably think that you are a natural walker yet that’s not the case. Through much trial and error were you able to walk. So much of being a natural is kids who took a risk and got some sort of reward stimulus from it. Maybe a parent praised them or they got some other form a reward then took that mindset into adulthood. Regardless here is a foundation for you to be a natural with women.

Sense Of Entitlement

Men who are naturals with women automatically know that they are good enough for any woman. Doesn’t matter if she’s smoking hot, famous, or anything else. They are already more than enough for any woman that they cross paths with. They don’t think any woman on this earth is better than them and honestly regard the idea as ridiculous. They have a high sense of self-worth and don’t see any other way of living their life.

They’ll go up to the smoking hot blonde that just blew out three guys and talk to her thinking nothing of it. They aren’t caught in negative thoughts they have a positive thought patterns and a great attitude. The see the world as their personal playground to do with as they see fit. They are comfortable in any situation. They are at ease and relaxed. Beautiful women do not faze them because they know that they are already more than enough for any woman. They have nothing to prove to women.

Has Balls

Men who are naturals with women have balls which probably led to early positive reference experiences that they then continued throughout high school and on past there. They had some early success with women and then worked with that. A guy who is a natural with women does not mind taking risks. As a matter of fact he often seeks them out. Teasing gorgeous women he passes, having fun, he enjoys himself. He takes on the leadership role wherever he is and takes things where he wants them to go.

The natural always makes the first move as he understands how the sexes are supposed to operate. He never bought into the Feminist/societal social conditioning as his early reference experiences proved otherwise. He relates to women as a man. He takes the lead and leads the interaction where he wants it to go. He has his path and goes for it and anyone else who wants a good time is welcome to join him.

Masculine Core

The men who are naturals with women operate from masculine cores. They don’t have to use routines or games to make up for anything as they have all that they need at their core. The thought of using underhand means and lines to pick up women would strike them as ridiculous and unnecessary. He doesn’t need memorized words or phrases or whatever as he operates from a masculine core. He operates naturally and is not stifled by trying to act a certain way, he simply is a certain way that attracts women.

When a woman shit tests him it doesn’t even register, he assumes that all women love and want him. He assumes attraction with every woman. Doesn’t matter who or what she is, he assumes that she wants him. Doesn’t mean he’d make a move on all of them obviously but he knows that they all want him at one level or another. He naturally is physical with women as I mean come on why wouldn’t you touch women? And as physicality is the number one arousal factor with women this gets him a lot of good results.

Be A Natural With Women

You can be a natural with women. Everyone can. All behavior is learned. We enter this word with certain biological traits but not mental ones. Being a natural with women isn’t some esoteric thing that you have to have the right genetics for. You can do whatever you set your mind too. Don’t allow limiting thoughts to have a place in your life. Being a natural with women is about adopting certain behaviors men who learn game after internalizing it become natural with women.

Everything is a learned behavior don’t forget that. From the way you walk, to the way you talk, to how you relate to the world around you. It can all be changed with enough work and desire for change. Remember your mind is the master.¬†With it you can do anything other than change the laws of time and space. Focus it on your own life and you can make the changes you desire. Being a natural with women is not exception.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge