Honor Your Name

Honor Your Name by Charles Sledge

We all come from somewhere. We all have a bloodline that runs through us. And we all bear a name that was shared by our male ancestors. That name means something. That name has always meant something. I gurantee your name has been fought and killed for before. There was a time when one sought to bring honor to their name. They’d fight and even kill before bringing dishonor or shame to their family name. That time is long gone. Now a man would trade his name, pride, and honor to be accepted to go along with what that latest sheeple fad is. To be accepted by a society that hates his guts.

Nothing is more disgusting and these males deserve what they get. They will have no peace in this world or the next. Your name is your blood and your blood is your everything. When you die you’ll want to walk before your creator with your head held high. With your ancestors proud to share in your blood and name. There is power in a name. Utter certain names in certain places and immediately something comes to mind. Your name leaves a legacy based on how you conduct yourself.


We are told to debase ourselves for whatever society wants. That we should give up our ancestral pride and our pride in our manhood. That we should bow to false gods and serve them dutifully. Today’s male focus only on being accepted rather being respected. A costly and often deadly mistake. Respect is everything. Is is more important than being accepted or being liked. The desire to be liked and accepted is the desire of a woman or child, not of a man. A man follows him own path even if it goes against the entire world around him. He cares little for he is a man.

Every deed you do whether for better of for worse gets associated with your name. You shy away from a fight and cowardice will always be associated with your name. This reflects on your father, brother, and ancestors shamefully. Likewise you make a stand you bring honor to yourself and them all. Conduct yourself accordingly. Be a role model for your sons, brothers, and all.

When I say be a role model I don’t mean a role model according to society. A role model to society is a weak slave who will beg and lick the boots of those in charge. No, I mean a role model as a man. Someone who is unapologetic for who he is, is willing to fight when needed, and shows no weakness. A tall order to fill…but so what? No one said being a man was easy. Fuck easy. Do what’s right, not according to society but according to your own personal code of honor. Live according to your own standards. That you never compromise for anyone or anything.

Make Them Proud

This is what man has done for centuries until the cancer of society corrupted men turning them into what we see around us today. The most powerful of creatures turned into docile weak fodder. These fodder are praised for being fodder when they should be mocked and show the error of their ways. No man should let another man get away with being weak, not if he cares about that future of that man and his offspring. Live your life so that you bring honor to your ancestors. Unfortunately in our society many are divorced from their blood and their heritage.

Know your heritage. Whatever it may be. Understand the history of your people. I don’t care what your color or creed is, know your damn history. Not the history of others but your own. Know where your family name came from. I know that my blood comes from deep in the hills of Kentucky as my family line has been there since the 1700’s and before that Ireland and Germany. Know who you are.

Knowing who you are helps in setting the course for your life. Sure some people get caught up in their heritage without doing anything themselves, don’t be one of those people. Know where you came from, get inner strength for that. But do not think the accomplishments of your ancestors are yours, never ride the coattails of others no matter who they may be. You must forge your own life and leave your own legacy.


Bring honor to your name. When your grandchildren hear stories about you and the type of man you were they should be filled with wonder and awe. Do it for your sons and grandsons so that they have something to strive after to help them in their own development. Leave a legacy worth leaving and make your ancestors proud. Respect your blood and respect yourself. Do not let others bring you dishonor and never bow to others.

We will be judged for our conduct. When we live in dishonorable ways there are consequences in both this world and the next. Keep the sacred fire of your ancestors burning strong and brightly. Learn your own heritage so you don’t become some fool trying to adopt the heritage of others. You were created who you are for a reason. Don’t listen to the lies society spews about your heritage either. Remember society is the enemy to man, treat it as such.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge