Having Hatred For Women Will Destroy You

Having Hatred For Women Will Destroy You by Charles Sledge

This is a chapter from my book Understanding Women: Everything A Man Needs To Know About Women. Enjoy.

I was fortunate enough to be exposed to good masculine role models growing up as well as found the manosphere at an early age. So I was able to avoid any serious heartache in regards to women. However I am one of the lucky view and I am very grateful for all that the manosphere has done for me. Without it I don’t know where I would be. It ignited a spark that started a fire the will flame until the day I die.

However most did not have my good fortune and went into relations with women completely blind. They swallowed everything that society, religion, governments, and other say about women and were screwed over because they believed in the lies. They were burned some more so than others, many had their lives destroyed. They didn’t understand how completely depraved that women could be. They had them on a pedestal like a goddess and were angered when their goddess turned out to be something they never thought possible.

I feel for these men. I see men around me both friends and family who have had their entire lives shattered because of women. Who have had their hearts ripped out and stomped on by women who could care less about them. Many of these men did nothing but support and provide for these women and were rightfully shocked when the woman did a 180 on them and showed her true side.

Pain & Pleasure

As I said in The Primer woman can either be one of the greatest sources of pleasure and fun in your life or the greatest source of pain and frustration. All depending on if you know how to handle them by understanding their true nature. Unfortunately most men do not understand their nature. Society is programmed specifically so that men do not understand their nature so that women and those in control can benefit from men’s ignorance.

It is the nature of women to go along with this. Most don’t even realize that society is structured to be completely in their benefit, they are ignorant of it (as well as most things). Many men expect woman to be able to comprehend these things like a man and get frustrated when they don’t. This is another source that can often turn to anger and hatred.

Their Nature

Remember the story of the scorpion and the frog. A scorpion asks a frog to transport him across a river. The frog at first refuses saying that scorpion will sting him. The scorpion replies that he would not sting him as he would then drown as well. The frog thinks this over and agrees, after all it makes logical sense. No creature would kill itself that’d be foolish. So the frog allows the scorpion to crawl up on it’s back and go across the river. Half-way through the river the scorpion rears back and stings the frog. With his last dying breath the frog cries “You fool, why did you do that. Now we will both die”. To which the scorpion replies “I could not help myself it is in my answer”. Who do you blame the frog or the scorpion?

Women are not innocent saints by any means. They will take advantage of weak unaware males just as a lion would eat a weak gazelle. Even at their best women are really nothing more than large children. That is why society has put so many restraints on them as children left to their own devices will cause destruction and chaos. When you understand this you understand that women will do whatever they are allowed to do. Like men when conquering a city raped and plundered because they could women will do whatever they can get away with.

Why Hatred For Women Is Not The Answer

So you say what of all this? Isn’t this a reason to be mad? Isn’t this a reason to hold hatred? After my life was destroyed how could I not hold hatred?

Now this is going to sound harsh but the first thing you must do is take responsibility for your life. Everything that has happened to you has happened with your input.

Only by taking responsibility for your life can you hope to heal. Playing the victim is disgusting regardless of anything. Sitting around moping and stewing does nothing but destroy you. It does nothing but hurt you. You think the woman who screwed you over sits around thinking about it? Of course not she is up and on with her life. Women will not feel remorse unless they are forced to, if they can get away with something they will.

Hate does nothing but hurt you. Whining does nothing but hurt you. Having a victim mentality does nothing but hurt you.

You got hurt, it sucks. The entire reason that I write is so that men don’t have to go through the fucking grinder before they discover the truth. Like they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I’m sorry you were lied to and that your life was destroyed. I really am. It’s bullshit, no doubt about it.

But it’s time to move on. Be a man. Reclaim your role. Men are not victims they are actors, they change the world and shape it to their vision. You are not powerless you are more powerful than you could imagine. Let love for yourself not hatred of others propel you.

Hatred is a disease a sickness. If you harbor it, it does nothing but destroy you. Love yourself and live for that.

The Place I Write From

Personally I love women (meaning I love their feminine nature). For example when I say to dominate women, that they want to be sexual objects, and so on and so forth it’s not out of hatred of woman or “Yeah I’ll get back at her” whiny bullshit. It comes form a place of love.

I love being masculine and I love myself. I love when women are feminine. By women can only be feminine when men are masculine. Men are the actors women are the reactors. I write from a love of both the masculine and the feminine. The natural order that God created.

Hatred has no place between the sexes. Men who hate women are just as foolish and self-destructive as women who hate men. Not just hate the gender as a whole but hate the nature of the sexes. Men should relate to women as men and women relate to men as women. This is what causes unity and things to work properly. When men take up feminine nature and women masculine nature it causes friction, destruction, and pain.

Things that are not fixed by hatred but by males becoming men first and then females will become women. Love and appreciate the feminine nature for what it is but for shit’s sake make sure that you understand it.

Regardless hatred only hurts yourself. I gurantee the woman that hurt you has no remorse so the best thing that you can do is brush yourself off and become all that you can be. Not wallow and whine. Men don’t wallow or whine, they sarge forward under the worst of circumstances.

The point I want you to take away from this is this. Never live for a woman even if if it’s to get back at her. Life for yourself and your life. She isn’t worth it. Like the old saying goes wallowing in hatred for someone is like swallowing poison and then waiting for them to die. It just doesn’t work. Life life fully and for yourself, no one else.

If you enjoyed this chapter then I’d encourage you to pick up the whole book Understanding Women by clicking this link.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Good message. You’ve been reading and commenting on my blog but I haven’t been able to return the favor until now.

    As for the article, this is one of the most important thing any man who has taken the red pill needs to remember. Too many men in the manosphere are still too angry and bitter and they’re not doing themselves a favor. I include myself as one of those men. It’s been getting better, but it’s still a struggle to get over all the times women stomped over my weakness and mistakes. It’s truly amazing how much of cunts they can be, exploiting you every chance they get. I have to constantly remind myself that they win if I get angry.

    • Thank you Corey. It’s a traumatizing experience. Will Freeman wrote a great post over at Rev Lifestyle Design called The Red Pill Survival guide where he goes into how learning the red pill makes you go through transitions like losing a loved one. No matter what it takes time. I was also angry as everything I was told had been a lie I can’t imagine men who get cheated on after working hard their whole lives only to realize it was only a sham.

      Getting revealed the true nature of women changes you and all good true change is hard and takes time. The Kubler Ross Model that Will uses helped explain it very well, would definitely recommend you check it out.

  • I went through this myself – dark days.

    When I was still young and stupid I was in a relationship that lasted six years – but it was a roller coaster of chaos. I let my love for her make me weak and put up with all her bullshit no matter how humiliating until the point I just couldn’t do it any more… she married three months after I left and that destroyed me, and I went on a drinking and fucking rampage… and I fucked a lot! I didn’t care about anything and anyone and who I hurt along the way and I hurt many women back then… but many just kept coming back for more… but I did not give one fuck about them… I just fucked. It wasn’t until I was in my thirties when I decided on the man I wanted to be and started to move in that direction – I am pleased with the results so far but it took me a while to put the pieces together and to pay attention to my actions when I reflected back on my behavior and decisions and mistakes I made in my youth – thinking a certain way will make me act a certain way, acting a certain way will get me a certain responses from those around me – so, if I can control my thoughts I can control my actions and if I control the way I act I can control how others respond to me. But this also is a power I used to get me more women that I did not care about… when it was time to get laid I went out and found a woman dressed up like a whore and I treated her like one and she was mine for the night… and I moved on – yeah, I had a lot of hatred for women – I will admit that, and the fact that women were letting themselves be treated badly justified my treatment of them – I lost women, because I was weak, to dominant men that treated them badly – “the red pill”… before I knew what the fuck the red pill was (before it was called the red pill). I am these days a solitary man, I prefer to be honest and kind to everyone and to be left alone to live my life my way…. I know it is easier in life to not give a damn about anything – but, you get what you give in this universe , so now days, for me it is easier just to be a nice guy – but being a nice guy does not get me laid and it does not get me respect in the street. We have to create other personalities for the world in order to get certain things – game to get women, mindset to get success, savagery to get respect… it will take some work to pull it all together and still keep a little bit of that gentleness and kindness that we as men need to help us do that which is right. Those that know me – my gang and inner circle know that I am a chill dude that just wants a simple life, but this modern world complicates even the simplest things like relationships. That girl was my down fall but I had to go through it, I had to learn those painful lessons the hard way – even though it was a truth I already knew, but refused to come to terms with.

    All men will go through that pain and all men will go through that period of hate. Most men will go through that enlightenment and put the pieces together and find that thing called “the red pill” and many will struggle with coming to terms with the truth of it, but for many men, I believe, it is best that they learn these lessons the hard way.

    Oh, in the last twenty years I have only been in one relationship with a woman that lasted a year, but all the others have not gone more than six months. Now that I am on a quest for a woman to have a family with I am behaving differently with women but I am also looking at them differently and they are responding to me differently but I am also spending less time with the tramps… we’ll see what happens

    • I think going through the fucking rampage as you did after being hurt like that is normal. You’re right there has to be a balance between what I would call “extreme alphaness” while still retaining our humanity. Ultimately I would say that is what being a man is about. Being strong and dominant, yet using those traits to create a better world. Now don’t get me wrong this has been hijacked as this is a natural instinct in man but if it was returned to its proper form I would be all for it. Regardless thank you for the post and best of luck with your quest for a family. There are quality women out there but they do get rarer with every passing day.

  • I had this same issue. A false rape allegation when I was 11 caused me to hate women up until my early twenties. excellent post. Like the Buddha said, “hating an enemy is like drinking poison to kill them.”

    • Eleven that’s just insane. Man, that shows some great strength. Good for you. Absolutely hatred is poison and doesn’t help you.

      • Trust me, I didn’t for awhile. I’ll put a post of it eventually. Once audience size increases.

  • Poster

    Hatred of women will keep a man safe from their destructive ways. There is nothing wrong with hating women because all of them are deceitful, dishonest and manipulative. I have not met one female human (I use that term loosely) who is not at least one of those things.

    I’d rather be accused every day of being a misogynist than deal with another woman for the rest of my life. Women do horrible things to men and get away with it constantly and consistently. Women are vile creatures hell bent on destruction.

    And you think hatred of women will destroy a man? Fuck no. Women destroy men.

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    If theres anything i’ve noticed for some years now, is that being angry, bitter, resentful, frustrated at the opposite sex is a thousand, million times worse in men than it is in women. If a guy hates or has a bitter, resentful attitude towards women, then no woman will want him, he won’t get anything from the woman, not even a cuddle session, but if a woman has an attitude like that towards men, the least she’ll probably be able to do is get laid, as in casual sex, but she probably won’t get a boyfriend, but there is a gut feeling side to me that women like that will be able to get a boyfriend but if a guy is like that he won’t get a girlfriend. Thats something i never liked and always resented, hated.

    • I see what you are saying and it certainly isn’t fair. And I want to avoid the “life isn’t fair” trope though it’s true. Society is much more lenient on women than it is on men. And males are so desperate for women they’d put up with a man hater. Really when it comes down to it it’s the weak males that make society so appeasing to women as strong men wouldn’t put up with their shit. The more strong men that fill society the less bullshit women will be able to pull.

      • H8TheWayLifeIs

        and i know i will sound like a chode or beta male for saying this but what i’ve always hated about women is due to how passive they are in the dating/mating game, when it comes to meeting guys, going on dates, forming relationships, etc. It’s like metaphorically speaking, they can get a job without having to apply. Me personally i never felt like a dominant, aggressive, take-charge guy by nature, and this has also bothered me for a couple of years now and this is something i’m sure you will agree with.

        I’ve felt that a guys parental upbringing, childhood social experiences, will impact his dating life/sex life more than the other way around, it doesn’t matter if a girl grows up with either a dominant or submissive, passive father, it’s not going to impact the results she gets in her dating life/sex life, but for guys, oh it has a huge impact. It’s hard to put into words but hopefully you get the point.

        • Yes women have much much less work when it comes to dating essentially “don’t be a fat cunt” and a woman will be fine lol. Obviously that’s a bit oversimplified but you get the point. If you don’t feel take charge or dominant you might want to get your t levels checked and make sure your in good health. And a woman’s family has a huge impact on the type of men and relation she ends up with. Either party slut with daddy issues or a dedicated housewife again a simplification but you get the point. But yeah for men it matters a ton as well. More. However at the end of the day a man can overcome his circumstances and rise out of whatever mire he was raised in. Which is what I aim to do with this site as well as what the manosphere as a whole aims to do.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            the long and short of it, it’s always having hatred, resentment towards the gender role that guys, men have to be the initiators in dating and relationships, in terms of starting a relationship. Yes i do agree with you when you said it’s like woman just have to NOT be a “Fat Cunt”, while there is more to it than that, it seems all else they need going for them is just a nice, friendly personality, things in common, etc.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            but is it possible for a guy to have a decent, healthy level of testosterone but he still doesn’t naturally feel like a dominant, take-charge guy? if so, what could be the factors in that? thats why i have felt that a guys parental upbringing, childhood social experiences, will impact his interactions with women more than the other way around

          • Upbringing will always play a role unless the person himself overrides it. I would say yeah, although he’ll know at least to some extent that he is being in congruent. He’ll “sense somethings amiss” if that makes sense.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            Thats why I love these quotes “Women are Born, Men are Made”, “A Woman simply is, but a Man must become”

          • Great quote

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            another thing, i even got this quote from somewhere, it was on a forum, one guy said this in response to why a guy shouldn’t be jealous and bitter, i’ll be honest, it pissed me off because due to gender expectations, he said “Lastly, why should a man not be jealous or bitter? Because if he’s jealous or bitter he is in fact not a man!”

            What is the logic behind that quote, statement? why are guys, men, never supposed to feel jealous or bitter? especially on jealousy, i always that that is a natural human emotion, feeling.

          • Having feelings of jealously or bitterness doesn’t make you “not a man”. It’s natural and just to feel them from time to time the point is to not dwell in them and make them the focal points of your life.

            I think what he meant to say (or at least what I would say) is that if you let jealousy or bitterness (or any emotion) control you and dominate your life than that’s is unmanly and weak. However simply to feel those emotions does not make one unmanly, simply human.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            i got this other response from somewhere, i will admit, it also pissed me off a lot, it was a question regards as to why being angry, bitter, resentful, frustrated, is much worse in men than it is in women, and this was the response i got: “I think it is because being bitter and resentful is similar to being
            bitchy and are unappealing feminine traits. David Deida writes about
            the importance of masculine & feminine polarity in relationships. A
            bitter and resentful man isn’t going to turn on today’s straight woman
            who responds to mature masculinity. However, a bitter and resentful
            woman may be able to attract a immature man with the lure of sex. I
            doubt that this type of woman would be able to sustain a healthy

          • Yeah that’s pretty much true. Some many desperate losers out there who let women get away with whatever. However it comes back to bite them in the end.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            i’m guessing it is also because there are more desperate men in the world than desperate women it seems, because i already know that women find it a turn off, a huge turn off when a man tolerates, puts up with their crap, but i just do know that a lot of guys, men out there would put up with a womans man-hating attitude if they were getting laid on a regular basis, but not really the other way around, hard to put or explain in words.

          • Yeah those are weak men and unfortunately make up the majority of the populace. If you haven’t read the sexual pyramid article yet it explains that concept pretty accurately. Worth checking out.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            so overall, the long and short of it, just to kinda conclude the discussion on this article, you agree that when a man has resentment or any type of hatred towards women, but if a woman has any resentment or hatred towards men, it won’t really screw a womans chances, because there will still be some men out there who will accept her, varies for either casual sex or even a girlfriend, but if a guy is like that, then nope, impossible. The long and short of it, have you observed that to be true as well?

            And are women much better than men are when it comes to sensing, picking up on a persons vibe, energy than men are?

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            i’m also guessing another reason why having hatred or resentment, bitterness towards the oppossite sex is worse in men than it is in women, is because since women are physically weaker, they perceive those guys as instigating physical harm towards them?

      • steve

        I just feel like women today are not worth putting in any time or effort, but I have no resentment towards them. I would rather put my effort into something like fitness where I know i’ll definetly get rewarded back rather than not being guaranteed something good in return

        • H8TheWayLifeIs

          question to steve, why do you think women today are not worth it? have women changed dramatically this generation? how so specifically?

      • H8TheWayLifeIs

        ya, the long and short of it that causes me to have these feelings towards women at times is due to jealousy, envy, because of the advantages they have in the dating/mating game, heck, even most guys at MGTOW will agree and say that women just have to go out and show up, thats it, lol.

  • Kill them. Kill them all. Every last bitch in America

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  • Insidious Sid

    I don’t hate women, but I hate quite a bit of their behavior these days. So, until they come up with a word for “man who hates crappy female behavior”, I guess they can continue to call me a misogynist.