She Hates Rejection…And Why It Matters To You

She Hates Rejection...And Why It Matters To You by Charles Sledge

This is a weekly column by Placide Buduri who writes at Constant Growth where he talks about business, mindset, living a healthy lifestyle, and dating for men. In this article Placide talks about why women hate rejection and why this is important for a man to know. Enjoy.

I have to start by applauding every man who ever put himself out there and got rejected for asking a woman out. Two thumbs up if you got rejected and went back the next day. Women, on the other hand, cannot handle rejection. When you reject her, it’s almost an equivalent of losing a thumb or her foot. She absolutely loses her shit. Side effect may include but not limited to:

Obsession over you,

Eating a full bucket office iced cream,

visiting a therapist

Stalking you via social media…etc

That being said, not all men are capable of rejecting women’s sexual interest or favors. In fact, very few men can. It requires a set of balls and an unlimited amount of confidence. Once you have reached that level of abundance mindset, the sky is the limit.

Why Is That She Hates Rejection?

One of the main reasons is that she is conditioned to believe all heterosexual men want one thing from women, that is sex. She isn’t wrong about that. We are biological beings for fuck sake. Anyways, when she presents the occasion on a silver platter, she is always certain that most men will go for it. What she does not realize is that there is a percentage of men out there who do not put ‘Puss’ on a pedestal. These men have an abundance mindset and can pass up an offer easily. Once she meets the man who can give her the taste of her own medecine she cannot help it but become obsessive.

Forget sexual favors, think of a time when you gave a woman a firm ‘No’ either at work, school or outside life, she instantly became obsessed with regaining your attention. It’s almost as if she wanted to gain her dignity back. Only you could have chosen to give it back or become the puppet master.

I remember when I started working in a feminine dominant office, one of the ladies who called herself the alpha female of the office, asked me to grab a paper copy she had just printed and bring it to her. I looked her in the eyes and told her to fuck off (ok, I said ‘hell no’ to avoid H.R meetings). The next few weeks she was doing everything in her power to regain my attention. I think she bought me coffee a couple times as well.

The Harsh Truth

‘You cannot play hard to get if you are hard to want’

You could implement rejection in your arsenal of game, but first, you have to cultivate an abundance mindset. You have to work on becoming more desirable to effectively reject a woman. It’s true some women can smell a guy who gets laid and the one who doesn’t. She can tell by how he behaves and she measures this by weighing up your confidence and your thirst level. That could be through shit test or other methods.

That being said, I have seen a guy or two who rejects women and have almost no attractive elements among the ones described above. However, it is less likely to have the same impact as a rejection coming from a desirable man.


Keep investing solely in the person who matters most. Aim to become the best version of yourself. Whether it’s physical training, career advancement, staring your own business, learning game… This is what makes you high in demand, not chasing skirt.

You will visit this website every day, read and repeat. It won’t matter if you don’t take the necessary steps to improve. You should never blame external factors for your failures, you are fully responsible, despite all the stories you keep telling yourself. Once you embrace that concept, you can manipulate the outcomes of your journey as you please.

I am not here to necessarily advocate rejecting women. This article is solely to encourage you to become a better selector. At some point, you might want to select a long-term girlfriend or the future mother of your children, and to do so you have to reject some women in the process. For those who never want to settle, rejecting some women means, you are aiming for quality. Unless you are a beginner in the dating game, then get your numbers up. No fatties though.

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-Charles Sledge

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