The Harsh Truth About Why Most Males Will Never Be “Alpha”

The Harsh Truth About Why Most Males Will Never Be "Alpha" by Charles Sledge

The alpha male, the holy grail of masculine development. We all want to be the alpha male. While alpha male has many different definitions for different people they all have the same connotation. Strong, masculine, leader, get’s tons of women, kicks ass etc. No matter why you are all males wouldn’t mind being a little more alpha. After all essentially when we really get down to it what an alpha male is is a man who is a man fully and completely. We may all have a different ideal in our mind of what exactly alpha means to us but they all share similarities.

Scientifically we all can’t be alpha males. Meaning that there will always be a leader and a follower it would be impossible for every male on earth to be alpha. However when we talk about alpha we’re talking about something much more then a scientific term used to describe animals. We’re talking about something mental, spiritual, and visceral. When we say alpha male we are generally talking about a masculine male as all traits that define alpha are essentially traits that define masculinity as well. We are talking about one in the same, essentially.

Let’s Talk About Biology

Alright so let’s start this off by talking about biology. Biology has a lot to do with who is a alpha male and who is not. Everyone talks about guys who are “naturals” generally meaning that they were born with high T levels (if you want to know if this description fits you then see if your ring finger is longer then your index finger, if so then you are a “natural”). Combine this with all the T lowering effects of the modern world and there are going to be very few natural alphas. Our society fights testosterone develop in every way that it can.

From banning testosterone, to promoting weak effeminate behavior, to promoting a diet that destroys testosterone. Our society is at war to quash any threats that alpha males may pose to the ruling order. How alpha a male is has a lot to do with his biology in particular his testosterone. Males with low testosterone are not going to becoming alpha males no matter how many videos they watch or mindsets they adapt. Low testosterone prevents one from becoming alpha no matter what.

High T & Fertile Land

Alright so low testosterone prevents one from being alpha. Yet this doesn’t mean that you have to have peak T levels to be alpha nor does it mean that every guy with high T is alpha. It certainly increases his chances about one hundred fold but it is not a guarantee. Here’s why. Say you have two pieces of land one is a rich fertile well watered land where you could pretty much sneeze and things would grow the other is a dry barren wasteland. Now let’s say you wanted to plant a tree in those lands.

The tree represents being alpha the lands represent testosterone levels. The fertile land being high T and the barren land being low T. Where are you more likely to find the tree? In the fertile lands of course. However just because one has fertile land does not mean that they took the time to plant the tree and just because one lives in a land that is more (not completely) barren doesn’t mean they didn’t bust their ass to cultivate and grow a tree there. Obviously it’s much easier in the fertile land yet some cannot be bothered with the simplest of tasks. Likewise it may be harder in less fertile land yet some bust their ass to overcome obstacles.

Why Most Males Will Never Be Alpha

Alright so here is why most males will never be alpha. Most males do not live in the incredibly fertile land but live in a spectrum of decently fertile land to barren land. And our society is trying to make more and more land barren and they are succeeding. Also most males are not hard workers. It’s the truth our society is filled with lazy whiny victims, hell even the red pill is filled with those. They’re not going to do what it takes to plant a tree in the land they have nor will they try to make their land more fertile.

They’ll just sit there and bitch and moan about how unfair it is some guys have fertile land (even if they cultivated it from barren land) while they’re sitting there with nothing. Boo hoo. The opportunity is there for them to have a tree of their own and even more fertile land but they’d rather sit around and whine. This is why most males will never be alpha. Not because the opportunity isn’t there but because they’d rather bitch and whine then overcome any limitations they have and get to it. Most males choose not to be alpha, most males don’t have the stones to achieve it.

Practical Applications

Look if you were born with barren land made even more barren by going along with society that sucks, it really does. But you’re still a man so whining and bitching will do you no favors. Look it might take a good solid 4-5 years of work to become an alpha male. The kind that women love, men respect, and the world opens up for. But just like a drug addict from the slums can become a multi millionaire so can a wimpy nerd become an alpha male. Now obviously the drug addict is going to put in one hundred times more work then the kid from the trust fund but the opportunity is still there for him. Just like the wimpy nerd is going to have to put in one hundred times more work then the kid with naturally high T and a strong father. But it is possible.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Johnny Grube

    If you really want to where you stand as a man, work in a labor environment all your life and you will quickly know where you
    stand as a man. Any one can be an Alpha in a co ed environment
    different though in an all men environment.