How To Grow More In A Month Than Most Do In Their Lifetimes

How To Grow More In A Month Than Most Do In Their Lifetimes by Charles Sledge

You probably think I’m kidding with that headline there but I’m not. I mean every word of it. But to fully understand this there are some things we are going to have to dive into. Namely what is it that spurs growth and what exactly is growth? To me growth is what takes you from loser to winner, from boy to man, from the 99% to the 1%. Growth though a broad term is essential to life and manhood. A man either grows or declines he cannot simply stagnate like a woman or child.

A man must grow in many different ways. He can grow from a weak pussy to someone who could hold his own even against a severe threat, from a clueless virgin to the man all women pine after, from a poor whiner complaining about “the man” or whatever bugaboo the poor complain about to a rich successful entrepreneur in charge of his future and life.┬áNo matter what way you look at it growth is essential to your life. As we grow what was once hard for us becomes easy and we move on to greater challenges. At one point asking a girl on a date may have been a challenge now juggling the four girls who come to come screw your brains out may be the new challenge. As we grow our challenges change.

What Causes Growth

So what is it that causes growth in the first place? Well our experiences for one but we know how limited relying on those can be. And what is it about experience that causes us to grow anyways? Experience causes us to grow because experience provides us with new knowledge and knowledge it the foundation of growth. Most people have such a low influx of knowledge that they never have the raw material that is needed to grow. Imagine if you wanted to construct a great wall but only got a few new bricks a week, no matter how much you wanted it or how hard you worked that wall would never be built.

That is the way most people are. They never crack a book or go to a seminar or take a course. After high school they may read a couple of fiction books that are designed to entertain more than anything. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with entertaining yourself but it must be balanced out by hard work and an influx of good knowledge. Knowledge is only potential power. Or to use our example knowledge is not the wall but it is the potential of the wall. It is the raw material that will lead to the finished product.

How To Stimulate Growth

So it follows that in order to stimulate growth you must have a large influx of raw materials. You must have an influx of knowledge and lots of it. I recommend reading at least a book a week in The Primer. I do this so that you always have raw materials to draw upon. The well never runs dry. You always have the building blocks you need to create the life that you want and the person you want to become. However knowledge or raw materials are only half of the equation like I said before knowledge is only potential power.

It is by taking action on that knowledge that the potential power becomes actual power. You have people that are all action but they never get anywhere because they take action with no raw materials. They work themselves into a frenzy yet get nothing done because they don’t take the time to acquire knowledge. Likewise you have others who acquire tons of knowledge but then do nothing with it. They have huge piles of raw materials that do nothing for them because they never make use of them.

The Catalyst Of Massive Growth

So now that we know the ingredients that go into growth we can come up with a way to stimulate the growth. Here is how to grow more in one month than most do in a year. A great influx of knowledge followed up by massive action is the catalyst of great and lasting change. Let’s use someone wanting to start a copywriting business as an example. And let’s assume he knows absolutely nothing about copywriting when he starts.

Here is what I would proscribe for the month. Before it started go out and purchase ten of the best copywriting books. You are going to read through all of them before the month is up. Sure reading that fast can make you skip over some information but you can always go back and reread right now we’re focused on big picture stuff anyways. Taking what you learned you then go out and start cold calling (or showing up) at local businesses. Say you think three a day is good do nine a day instead. By the end of the month you’d be ahead of most copywriter who have been working for a year.


This can be applied to all sorts of things. Seducing women, building another type of business, getting in shape, developing healthier beliefs, whatever you want. As long as you remember growth is the combination of knowledge and action. And that a massive influx of knowledge followed by or included with massive action if the catalyst of great and lasting change.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Great write-up, Charles. Reading is big, but what is also equally big is getting rid of the passive entertainment that does nothing but dull the mind. Replace those bad habits with productive ones!
    OT, but it’s bugging me. My site stats are saying I’m getting views from this article, but I don’t see any links to me on it. Am I losing my mind or is my stats page acting wonky?

    • Yes equally important. Even if you nail down bad habits you’re greatly limiting yourself by not also cutting out the bad ones. Big part of what The Primer is all about. And ah alright.