The Greatest Lie You’ve Been Told

The Greatest Lie You've Been Told by Charles Sledge

There has been a lie circulating around. This lie has been told since the beginning of time and will be repeated until the very end. This lie is the most crippling thing that a man can believe. It is pushed by those above us, those below, and those to both the left and the right of us. It is told by those who hate us and those who pretend to be for us. It is told by both “allies” and enemies alike. There is nothing more damaging than this lie. If you believe this lie you will fail in all that you do, however if you discover the truth and defeat this lie you will be able to accomplish as that you wish and more.

What is this lie? This lie that is pushed by our governments, religions, and society. A lie that is pushed by fellow men as well as women. A lie that is so insidious that it permeates every level of our society. This lie has probably been told to you by your parents at one point or another, though they did not know what they did. Perhaps it has been told to you by your teachers, preachers, and others who have held positions of authority over you. Maybe even it was told to you by your best friend. That is how far this lie has gone.

The Greatest Lie

What is the greatest lie that has been told? That you are powerless. That you are a victim of circumstance. That you just have to sit there and take it because that’s the way it is. That you don’t have any other options. That is is futile to resist. That you are powerless. That is the greatest lie that has ever been told and the one that if believed will limit you in all that you do. This lie can keep you at the level of the worm you’re entire life when you have the power of an eagle. Tell the eagle its a worm and say its natural for an eagle to crawl around on its belly. That is what society does to men.

We are told that being a victim is something to be proud of, and it makes sense that we are told this. For the male who openly embraces his victim hood will never be a threat to anything, except maybe himself. He will never use his wings but be content to crawl around on his belly for the rest of his life. You were not born to be a worm but rather to be an eagle. Of course most will be against this as they have accepted their fate as worms though you do not have to.

I see this lie emanating from every corner of the politic spectrum and societal order. From the pastor telling his congregation that they are powerless (despite being God’s most accomplished creation) and worms. To the politician telling his constituency that they have no hope without him/her. To the MRA telling men feminism is too powerful and the only option is to keel over and give up on life. To the feminist telling men that they are all evil and oppressive and that this is what society thinks so they should just deal with it. These are all versions of the same lie. The lie designed to rob you of your power.

You Are More Powerful Than You Can Imagine

This isn’t some feel good trope this is reality. Do you have to work to cultivate you’re power? Well no shit you have to work, but you already know that. What I am saying is that you already possess more power than you could possible need. Imagine that the greatest problem in your life required the power equivalent to power a small home. Your mind houses the power of multiple lightning bolts. You already have more than enough power you simply need to channel it and use it.

Get up off your ass, take action every damn day, don’t give in or give up and you will only just be beginning to tap into the power that you have. You will never fully utilize your power it’s impossible. There is always more room to grow and another level to ascend to. This will continue until you die and who knows maybe it continues past that. Your brain may die but we don’t know what happens to the mind. The point is, you can always develop yourself even more and tap into a deeper level of power. It is a bottomless well. You might as well try to move the ocean with a spoon.

Your mind is the master. Your mind is the power source from which everything else stems. People with lots of money, women, power, love, or whatever it is you seek got that through their mindset. It all comes down to the mind and your mindset. Mindset is everything. Which is why the greatest lie is potent and powerful. Because it strikes at the source. If you think you are powerless you will never try and you never try you will never discover your power. Don’t believe the greatest lie.


Utilizing the power of your mind is the most important skill that you can ever learn. Your mind is the seat of your power where it all stems from. With it’s utilization you can break down any obstacles that stand in your path and achieve the life that you want. You can overcome the greatest lie and become one of the rare few that soars as an eagle instead of lives the life of a worm. This takes time, effort, and hard work. I’m not going to tell you otherwise because that would also be a lie.

But it is worth it. It is more worth it than you could ever imagine. I’m going to recommend two books to get you started on this one is The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale it is a short “primer” if you will on the power of the mind. Next I would recommend my own book Mind Is The Master which offers a practical plan to utilize all the great concepts that The Strangest Secret elucidates on. With these two books you will overcome the greatest lie and be well on your way to becoming the eagle that soars.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge