Why Being Great At What You Do Doesn’t Mean Shit As Far As Money Is Concerned

Why Being Great At What You Do Doesn't Mean Shit As Far As Money Is Concerned by Charles Sledge

When it comes to make money there is plenty of advice that is complete crap. From the follow your passion lie to the just think money thoughts and they will come. And a host of other lies. There are more misconceptions and wrong thinking about attracting money than there are about attracting women. Taking the “red pill” of money is just as important as taking the “red pill” in regards to women. One lie that has held on for quite some time, despite making millions broke is that “If you’re the best/great at what you do the money will come”.

However this just isn’t true. I’m not even talking about the “Well yeah because whatever you’re good at there has to be a market for it” even with a market you still won’t make great money. For example you could be the greatest personal trainer in the world (which there is quite a market for) yet still die broke working in some no name gym. Being good at what you do means very little as far as your business success is concerned. I know no one wants to hear this but it is the truth.

Skill For The Most Part Doesn’t Matter

Now I know on this site I talk a ton about developing your skills and here I am telling you that skills don’t matter. What I mean is that far as money is concerned being the best shoe maker, psychologist, general medicine doctor, or whatever doesn’t mean very much in relation to how much money you make. There are a select few jobs where your skills will be rewarded such as brain surgeon and special forces soldier but they are few and far between.

Let me ask you a question are you better at your job than someone above you is at theirs? Of course there is. Our society doesn’t reward talent and skill as there are things that are far more important to it. Is whoever is top of the top 40 music charts the best singer (go ahead and laugh) what about is the CEO of your company the one with the most business sense (again laugh) and I could go on and on. Skill (unless you absolutely suck) is pretty irrelevant to status and money (with a few key exceptions that will be discussed later).

The Greatest Painter In The World Vs. The Quack Doctor

I’m going to tell you the story of two men. One of them the greatest painter in the world the other a quack doctor responsible for death and destruction. One killed himself because he was broke the other made millions and was considered a hero by an entire countryside. These two men were Vincent Van Gogh and “Dr.” John R. Brinkley. Both were very smart men yet one was able to use his smarts to make millions and the other used his smarts to be great at what he did.

I’m sure by now that you can guess which is which. The esteemed “Dr.” swapped out men’s testicles with goat testicles back in the early 1900’s as a cure for poor virility. The placebo effect took hold and some experienced success (of course others died or got horribly sick) and “Dr.” Brinkley was able to leverage this into millions are even a run at a political office (which he almost won). Van Gogh died penniless, broke, and a loser. Granted Dr. Brinkley died penniless as well but only after a hard fought trial brought him to justice and after living like a king for a long period of time.

So What Matters?

Sales, marketing, and copywriting. These are the only skills that really matter in the marketplace everything else is just a nice “extra” (including being the best at what you do). Raise you hand if you think Dr. Oz is the best doctor or if Oprah is the most qualified to give advice to the masses. Look you could be a lying, cheating, amoral, piece of shit yet know the three money making skills and make millions if not billions while you could also be a moral, handworking man who is the best at his craft yet die penniless and get run over by the system. This isn’t fair but if you’ve read this site for any length of time you understand that life isn’t fair.

You could say we need to change the system and I would agree with you but until that day comes this is what we got and we must survive in it. Look you can also be a great guy who is truly dedicated to the helping others and make millions (if you know the skills). My point is morality and skill (unless it’s skill at the three money making skills) doesn’t mean anything. Sales, marketing, and copywriting are what matter. I’m including oratory and networking under sales too. Think about how bad governments screw their people over and yet the people worship them (and I’m not talking about a foreign government here).


Life and the marketplace are not fair. And whining solves nothing. Adapt, adjust, and fight on. Just because the enemy isn’t advancing the way you want doesn’t give you permission to pout and cry, that will only get you killed. You must readjust your strategy, probe for weak points, and then attack mercilessly. Life is a war, it is a battleground. You must learn the ways of it or you will be destroyed by it. Learn strategy, tactics, and then go forth and conquer.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge