How To Be A Good Bad Boy: Teasing

How To Be A Good Bad Boy by Charles Sledge

Something that stands out about the bad boy is his natural way around women. He isn’t nearly as affected by them as they are by him. He remains his centered self even around the most beautiful of women. In particular he stands out because he teases them. He pokes fun at them to get a reaction and to mess with them. Not to hurt them or eviscerate their souls but to simply have some fun with them. He isn’t afraid to say ballsy things because bad boys are ballsy men and women love them for their candor and forwardness.

They’ll say anything they want to women because they come from a place of strength. Remember it’s not the words you say so much that matter but rather your intentions behind them. I’ve said things to women that made all the males around them jaws drop yet they loved it. Because I did it honestly and because I wanted to and to have some fun with them. You can literally say anything when it comes from the right place.

Teasing Women

Teasing is not insulting. But it has nothing to do with the words you say. I’ve said things that sound incredibly harsh yet did it with a smile and in a way that women love. I’ve seen guys say nice things to women that made them disgusted. Because it doesn’t matter the words that you say rather the intention behind them. When your intention is that you say whatever you want and want to have fun that will come through to the woman who will love you for it.

Your just busting her chops because your a fun guy and you say what’s on your mind. Not because you want to hurt her or get back at her. Remember your intentions are critical. There are many ways to tease a girl as teasing ultimately comes down the flirting. For actual techniques try the backhanded compliment as well as a variety of others to find out what works best with your personality style.┬áIn this article I want to layout the background behind teasing rather than techniques. Ultimately it comes down to emotional spiking.

Teasing In Action

I am going to use both an analogy to help illustrate what I mean by teasing. Imagine a red balloon. This red balloon is a woman’s ego. Most men when they see a woman especially a beautiful one go up and blow more air into the balloon. It becomes a pattern that women recognize and the pretty ones get bored with. Like going to work everyday to sit down at the same desk to enter in essentially the same numbers. You’d get bored to tears.

The bad boy who teases women would go up to the balloon with a smile on his face and then pop it. Maybe he makes an off the cuff remarks, makes fun of something of hers, or just messes with her in some other way. Not like a angry MRA berating a woman but like a guy teasing his little sister. It’s different, done in a fun way, and is going to get her attention. I want you to remember that. When you look around at pretty women imagine them with red balloons just waiting to be popped. Not from a place of anger or hatred but rather from a place of confidence and wanting to have fun.

Say we have Steve walking into a office building of one of the richest men in the city. There is a stunning blonde receptionist that gets smoke blown up her ass everyday by all the thirsty businessmen who come to see her. Steve sees her as having a balloon that nearly reaches the ceiling and is in desperate need of a popping. As he walks up he hears a young businessman telling her how pretty she is. She smiled bored out of her mind at another lame guy kissing her feet. You hear him say “You know you have the most beautiful eyes”. You stand next to him and give her a hard looking over and say with a smile on your face “I don’t know, a bit much make up don’t you think?”. If done right the woman’s eyes with light up and she’ll smile. Remember it is your intentions that matter not the actual words that you say.


This has to come from a place of having a strong frame and a corresponding mindset. Get your mind right first and getting women will be the least of your worries. Remember your intentions are so loud your words will never matter. Focus on your intentions, speak honestly and openly. Without inhibition, hold nothing back. When you operate from that masculine frame everything else falls into place.

Remember the analogy of the balloons. When you see a gorgeous woman it’s a good bet it’s been awhile since she had someone treat her as a human opposed to the goddess she knows she isn’t. Pop that balloon. Not out of hate or anger but because you want to and it’ll be fun for the both of you. That’s why. Teasing is a part of being a good bad boy be sure to include it in your repertoire.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    i believe teasing is basically the main form of flirting with women right? its the main way that you create sexual tension, on how you make the conversation, interaction sexual?

    • It’s one of the best but not the only. Touching and eye contact are both stronger. All must be calibrated properly.

      • H8TheWayLifeIs

        also what about negging as well? This is what i heard somewhere, i heard that the main achilles heels for “Nice-Guys” is that they suck at flirting, teasing, negging, creating sexual tension, they are primarily only able to have just basic, friendly, platonic conversations, small-talk, etc.

        But is it possible for a guy to succeed if he has those type of conversations just as long as he has good eye contact and does touching, even though his verbal game is not as good?

        • Sure

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            oh ok, so the long and short of it, a guy can succeed with women, by just having regular, friendly platonic conversation, small-talk, without any teasing or negging involved, just as long as he touches right and makes powerful eye contact right? just want to make sure i asked the question properly

          • Yeah, those things may make it easier but honestly it’s really easy.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            is flirting, teasing, creating sexual tension, sexualizing the conversation without being creepy, supposed to come natural, instinctive, innate? because it never was for me, do most guys just have to learn this stuff while it comes natural for others? or was there a time in history where more guys knew how to flirt, tease, create sexual tension with women compared to today? because i thought i heard somewhere, that flirting is a dying art

          • Keep educating yourself, give it time, and practice. It’ll come naturally, don’t overthink it.