How To Be A Good Bad Boy: Complete Confidence

How To Be A Good Bad Boy by Charles Sledge

One thing that a bad boy has in spades is complete and utter confidence in himself. It doesn’t matter what the bad boy is doing or who he is doing it with. He never doubts himself. He has complete confidence in himself. It could be talking to a girl, doing something new, or really anything and he believes he will do well at it and that he will succeed. Doesn’t matter what others think or what normally happens as the bad boy knows that he is not normal, that he is different.

A bad boy has a complete almost irrational self confidence in himself. He has a strong frame and knows that his frame is going to be dominant. When he enters into new situations he tackles them without hesitation as he has confidence in himself and his abilities. He rarely hesitates, he simply acts. When he sees a woman he wants he goes after her. When he’s confronted with a problem he addresses it head on. And so on and so forth. A bad boy has complete confidence in himself, he never doubts himself.

Optimistic Mindset

The mindset of a bad boy is that “I got this” it doesn’t matter what he’s doing. It could be something that he’s never done before yet he has confidence that he will be able to do it. After all if others have done it then why couldn’t he? He has a mindset of positive expectations, he is in a word optimistic. He doesn’t whine or complain, he acts. Like a man instead of a boy. He is always taking action and making the world around him react to that action instead of sitting back and passively doing nothing or even worse sitting back and passively whining or complaining like many do.

A bad boy has no time for such foolishness. A bad boy understands the power of his beliefs and the power of his mind. He has internalized the quote by Henry Ford “Whether you think you can do a thing or think you can’t, you’re right”. The bad boy has come to understand the power of having positive expectations as he has found that what he expects to get is usually what he gets, so he expects success. Others around him are free to wallow in negative thinking patterns but the bad boy is doing his own thing and going his own way.

Belief In Self

What one man can do another can do. The bad boy knows this. So whether he wants to have a threesome with blonde Russian twins or make his first million the bad boy has the complete belief that he can do so and usually ends up doing so. He has complete belief in himself to be able to handle anything that life throws at him and if he hits a bump he is confident he can learn whatever is required to make it go smoothly the next time. Nothing is going to rustle him and knock him off track.

The bad boy has high self-esteem. He thinks only positive things about himself, he corrects mistakes whenever they come up but he doesn’t dwell on them. He fixes it and moves on, he focuses on the positives. Of himself and of life. He knows he is great and knows that he is wanted by women and the world. He understands how important masculinity is and how it is severely lacking in the world. Put another way he is aware that he is a hot commodity and conducts himself as such.


A bad has complete and sometimes irrational confidence in himself and his ability. Which is why he is able to pull off all of the things that he is. He doesn’t leave any room for doubt or negativity two things that kill confidence and masculinity. He thinks positive thoughts about himself and therefore has a positive outlook on himself and his life. He thinks he’s great, not in a cocky way as cockiness and arrogance stem from covering up insecurity but in a confident way.

He is comfortable with himself. He doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. He knows that failure is naturally part of life and that as long as one takes action and expects the best that they are going to go far and accomplish much. In any situation the bad boy takes action and leaves no room for doubt. Like I said when seducing a beautiful women, doing a daring stunt, or starting a risky business. The bad boy takes risks and is confident in his success.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • It shouldn’t really be called ‘bad boy’ in my opinion. Nothing bad about what you describe.

    But then again, we live in a weird time.

  • Mr. Tilde

    Hello Charles, I’ve been following the manosphere since 3 years, and I’m very grateful for the vast knowledge and wisdom that the manosphere has provided me in regards to women and men. This is one those manospherean blogs that I’m finding very interesting and informative.

    With that being said, I’d like to pose a question regarding dating women, while you’re on mission to attain your desired goal ( In my case, it’s my mission to complete my education ( I’m a Maths Major BTW ) and be financially stable ) . Is it advisable to date women while you’re on a mission ? I got conflicting reply while I was searching for the answer to this question. One of the manospherean blog (named The Illimitable Men) strongly advice against dating women in such case. The person who runs the blog said that unless you have achieved your mission, you should avoid any form of relationship with women. He said that men like me should focus on completing my studies and become financially stable, and then contemplate about having relationship ( he was against marrying though ). While other blogs didn’t even mind about it.

    Even my parents advised me to avoid having relationships with women during my “education” phase. And their advice isn’t the only thing that discouraged me. I’ve seen real life example where once a winner “alpha type” turn …………………. well you what, fuck them. I’ll just do my thing.

    • Yeah I would recommend against having a relationship until you’ve accomplished what it is you want and even then a woman should never be your number one focus. However there is no need to become a monk in the process. Interact with women, have fun with them, but don’t settle down. And if one woman turned them from alpha into beta then they weren’t alpha in the first place, they just put up a good front lol.

      Marriage is a tricky thing and ultimately you’ll have to make your own decisions even if it goes against what a culture (including the manosphere/red pill) says. Some marriages are great and well worth it, the majority are not. Marriage can work don’t let anyone tell you otherwise but it’s not something a man should focus on. Make sure you have lots of experience with women before even contemplating it and are AT LEAST over the age of 30. Right now focus on your mission use women for fun and develop as a man. Don’t worry about relationships for now.