Give Value, Help Others

Give Value Help Others by Charles Sledge

This is the key to success in business and possibly life. How a business function and becomes profitable is by helping others in some way, shape, or form. By filling a need and providing value for others. Fast food joints do this in the way of convenience, fine dining restaurants do this in the way of giving an experience.

Different companies do this in different ways, but they all provide value, fill a need, and help others. The stories of people who have lasting riches from cheating and swindling others are few and far between. Though many people (all poor) think that riches equals cheating and lying when it more often represents helping others. Which is why those who think this way will always remain poor.

Making The Lives Of Others Easier

The purpose of business is to help others and make money. These goals are in the same direction. Meaning increasing one often increases the others. The more value you provide to someone the more they will want your product and if you provide enough value they will become advocates for it. By making the lives of others easier you increase your potential for making a larger income. The reason a good lawyer costs more than a run of the mill lawyer is because of the value that they have provided their clients over the years.

Let’s use this blog as an example. I often link to other sites and have a weekly roundup where I list articles from other sites advocating for you to read those articles. The reason I do this is because those articles have provided me with value. After reading them I either learned something new, was reminded of a truth, or saw something from an interesting new perspective. Because of this I then share them with others. The authors of those articles by providing value to me have expanded their influence and potential profit.

Give Value

We have learned that value is the key to sales.┬áThat value is the commodity that matters to people. When someone looks at a product or service regardless if it’s a new piece of exercise equipment, a book, or a coaching program they are looking for it’s value or in others words “What is this product/service going to do for me?”, “How is it going to better my life?”, essentially “What’s in it for me?”. When you provide adequate value to people you business is going to do well. Granted that people are also made aware of it.

When starting a business you transition from being just an consumer to being both an consumer and a producer. And the wealth of a producer is governed by the value that that producer provides to others. Focus on giving value above all other aspects of your business with the exception of marketing which needs to receive equal attention. Give value to others, better their lives in some fashion, and your business will grow. Combine that with great marketing and you will be unstoppable.

Make Easy For Others What Was Hard For You

We all have our own unique struggles in life. There are things that you’ve been through that gave you lessons that would help me in my life and there are things that I have been through that gave me lessons that will help you in your life. If your not sure where to start with your business or in which direction to take it start with this. Make easy for others what was hard for you.

For example say you experimented with every workout scheme there is on this planet. You used your body as your own personal lab experiment to try a million different ways of doing something to see what is the most effective. Now twenty years later you have hit upon things that were effective and would have cut your learning time down by exponential amounts. Share that with others because I gurantee there are people out there trying to learn what it took you a long time to learn. Do this and cut their learning time down exponentially and they will love you for it. This is one of the many reasons that I advocate reading so much, because of it’s potential to drastically cut down on your learning time thereby accelerating your progress.


The key to success in business is to give value and to help others. Get those two things down and you’ll be golden. Combine those two things with great marketing strategies and you’ll be a hell of a lot more than golden. However the foundation of all of this is to give value. Give value and then place everything else upon that. Do that and you’ll be on the right path. The path that will take you to the top, the path of your dreams.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge