How To Be A Girl’s Ultimate Fantasy (AKA How To Be Chad)

How To Be A Girl's Ultimate Fantasy by Charles Sledge

This article is for single guys who want to get laid and get laid a lot without having to rely on game, certain status, certain job, logistics, or anything other than themselves. You want to essentially be able to get laid any time you want within reason. Alright remember we’re not talking about game here but rather passive things that you can do to make yourself a girl’s ultimate fantasy and have plenty of choices of women of all types whenever you want and wherever you want. Because of this a large focus on this is going to be on what is known as “passive game” which in my opinion is the most important facet of your overall sex life.

Passive game is things like how muscular you are, how you dress, how tall you are, how testosteronized (masculine) you look, how big your dick is, how little body fat you have, facial structure, and so on and so forth. As opposed to active game which is things like teasing a girl, touching her, and so on and so forth. Passive attracts them to you whereas active is you go out and get them. Not a perfect description but you get the overall point I’m trying to make. So this is going to focus on passive “game” for lack of a better term. Aka being an attractive guy.

Pareto, Exponential Vs. Linear, & Some Other Truths

Alright so maybe you’ve worked out and done some other things in this list and say “Charles this stuff helps but only a little bit” and that’s going to be because you haven’t taken things to the next level. Let me say this the closer you get to the top of anything (looks, business, etc.) the more exponential the rewards get. So a guy who goes from being a 3 to a 5 in looks is going to have a linear improvement in his dating life. But a guy who goes from being a 7 to a 9 in looks is going to have an exponential difference in his dating life. The same applies to money but that’s a topic for another time.

Factor in hypergamy (women always want men better than them) and this holds even more true for your dating and sex life than it does just about anywhere else. You’ll see a bigger difference in your sex life from going from a 8 in looks to an 8.5 then you will going from a 1 to a 7. Remember the closer to the top you get the more exponential the rewards are. You’re going to not just beat the average man (which is easy and something you should already be doing) but you need to be able to compete at an “elite” (think high) level. Remember the 20% of men sleep with 80% of women. And it gets exponential the closer to that 1% that you get. So keep this in mind with going forward. At some point your rewards stop being linear and start becoming exponential.

Be Muscular

Yeah obvious but how muscular are you? I’m of the mind that unless you’re a midget and under 170 lbs you probably need to start bulking…like yesterday. Now this won’t hold true for every bodytype but holds true for the majority. Alright so strength and muscle don’t correlate 100% throw steroids into the mix and things get even foggier. However the vast majority of natural guys I know who have good levels of muscular development are also pretty damn strong. All can do at least the following squat and deadlift 2x their bodyweight, bench press 1.5, and overhead press their bodyweight.

This isn’t to say just because you hit these numbers you’ll have lots of muscle (need right diet and enough training volume as well) but this is a good place to start if you don’t know what to do. Get on a basic lifting program that’s going to build strength as well as muscle. You know I can’t say exactly what you’re going to weigh or should but you should look in the mirror and be able to tell your muscular. Yeah that’s vague but like I said without your height and body type it’s going to be hard for me to say. At low levels of bodyfat (something we’ll cover in a moment) you should look ripped and shredded. If girls don’t stare and people don’t remark then you need to add more muscle simple as that.

Lose The Fat

So it’s not just about putting on the muscle. In addition to putting on slabs of muscle you also want to have a low level of body fat. Now this is something I can give you an exact measurement on you want to be below 15% and that’s as a starter. Now if you’re a buck fifty soaking wet and 10% bodyfat sorry but you’re not going to be any girls fantasy. Remember you have to put on the muscle first and then cut away. Sort of like when carving a statue you need a bigger block of granite then what the final statue is going to have. Otherwise you’ll end up with a puny statue people will make fun of instead of look at in awe.

So bulk up first, most guys are going to get over 200 lbs without going over 20-25% bodyfat and then cut away. This may take time but the end product is going to be worth it. When you shed the fat you should look at yourself in the mirror and think college linebacker not gay fashion model. 170 is going to be about the lowest you’ll go (again unless you’re a midget) from what I’ve seen. Again there will always be exceptions I’m counting on you to use some common sense and not lie to yourself. Remember abs on a skinny guy are like boobs on a fat chick, they don’t count.

Get Tan

You may think it’s weird to go to a tanning bed or to lay out. I know I did when I started but then I got over it because of all the benefits. In addition to making your muscles look denser, your skiny healthier, and making you more attractive it also gives you loads of vitamin d which is essential for testosterone production. So look better, feel better, and be better nothing weird about that. If you live in a year round sunny area and have time to lay out for 20-30 minutes every day then do that however that’s not realistic for the vast majority of us.

If not then go to the tanning bed. If you have qualms about this now’s a great time to care more about investing in yourself than what other people are going to think about you. Go as much as possible to develop a very deep tan. I don’t recommend spray tans, those lotions they try to make you buy, or anything of that nature. Just the regular beds. Build up to whatever the max time is and you’ll be tanned in no time. Also an advantage with a tanning bed is you can tan naked which is a plus.

Have A Big Package

Yeah we can pretend all day that girls don’t care about this but we all know that they do. Now granted a lot of this has to do with nature and testosterone when you were being developed. But not to fear for those that are average you can become above average and for those that are below average you can become average. With technology like the Penomet (my personal recommendation) and other devices you can realistically add and inch to an inch and 1/2 in length and something like an inch in girth. Again many guys think (or more likely convince themselves) that this doesn’t matter but it does.

No girl is fantasizing about a guy with a shrimpy dick and that’s a fact. You don’t have to be cartoonish (an idea you probably have if you’re watching porn) just above average. And girth counts for more than length anyways. If you haven’t been brainwashed by porn you probably have a healthier and more accurate view of what this is. If you’re already above average you may just want to stay where you are as there comes a point where too much length works against you (though girth should be fine to increase).

Be Masculine

All of this will be for naught if you’re a giant unconfident pussy. You need to be masculine and have that masculine edge. Girls would rather be with the skinny bad boy/asshole than the perfectly built cowardly nice guy. You undo all of the work you did if you don’t combine it with a masculine edge. Now granted things like working out and losing bodyfat will help you build that masculine edge but with men with the wrong mindset simply are enough. You need to kick women off the pedestal and be a man. This is a combination of testosterone and mindset. The testosterone part will be pretty well taken care of from the muscle and low bodyfat but the mindset requires outside knowledge.

The mindset comes from having red pill awareness. Now there are many men who have absolutely no idea what the “red pill” is and yet have perfect red pill awareness. Because red pill awareness isn’t about certain people on the internet but rather about having an understanding of reality. There are plenty of books out there to get you started in this direction. Any of my books about attraction will get you started with the right mindset regarding women. Without this mindset the effect of everything else is going to be very blunted but with this mindset it makes everything else that much more effective.

Dominate Her Soul In The Bedroom

Sex for women is largely psychological (a woman’s most sensitive sex organ is her brain) and good sex is essentially dominant sex. Sure it’s a little more complicated than that but dominating her and unleashing your animal passion is the name of the game. Spanking, light choking (or heavy), hair pulling, pinning her arms above her head, and manhandling all make up a part of great sex. Again this is based more off a primal urge than it is anything technical. If you have high testosterone levels this type of sex should come naturally but you have to make sure you’re not holding back.

Unleash the animal within, use her as a sex object in the bedroom. Dominate her soul. Good sex is largely aggressive, dominant, rough sex. Make sure you dominate her physically, verbally, and above all else mentally. Make her call you “daddy”. By now you should get the point, it’s about a mindset more so than any one particular thing. Lead, dominate, use her to gratify your desires, and all will be well in the bedroom. It’s as simple as that. Don’t overthink, just let your animal nature flow and be a man.


We’ve covered a lot of ground here. Honestly getting above average in any of the above categories is already going to make you better than the average man. But remember it’s not the average man who we are competing with. The rewards don’t even get good until the top ranks. The closer we get to the top the more exponential the rewards are. Applies to everything not just getting laid. Going from being in decent shape to very good shape will make a world of difference that you never thought it would. Combine all these things together and even with below average genetics you’ll be hitting top tier. Of course this is all hard work but hey if it was easy everyone would be drowning in women.

It’s a bit ironic but regardless if you’re just looking to score a bunch of average girls or attract higher level girls your best bet in working on all of these things anyways. While a guy would sleep with an average girl (relative to his own status) even if he hasn’t been laid in awhile a women is for the most part only going to try to sleep up because of hypergamy. So no matter what you’re better off being as close to the top as possible. If what I talked about here interested you and if you want to know everything that there is to know about being a top tier guy and achieving top tier status then you’ll want to check out my book King Of The Jungle but what’s here serves as a good starting point.

If you have any questions you would like to see answered in a future post send them to me at charlessledge001 (at) gmail (dot) com. If you found value in this post then I would encourage you to share this site with someone who may need it as well as check out my books here. I appreciate it.

-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Arthur

    Good stuff. Guys constantly tell themselves these things don’t matter. I wish they didn’t too but that’s reality. I’ve used the sun beds in the past and liked it, but the nagging thoughts of the dangers ruins it for me. Does it worry you?

    • Thanks and nah mostly B.S., the key is to not get sunburned. Sun is just as dangerous if “used” improperly. When used properly they’re both fine. And like hell these things don’t matter haha. Unless someone is peddling snake oil they know damn well they matter more than anything.