What To Do If A Girl Turns Away When You Try To Kiss Her

What To Do If A Girl Turns Away When You Try To Kiss Her by Charles Sledge

Most guys sell themselves short and give up way too easily. This is on many things in life but with women in particular. I’ve seen guys disqualify themselves from a woman liking them before even talking to her, walking away when a woman doesn’t respond enthusiastically to the approach, and a myriad of other things. Something that I’ve been asked (and had trouble with myself before) was what to do when a girl turns away when you try to kiss her. Some of the proposed solutions to these are quite ridiculous and make something out of nothing.

Things like “If she turned away then you’re done and made a fool of yourself” alright maybe it wasn’t that bad but that was the spirit of what was said. Essentially boiled down to “You’ve been rejected now get out of there to save face”. That’s bullshit and I’ll explain why in this article. First off stop being so damn sensitive. As a man you should always assume that all women are attracted to you and unless explicitly told otherwise continue with that belief. Women if you haven’t noticed aren’t exactly logical and there are a million different reasons why they do the things they do.

Not A Rejection

Alright first off just because a woman turned away does not mean that she doesn’t want you and that you’ve been “rejected”. There are a number of reasons that a woman turned away. Maybe she wasn’t ready to kiss you yet, maybe her boyfriend was looking, maybe she feels like kissing you so soon will make her look easy, maybe you’re too high value and she’s nervous, maybe she was testing to see if you were confident or will walk away. Or maybe one of a million other reasons. Don’t take it so seriously.

Want to know a great way to drive yourself crazy? Try to find logic behind everything that a woman does. You really shouldn’t concern yourself with why she turned at that moment and remember it’s not a big deal. Honestly before I did what I’m going to show you below I used to (lightly) grab a woman’s cheek, smile, and turn her back to me and she’d up passionately making out with me after turning away literally a few seconds before. Don’t be scared and stop getting so worked up over every little thing a woman does. Women want men not neurotic messes.

What To Do

Alright so first off you know that it’s no big deal and it’s not a rejection. Let’s start with some things you never do. Don’t apologize, act like you did something wrong, or try to save face (there is no face to save here). You can do the above where you grab her cheek, turn her toward you, smile, and then kiss her anyways (make sure to read her face when doing this). Or you can just kiss her cheek and then her neck. Then turn her back and try to kiss her lips.

Even if she still turns away you will have shown that your not a pussy, turned her on a little bit, and went for it like a man. Never apologize for boldness, ever. And boldness is always the right move. Often you doing this will be all the woman needs to start kissing you back. Again remember it’s not a big deal. So if you go to kiss a woman and she turns away kiss her on the cheek and then on the neck. Simple as that.


Being able to read the social cues of the women is needed in any situation and something every man should understand. Knowing when to escalate and when something else may be on her mind. Maybe her girlfriends are right there and they’ll tell everyone she’s a slut if she starts making out with you, maybe her ex-boyfriend is looking, maybe a million other things that you don’t need to worry about. Simply be a man, read the situation, and adjust accordingly. Remember how important reputation is to a woman. Keep her reputation in tact and there’s nothing she won’t do.

But stop making a big deal out of every little thing. This shows weakness, effeminacy, and a lack of confidence. All three huge turnoffs for women. She’ll more than likely reciprocate if you don’t act like a bitch and the situation is changed (her girlfriends get distracted, etc.). This applies to more than just if she turns away when you try to kiss her as well. Stop thinking every little sign is a sign of rejection be a man and be confident in yourself. Remember women are reactive meaning if you approach them like they’ll reject you then they often will and vice versa.


A woman turning away from you when you try to kiss her does not mean you’ve been rejected. Stop being so sensitive. If a woman turns away when you try to kiss her just kiss her on the cheek and then on the neck. Know how to read social cues as well. And always be a man confident in yourself above all else. Realize if you’re a strong man then most women will be dying for you to kiss them. And act as such.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge