Getting Laid Is Easy, Stop Making It Hard

Getting Laid Is Easy, Stop Making It Hard

There are many things in this world that you could spend your entire life studying and still not have an endless amount to learn about the subject. Science, faith, the power of the mind all of these are ever expanding fields that will continue to expand long after you and I are dead. These are subjects that take focused discipline and rigorous study to being to understand, let alone apply. Not that they are impossible, simply that they take much effort to truly begin to understand and even then you can never fully understand or comprehend all there is to know about any of the three subjects. No one can “master” science, faith, or the power of the mind completely.

One area of life where things are not complicated at all is getting laid. Yet society would have you believe otherwise for a variety of reasons. Number one being extorting money from you and number two making you a productive citizen. This may sound a little crazy but after reading the article things will be clear.

Making Money

I was lucky to have avoided the “pua” material that coursed through masculine self-development circles a few years ago. Even if I had been aware of this sphere of the internet at that time, the whole thing would have turned me off anyways. For those of you who don’t know pua stands for “pick-up artist” and was made famous by the book The Game. Anyways pick-up artist were essentially coaches to teach guys how to get laid.

While puas had mixed results with women being attracted to them there was one thing that they were good at. And that thing was marketing. While teaching a guy to get laid is something that really isn’t that hard puas decided to make an over complicated science of it. This probably stems from the fact that many puas were (and are) weird nerds who never grew out of being weird nerds but they was also a monetary reason. So you could sell a guy a ten dollar book explaining the basics of attracting women and honestly he probably be good. Or you could sell him a thousand dollar course that slowly strung him along and still left him confused and make one hundred times the profit.

So puas pretended that getting laid was this super complex science that required it’s own jargon and multiple courses. They essentially turned into their own weird version as complicated as rocket science. And unfortunately many gulliable men fell for it. Fortunately most men were able at some point to see the pua community for what it is and grew out of it yet still wasted much of their most precious resource in the process.

For a detailed breakdown of the whole pua debacle read Aaron Sleezy’s “Debunking The Seduction Community”

Productive Citizen

The second reason that getting laid has been over complicated is because society would rather have you be a productive citizen. Let me explain. Throughout history the main driving force for accomplishment has been males desire for sex with women. It has led to countless progresses in medicine, technology, and standards of living. The elites of society understand this and therefore put their power behind making sure that men stay with their nose to the grindstone in order to move society forward. Men believe they need wealth, looks, or accomplishment to have sex with women when in reality all they need is a functioning dick. But because men believe this they go out and accomplish many things propelling society forward.

Imagine if all men figured out they didn’t need any of those things. Instead of working forty hours a week at a job he hates, he might just live off the government doll in a double wide trailer while banging bored soccer moms all day. Instead of wearing himself out finding the cure for cancer he might just find a job that sustains his lifestyle of having lots of sex. The majority of men would lose their desire for being hamsters in the wheel. Sure eventually the novelty of banging lots of women wears off but nevertheless it would stunt societies growth. The elites don’t want this and hence they constantly promote the myth that men need something outside of themselves for women to want to have sex with them.


Sex is a simple, easy, and natural process. Once you remove the brain washing from the heads of society, the media, corporations, and weird nerds you find that getting laid comes easily. Let’s say you were able to go back in time and take a kid from a Gaulish tribe and at the age of eighteen put him in modern Germany. Now let’s say he adjusted alright (bear with me) and went about his life. When he saw a hot girl he would show he had an interest in her and they would either have sex or he would move on to the next girl, simple as that.

I know that there is more to the process but if you get the gist you shouldn’t have much or any problems. Getting laid is not hard or complicated. It is incredibly easy and simple. It is a straightforward to the point process. It is not something that should require the equivalent of a college degree (in study time and cost) by some scammer to only come away with an even poorer understanding of the subject. It is something that you are born understanding but then have repressed through societies and corporations constant beatings of your mind.

Break free from the programming and reclaim your natural state, reclaim your freedom.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge