Get Your Money Right Before All Else

Get Your Money Right Before All Else by Charles Sledge

Being introduced to the world of masculine self development is a great thing. To get a message different from the toxic one that is shoved down our throats by mainstream society. One that celebrates and encourages masculinity, that seeks after truth over lies, and that address the harsh realities of the world. However with that being said it can also be a bit overwhelming. After all this is a lot to learn especially for one who has just entered this realm. Some may perhaps feel like a kid in a candy shop. Picking up girls, getting in shape, politics are a lie?, freeing ones mind, learning combat, make a living from home?, move to another country?, and so much more.

Because of this confusion is why I wrote The Primer it was intended to be a guide for men to take the best from masculine self improvement and get it working right away. It gave them the big habits and all the little knowledge gaps they could feel in later. And it is still what I suggest for those that are just getting started. But let’s say you’re past that. Let’s say that you’ve been hitting the gym, unplugging from the matrix, upgraded your wardrobe, reading good books, writing, and improving yourself everyday, what’s the first thing to tackle?

What About Getting Girls?

I know all those that are college age and younger’s first thing on their mind is getting girls. At least it was mine. After all sleeping with beautiful women or even the chance of sleeping with beautiful women is quite a motivating cause for the majority of men. However as fun as that can be it should not be the focus, at least not at first. Sure there are times when you can induldge this but they come after getting other things handled first. Before anything else you need to get your money right. Before girls, before getting to 12% body fat, before benching 315, before becoming a black belt, before learning all about ancient philosophies, before anything else you need to get your money right.

Getting your money right needs to be your first and number one focus until it’s handled. You can quote Nietzsche, understand the flaws of democracy, cause a punching bag to bend with a glancing blow, have girls get wet just by walking by, none of it is going to mean much if anything if you’re also living at home with your parents, saddled with college debt and a job you hate, or struggling to make rent payment at the end of the month. Getting your money right comes first. Then once this has been “mastered” meaning you’ve gotten it to a level where you have no fear of economic turns, job loss, or making rent at the end of the month. Then you an go and focus on the myriad of other things that are offered.

Why Does Money Come First?

Money is the basis of indepenence in this day and age. Without money you’re not going to have freedom. Sure there are those that have money and no freedom but that doesn’t change the truth of money being a basis for freedom. Society has indoctrinated many faulty beliefs about money into us since an early age. Things like “money doesn’t by happiness” or that somehow money is evil. Might as well say freedom doesn’t bring happiness or that freedom is evil. More than just about anything else money is going to determine the quality of your life and what you’re able to do with that life.

Trust me on this. I did things in the opposite order that I should have. If I had gotten started on entrepreneurship in college I’d be have more than enough to do whatever I want with my life. I’d have everything I have now and more. But hindsight is 20/20 as they say. Plus think about it. What good is having the best game in the world if your riddled with worry about making your car payment, understanding the solution to saving Western civilization yet laden with debt, or being the baddest toughest mother on the block…yet living in your mom’s basement. You get the idea. All of these other good things stem from a basis of freedom that is derived from capital. Sure some of us may need to pull down seven figures a year to live the life we want, others six, and others can make do making 50 or so grand from a website. We all different needs but nevertheless we must master our money first.

Don’t Neglect Your Wallet

Again looking back I wish to importance of money and it’s link to freedom was made clearer to me (as well as how useless college is). It doesn’t matter if your a single kid in is 20’s, a dad with a family in his 30’s, or a divorced dad in his 40’s money is going to form the basis of your freedom and therefore happiness. So yeah in a way money does but happiness. Sure they’re people who are rich and unhappy but frankly their usually dumb asses. Trust me it’s easier to get over your first world depression than it is to go from being in debt to worth seven figures. Like everything else such as having a successful mindset, doing a effective fitness program, and picking up women there are rules and knowledge to the acquirement of money.

Those that are successful have this knowledge, take action on the knowledge they have, and constantly acquire more. Just like those that are successful in anything else do with their topic. This is one subject that you can’t know too much about. And frankly the game of making money is much more higher stakes and with a steep learning curve than things like getting a big bench press or sleeping with bar bimbos. Meaning that the earlier you get started on this learning curve the better off that you’re going to be. Don’t put this off or delay it, it’s one hundred times more important than banging hot girls, getting ripped, or anything else that fills our mind especially at a young age. Money comes first, no exceptions.


If you want to begin the game of making money on the right track then I’d encourage you to pick up my book How To Make Money: How To Acquire Wealth & Succeed In Business it’ll set you on the right track and put you ahead of 80% of other people out there. As always remember that knowledge in and of itself is not power, it’s potential power. Only by taking action on the knowledge does it become power. So don’t just read the book and expect things to happen, things will only happen when you take action and take action consistently. And remember money comes first and it’s harder to master than many other things we focus on, so get started on it.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Barzhikev

    Dude, just a constructive critique here, but I think it took you forever just to state that money is the basis of everything else. I thought you were going to give some tips on the subject; that’s the only reason I kept reading till the end. Cheers.