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Might Makes Right: Only The Strong Survive by Charles Sledge

Get my latest book Might Makes Right: Only The Strong Survive now available on Amazon!

Not a book for the faint of heart, or the weak. In Might Makes Right: Only The Strong survive the laws of nature are lain out free of pretense for all to see. This book is intended to be a destroyer of delusions and a fire starter in the hearts of men across the world. Most are living under a lie, a sweet lie but a lie nevertheless. Only through learning the truth, even if bitter, can one be truly free. This books aims to point the way to freedom. Though the path to true freedom and strength may be much harder than living in the comfort of slavery it is worth the price.

Not only is this book meant to destroy your delusions but is also a manual on how to live in accordance with nature and it’s eternal laws, the chief of which is that might does indeed make right. All of history and time has shown this to us. Instead of burying oneself in delusions spread by false teachers and prophets whether from the class room, TV, pulpit, or government building one should look to the eternal laws on how to best conduct oneself in this life to get the most from it.

In Might Makes Right you will learn the following…

– The chief delusions of the modern world and why they are harmful to any who believe them.
– The importance of having a tribe and why tribalism is the only natural form of governance.
– Why there are no second place winners.
– The two pillars of great men and how to harness them yourself.
– The wheel of nature what it is and how it a larger impact on your life then you would believe.
– The nobleness of competition, why those who compete are in a higher class of man.
– The laws governing mating between men and women.
– Two things that will give you real “super powers”.
– A true code of honor and the nine noble virtues.
– Three laws of nature that have not changed and never will, and why they matter to your life.
– And much more.

So if you’re ready to destroy your delusions and awaken the fire within then get your copy of Might Makes Right: Only The Strong Survive today!

Charles Sledge

  • Johnny Grube

    Strong book! Bought both the digital and paperback!