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How To Be A Good Bad Boy by Charles Sledge

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Here’s a small recap of what’s in store.

It’s no secret. It’s not the nice sensitive guy that gets the girls. It’s not the nice sensitive guys who get a woman’s juices flowing. And it’s not the nice sensitive guys that attract women like a magnet. No, it’s the bad boy that does all of these things. It’s the bad boy that takes up a woman’s fantasies and is what she dreams about and goes out every night and day hoping to experience. It is the bad boy the keep her up at night.

Most guys will never understand the power that bad boys have over women. And it is for this simple reason…because most guys will never be bad boys or have the traits of a bad boy. They will never have a woman addicted to them, they will never have women give up everything for their touch, they will never have women be completely enraptured just by their presence. And it’s a damn shame. Every man should experience being a bad boy.

I am to change all of that with this book. In addition to all of the things above in this book I will also teach you the following.

– How to be a woman’s fantasy.

– The inseparable tie between being a good bad boy and masculinity

– Practical tips for fashioning yourself into the bad boy of women’s dreams

– This one trait of being a good bad boy that drives women wilder than anything else

– And so much more…

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