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How To Fight: How To Box For Self-Defense by Charles Sledg

Get my latest book How To Fight: How To Box For Self-Defense now on Amazon for only 4.99!

Knowing how to defend yourself is one of the most important life skills that you can learn. While many like to believe that they’ll never have to experience violence or that “violence is never the answer” sooner or later reality comes a knocking. It’s best that you be prepared for whenever this comes. Self-defense is not something that you should take lightly and something that you should train for everyday. If you want to be able to handle yourself and walk without fear then this book is for you.

In How To Fight: How To Box For Self-Defense you will learn…

– What the quickest way to end a fight is and why every man should know it.
– The reason why Asian martial arts are impractical for the vast majority of men (and what to do instead).
– A drill that mimics a real fight and will turn you into a fearsome fighter if done enough.
– The two most vulnerable spots to hit someone for non-lethal self-defense and are a must know for any fighter.
– 7 traits that all true warriors exhibit and to develop in yourself.
– The reason why you should never let yourself be a soft target and what happens when you do.
– 3 of the best punches to master to get you out of just about any situation.
– How to “punch above your weight class” time and time again, secrets from professional fighters.
– A great boxing routine to do daily so that you can develop all of these skills and be able to use them if you must.
– Why offense matters more than defense and the only kind of defense that’ll do you any good.

So if you want to fell confident in yourself and that you can handle yourself wherever you go as well as develop a great much needed skill then pickup How To Fight: How To Box For Self-Defense today!

Charles Sledge

  • Johnny Grube

    A man that can’t defend himself or family is not an effective man
    he is of less value!