How To Get Your Dream Job

How To Get Your Dream Job by Charles Sledge

Most people hate the job they are currently working and feel that getting another job isn’t feasible at this time. Or they rely on ineffective methods such as reaching out to friends and sending in their application. Methods that are really just a numbers game. That’s no way to get anywhere or do anything important in business. If you want to succeed in business (and life) then you need two things. First you need the knowledge to succeed you can’t rely on the experience module of learning when you only end up wise when you’re one hundred from doing everything wrong for so long, you have to read, study, and learn. Second you need to take bold, aggressive, and massive action. This is the only kind of action that will get you anywhere and accomplish anything for you.

Anything less will get you killed. Business is no place for timidity or frankly kindness (which is different from rapport building which is important) you need to grab the business world by the balls and squeeze to get anywhere. Aggression and boldness are the name of the game. You need to be able to slit throats and kick in heads or you will be destroyed. Not literally of course but figuratively. This isn’t an exaggeration either, take it from someone who knows. You’ll never get your dream job by asking politely and sending out your resume with good references. You’re only going to get it by bold, aggressive, and direct action. While also following the tips below.

Look Like A Boss

Look as good as possible. Think about it like this “When I walk in there and a customer/prospect/client/whatever came in, what would they mistake me for?”. An employee or a boss? You want to make a great first impression. You want everyone else in the area to look at you differently. Wear a suit. I don’t care what you’re going for wear a suit. A nice one too not some hand me down. Also if you’re fat, fix it. No one likes fat people, no one. And this includes people who are in charge of hiring.

Remember being qualified doesn’t mean shit. If you look good, are charming, and can sell yourself are all that matter (and having brass balls). Follow the style guidelines outlined here as well. Honestly if the decision maker is a woman and she isn’t attracted to you because of your professional, powerful presence then you’re doing it wrong. As well as if it’s a man he should ┬ábe thinking “Why can’t he be my son”. You get the idea. Look like a boss who owns the company not works for the company. You aren’t going to hurt yourself by looking too good, trust me. And anyone who tells you otherwise has no idea what they’re talking about.

Decision Maker Only

Fuck that old school approach of sending in your resume then being corralled like a sheep into some room where you don’t have a chance to distinguish yourself and already are conveying your low value. Wherever you want to work you are going to go straight in and get in front of the decision maker to sell yourself. It’s exactly the same as if you were trying to sell them your product/service. You wouldn’t waste your time with anyone else. The only difference is instead of selling your product/service you are selling yourself. No one matters but the decision maker (but still treat everyone as a professional of course).

Being willing to lose the interview over impressing the decision maker. That’s right. Who is interviewing you might not mean shit but the decision maker means everything. Be direct, forward, bold, and aggressive. These are the only traits that pay in business unless you’re a woman and can get by on your looks/white knights/no competition in women only fields. But as a man, son you better have some balls to make it. Balls impress people. You want the decision maker to think “How is that cat not some entrepreneur worth millions of dollars?”.

Have Value

Look getting a job isn’t that different from fucking a chick. If you have no value no one wants anything to do with you. Likewise if you’re valuable everyone wants something to do with you. No one likes a loser, as a matter of fact everyone hates losers (even themselves). Never whine or complain obviously. Look success with women and being a man transfers to success in business. There is a pyramid in business just like there is with the sexual marketplace. You know 20% of men sleep with 80% of women and all that. Well the same concept applies to business.

Just like being masculine is the number one factor that determines your success with women, knowing sales is the number one factor that determines your success in business. Be a stone cold killer boss salesman and you’ll go farther in business than either the connected and of course the hard working dedicated people who really just get taken advantage of (if they don’t know sales that is). Have a great attitude as well. Remember there is no such thing as fairness or equality in the world. Never has been under any system and never will be. Learn to work humans and you can get what you want. Put simply have value.


Success in business requires balls and it requires aggressive, bold, direct, massive action. Passive things don’t work. You graduated from a great school? Worked twelve years loyally for your last employer? Are a deacon in your church? None of it means shit. Are you a killer that knows how to sell himself and can solve the problem that the employer has? Because that’s the only thing that matters. The only thing. If you rely on knowing important people, how good you are at what you do, or even worse being a good person. Look that crap might work for women or people who don’t have to compete in the real world but it won’t work for you.

P.S. One more thing just popped in my head. That whole “Under promise over deliver” is complete bullshit. No one is going to hire you if you under freaking promise. That’s stupid. Over promise and then over deliver. That’s the way to do it. If they say “Can do you x?” you reply with a shit eating grin on your face “Baby I can do X, Y, and Z”. You get the point. Confidence is as always very important.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge