How To Get A 52 To 1 Advantage Over Your Competition

How To Get A 52 To 1 Advantage Over Your Competition by Charles Sledge

How would you like to have a 52 to 1 advantage over your competition? Sounds pretty great right? Think about it, a 52 to 1 advantage. That is life changing you’d be pretty much unstoppable wouldn’t you? Of course you’d be and the fact of the matter is you can get a 52 to 1 advantage over your competition in any field. It takes hard work and is something that barely anyone does (which is why you can get the advantage in the first place). But the fact of the matter is, it is possible. After it all it doesn’t take much to stand out from the masses. As they say “mediocrity rules the marketplace”.

It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to get an advantage in. Money, combat, power, women, or simply life this method is going to work and has been a life changer for me as well as pretty much every single last successful person that has ever lived and will ever live. And it all has to do with the acquirement and use of information. This advantage can be given to you through reading. Now I know you’ve probably heard about the advantages of reading before and think it’s a good thing. Well in this article I want to show you it’s not just a good thing but a great, non negotiable thing.

First, Some Statistics

I’m going to use the example of money for this one but this same premise applies to all fields. Experience can only do so much (but of course knowledge must be used and practiced as well). The average CEO reads around sixty books a year. While I don’t know what those sixty are comprised of I’m going to be that it’s probably majority non-fiction books relating to their field of business. Compare that with the average America who picks up one book a year and does’t even finish it. And I’m going to bet that they’re not reading Aurelius’s Mediations but more like 50 Shades of Grey or something similar.

I should also point out that the average CEO makes 204 times what the average person makes. Of course people (i.e. losers) will chalk this up to racism, patriarchy, some “phobia”, or some other word designed to make them feel good for not measuring up. When in fact the reason for the gap is because of hard work, use of their time, and knowledge. While they spent their time doing whatever it is poor people do the CEOs read and trained gaining knowledge and skills along the way that’d make them valuable in the marketplace.

The 52 to 1 Advantage

So when they went out into the marketplace the CEO has 52 times the knowledge of the average person from year to year. And that’s at minimum. Remember people aren’t spending their time reading non-fiction books that will improve their lives or get them out of their current situation. Their time is spent on social media or vegging out being indoctrinated by the news/TV shows. It’s really not even fair. It’d be like one guy getting a week of combat training and being sent to the front line against a guy who spent a year immersed in combat training from the best.

It’d be a slaughter when they met. Well, life isn’t fair and you need to take advantage of anything that can get you ahead if you don’t want to end up like the guy with one week of training…dead. Reading gives you such an advantage over the competition it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Those around you will no longer be your competition. Rather who is actually your competition will grow and grow until you are no longer competing on a local scale but rather a global scale. This is a good place to be at.

Make Time

The number one excuse to this is “But I don’t have time”. You always have time, that’s not the issue. The issue is making time. And the reason you aren’t making time is either because you’re not thoroughly sold on the idea of reading. Which hopefully this article does or at least moves you towards. No one has time for anything, they make time for it. There are plenty of times during the day where you can fit reading in and should. Not to mention with kindle and audiobooks you can take books with you wherever you go.

Read first thing in the morning, read before bed, read in the restroom, read on your lunch break. Once you make time for it and get the habit in place it gets easier and easier. Not to mention that once you start getting the return on investment (whether it’s more money, power, strength, women, or whatever) you’ll get “addicted” and in a good way. It took me a bit to get in the habit but once I did and got the ROI I have never stopped. Once you have good feelings, accomplishments, and successes because of the knowledge you gained from reading you’ll find time, trust me.


If you read one new non-fiction book every week you’ll be a completely different person this time next year. No if, ands, or buts about it. This applies to learning about masculinity, women, money, combat, power, life, mind, and anything else. Of course you must then take action on that knowledge, but you already knew that. And honestly once you know what you’re doing and you know the rewards that await you’ll have no problem taking action. Once you’re thoroughly sold on something taking action is the least of your problems, trust me.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Scarto argento

    Ordered a copy of Caesar “life of a colossus” in book form.when I received the book I was a little taken aback on how thick the book is , But because I have already been disciplining myshelf in my reading way before this article , ( good article ) I’m surprised how totally immersed i am in the book . I’ve Syked myself into the habit it’s like it’s ingrained now ,I now cannot not read . Learning about a great man and how fucking crazy/hard roman life was, because of a little habit / discipline in my time . I also recommend Eric greitens’s a formal seal ” resilience” (hard -won wisdom for living a better life ) . I’m telling you you can pick that book up feeling pissed and about a half hour of reading it your state changes , it’s that good . It has exampls of the lliad and stoic philosophy as we’ll. any ways later charle’s ! Thanks

    • Thanks Scarto will definitely be checking both of those books out.

  • Can’t agree enough. I’ve recently taken back up listening to audiobooks while at work. Currently am working my way through The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene and it is eye-opening. The mere act of listening to this books puts me miles beyond someone who plays video games all day and then whines that no one finds him attractive or interesting.

    • Haha so true. With women, in work, and every over facet of your life reading can give you the advantage.