Get 16 Of My Books For The Price Of 5 With The Ultimate Alpha Collection

The Ultimate Alpha Collection: 16 of my finest works contained in one volume by Charles Sledge

I’ve been getting requests for a collection of my books and have finally put together The Ultimate Alpha Collection it’s 16 of my best works for the price of 5. I know it took me awhile to get around to this so I apologize for the delay. I want to thank everyone for making my books as successful as they have been and for all the support.

The Ultimate Alpha Collection contains The Primer, Become A King, Mind Is The Master, Man Up, The Outlaw’s Handbook, How To Be Successful, How To Make Money, How To Fight, How To Stop Watching Porn, How To Increase Your Testosterone Naturally, To Be A Man, Be A Man, Get The Girl, How To Get Girls, How To Be A Good Bad Boy, and finally Understanding Women.

The Ultimate Alpha Collection comes as a PDF over 2,000 pages long containing all of my best knowledge. It’s designed to change the life of those who read it as well as function as any encylopedia of masculine development. To get your copy click here.

Charles Sledge