Gendernomics by Black Label Logic Review

Gendernomics by Black Label Logic Review by Charles Sledge

Gendernomics is a book by Black Label Logic. For those that don’t know Black Label Logic is a blogger who writes about the sexual marketplace from an economic perspective. Which is rather refreshing as so many when writing about this topic tend to blend it with their personal experiences as well as from an opinionated view as opposed to cold hard facts. In general I don’t read many “game” books anymore as they’re all pretty much the same thing rehashed over in a different way with someone who has little grasp of the subject. However this is a very different book and frankly calling it a “game” book wouldn’t be fair because it’s much more than that.

This book covers the sexual marketplace from an economic standpoint as well as what that means for you as a man. It talks about maximizing your sexual market value, factors that affect the sexual marketplace, and how the sexual marketplace works from an economic perspective. Gendernomics is a great read that has new ideas as well as a fresh way of looking at the sexual marketplace. Like I said I don’t read many game books but I’m happy that I picked this one up. I knew Black Label Logic was a cut above and was not disappointed. Now let’s talk about the books details.

The Macroeconomics Of The Sexual Market Place

This is one of those books that to truly dive into would end up in a 10,000 word review. It’s a very in depth and thorough book. It’s one that I plan on rereading again in the future at some point. Here I’m going to give you the big take aways but understand that there is more to it. Black Label starts with defining the sexual marketplace and looking at it through a macroeconomic view. If you’ve never studies economics before get ready for an education, it’s not called Gendernomics as some marketing ploy but because it’s an actual in depth discussion of the SMP from an economic perspective.

Black Label Logic talks about the problem of scarcity and how that affects matings between men and women. Namely that of time and the different strategies to make the most out of this most valuable resource. He then talks about the two main strategies taken by men to find a mate(s). The beta who invests heavily in one woman and the alpha who invests more moderately in multiple women. Both are attempting to maximize the value of their time with sexual success with the most valuable woman that they can.

Gendernomics also discusses the 80/20 rule and how it came about as well as what it does to society. The 80/20 rule is simply that in a society without sexual regulations on women that 80% of women will all try to sleep with 20% of men. This leaves a large class of sexless unhappy men who then will declare war on the 20% killing them and taking the women for themselves if successful. What civilization does is divvy the women up through multiple means leading to most men having a woman they can reproduce with making them invest in the society. When these restraints are taken off civilization collapses.

There is much more that is covered in this section such as value theory and the rational actor, marginal utility, sexual market value as currency, reflexivity and the sexual marketplace, and more. Don’t be thrown off if you don’t understand these terms, I sure as hell didn’t yet Black Label Logic was able to break them down so that I understood them and how they relate to the sexual marketplace and me.

The Microeconomics Of The Sexual Market Place

While the previous section was more descriptive this section is more prescriptive as in has actionable advice that you can apply to achieve as much success as possible in the sexual market place. One of my favorite parts of this section is “seeking a competitive advantage in the sexual marketplace”. In this section Black Label Logic talks about the many different ways that men seek to achieve an advantage in the sexual market place. They range from ineffective to very effective and we have seen them all before (as well as probably used more than a couple). It’s interesting looking at it from this angle. Alpha, beta, and more are all discussed from a unique perspective.

Another great chapter in this section of the book is “the life cycle of products in the sexual market place” in this section the book talks about how we go through different stages in relation to the sexual market place these stages are market introduction, maturity, growth, and saturation and decline. This can be applied both to methodology as well as your own life cycle in the sexual market place. Knowing what stage your in and the best way to maximize your value is critical to getting what you want from the market place.

Gendernomics also covers the risk associated with the sexual market place and what men need to be wary of. Risk management is essential to living a long full life and getting what you want from the sexual market place without getting burned or screwed (in a bad way) in the process. Some major risks are unwanted pregnancy, domestic violence, false allegations, mating with a person with mental illness (which increases the risk of the other three happening). The book also talks about how goverments and other social orders influences the risk management of the sexual market place and can favor either men or women.

Another valuable piece of advice from this section is talking about competition and how it works for men. If you’re a man and you haven’t invested in yourself (and in particular in raising your sexual market value) then you’ll have tons of competition (as all men want sex and the majority want it from women). However at the same time because of this if you do invest in yourself, especially if done over an appreciable amount of time you’ll have little to no competition. Most men do not put effort into themselves and the longer you do so the more you’ll stand out in the sexual market place (as well as have a better quality of life overall). The earlier and more you invest in yourself the better off you’ll be.

Also as far as the sexual market place goes generally as a man you’ll either have more options then you know what to do with or very few options (80/20 rule essentially) obviously there are many mitagating factors but that is the general trend. By working on yourself as a man and skyrocketing your value, your mating opportunities increase disproportionally the closer you get to the top. Same way it works in most other fields (e.g. on a sales force the top 20 salesmen generally generate 80% of profit and likewise the top 4 of the top 20 will generate 80% of the profits of the top 20 and so on and so forth).

Strategy & The Sexual Marketplace

The sexual market place is a competition, a survival of the fittest of sorts. To succeed you’re going to need an effective strategy to maximize your value and beat out your competitors. Both sexes have the same goal but different strategies to achieve it. Both want their genes to continue on through reproduction but how each goes about this is different. This is because sperm is cheap and eggs are expensive. I won’t dive into a long evolutionary biology discussion here but it’s something to look into.

To oversimplify this it means men are after quantity of partner and women are after quality of partner. Women seek to filter through males to see the most highly attractive one she can mate with whereas men see willing women to mate with (as long as they don’t sink too low in value). So a man’s strategy is to sleep with as many women as possible whereas a woman’s strategy is to lock down the most high value man that she can or if that doesn’t work get impregnated by a high quality man but have a lower quality man support her and raise her and the high quality man’s offspring.

Men and women in general have two main strategies when it comes to success in the sexual market place. For men it largely breaks down in the alpha and beta strategy. Meaning genes or provisioning. With women it largely breaks down in using the “ultra girl” or “anti girl” strategies. This section also contains one of the best quotes from the book “However, men do not have a built in market from birth, men are born worthless. The market (market demand) for a man is constructed and shaped through his actions and choices made in life…the male strategy is therefore to appeal to large groups within the market”.

This section of Gendernomics then goes into much more detail about the many strategies that are employed by women and how they can overlap and change as time goes on. At the end what major takeaway for men is that the overall goal is to invest in yourself and favor the alpha strategy over the beta strategy. This is because no matter what your goals may be a string of one night stands, a rotating harem of modern concubines, or a monogamous happy marriage with a quality mate being alpha is essentially a prerequisite for each and will at the least help with the attainment of each successfully.


Gendernomics gives an exhaustive treatment of a very complex subject and does a great job of it. Not only in providing a wide range of knowledge but in also making complex topics simple and easy to digest and understand. For those that are new to this kind of stuff I’d highly recommend that you get them a copy of this book. It’s destined to be a must read in this field and one that I highly recommend even if you have a good grasp of the subject. It cuts through a lot of the B.S. out there. My favorite books of this nature are those based in biological principles or economic principle as opposed to opinion.

While there is a slew of good books from the biological angle this is the first that truly addresses the sexual market place as an actual market place that’s done very well. I knew it would be quality work from reading Black Label Logic’s blog but was not expecting such a in depth discussion of the topic. This with a few other key books could take someone from completely unaware of the topic to have a good working knowledge in a very short amount of time. This is one book I wish I had a long time ago, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy when you can.

Charles Sledge