Gaining Freedom In An Unfree World

Gaining Freedom In An Unfree World by Charles Sledge

This is a free chapter from my book The Outlaw’s Handbook: How To Be A Modern Outlaw & Gain Freedom In An Unfree World. Enjoy.

Gaining freedom in an unfree world is something that deep down every man desires for himself and those he cares about. After all freedom is directly tied to one’s sense of masculinity and manhood. It’s hard if not impossible for a slave to feel like a man. We’ve discussed what separates the outlaw from the average citizen. What separates the wolf from the sheep and the rest of society. Following the path of the outlaw is a step towards freedom, it’s a step towards reclaiming your mind and therefore your life. There are rich men that are slaves likewise free men that have less to their name than you do. Of course there are poor men who are slaves and rich men who live lives of freedom.

Money alone will not get you what you want, though it plays a part. Freedom is something much deeper than that. Simply breaking free of your cubicle isn’t always enough especially if you end up in a plantation of another kind. Switching from being a slave in one industry to another doesn’t do you any good. Many who wanting to get out of the cubicle farm break free and start their own business but end up an even bigger slave to that business. Of course there are also many who have broken free, started their own business and now are living the life that they’ve always wanted and that fits much better with their mind, body, and soul (something a cubicle will never do for the wolf).

Freedom isn’t a simply topic. As we’ve stated some rich are free, some poor, some working in a place where another would rather die, and vice versa. Freedom is a multi faceted ideal that stems from many different places. Also I should note I’m not talking about “freedom” in the political sense whatever the hell that means anymore. I’m talking about freedom to be one’s own man, or at least as much is possible in this world. Freedom requires many things to be acquired but they have far less to do with what is on the outside for example x amount of income, certain status, or achieving a certain set goal and rather has much more to do with what is on the inside.

Freedom Starts In The Mind

A free man is first and foremost free in his mind. I’ll explain what this means. Freedom starts in the mind, meaning that regardless of the external things that one has a big bank account, a high paying job, a gorgeous wife, a loving family, a house in a third world country where they can live as kings, or whatever is commonly considered ideal yet they remain a slave in their mind will never experience freedom. A free mind is the healthy ground from which the tree of freedom can spring. Perhaps that sounded a little cheesy but you get the point. Without a free (meaning healthy) mind achieving freedom is something that will elude you.

Most would recommend going about this by becoming detached from the world in some sort of Buddist fashion but as any man knows that’s a great way to get killed. You must not become detached from the world but rather engage it and enforce your will upon it, a mindset that must be embraced to gain freedom. Freedom doesn’t come from nothingness and numbness it comes from strength and understanding. We’ve talked about breaking free of the slave morality of working day and night and putting the needs of your masters above all else. Gaining freedom starts with putting yourself first and foremost and working for yourself first and foremost.

From that core is where everything else stems. Putting yourself first and then taking a realistic view of the world. People are not your friends, they are not inherently good, and they are not wise in any way. This doesn’t mean you hate them it simply means you see them for who and what they are. Your loyalty, care, kindness, and everything else is reserved for vetted people within your gang, tribe, family, or whatever you want to call it. It isn’t something given out freely to any passerby because they’re part of the “brotherhood of humanity” or some other delusional term designed to defang and neuter you. This world never stopped being kill or be killed, it always has been and always will be in some form.

Freedom In The World

The freeing of your mind is step one and from that other growth can take place and naturally things follow from freeing your mind. For example once you first start living for yourself and realize that essentially everyone out there is out for theirs as well it allows you to take action to better yourself and your situation. You don’t work tirelessly for those that hate you or care less about you. You work tirelessly to gain strenght and wisdom for yourself so that you can fight your way through this world more victorious than not. Freedom comes from conquering and strength. Sort of like the only way to truly have peace is through superior firepower, everything else is a false peace. It’ll be peace until it’s not advantageous for the stronger side in which case the weaker side will be quickly crushed.

Freedom stems from a free mind which leads to the attainment of strength and wisdom for oneself. Right thinking leads to right action which leads to right results. Sort of like a strong house can only be built upon a strong foundation. I’m sure we’ve all heard the story of the man who built his house upon the sand as opposed to the one who built his house upon the rock. The one in the sand didn’t last very long. Neither will freedom without the proper mindset, actions, and skills. No matter if you start a company that is profitable, move out to the wilderness with nothing but a gun and some tools, or whatever your version of freedom implies. Without the right mindset and the right actions and skills that proceed from that mindset your freedom will be short lived.

You have to fix the problem at the root and the root is the mind. This book should have more than opened your eyes to mindsets that have been instilled in you that are not for your benefit and who’s sole purpose is to keep you in chains. Whether it’s the American dream (whatever that means), being a “good” person (according to the slave masters), loving everyone equally, or any other perverted ideology drilled into your head to make you love your chains. Freedom starts in the mind and proceeds from a correct mindset. The outlaw’s mindset if you have any questions about what that is then reread the book. But it all starts with this, the outlaw looks out for himself first and foremost. Something you’d be wise to follow.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

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    • I’d recommend that you get inspiration from other sources.

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