How To Gain Power In 3 Key Areas Of Your Life

How To Gain Power In 3 Key Areas Of Your Life by Charles Sledge

Without power we are nothing. Without power we will be crushed by the world. Acquiring power is your duty to survive. A man who doesn’t spend a good portion of his time in the pursuit and development of his power is always taken advantage of and killed off by the world. This is a harsh lesson that is best learned young so that a man doesn’t get hit with it too late in life. If a man is to protect himself and those he loves and what he holds dear he must acquire power in these three areas of life.

You already know what the three areas are as I’ve talked about them many times on this blog. Combat, business, and relations with women. Weakness in any of these areas will get a man killed. So finding out the best way to ensure you are prepared to deal with these areas is a wise use of your time. You must declare war on any weakness you may have to make sure you can live a happy good life. Power is the only thing that can ensure this. Power ultimately is the only thing that matters. Morality means nothing without power, love means nothing without power, nothing means anything without power.

Sales Gives You Power In Business

Sales, sales, sales. This skill isn’t negotiable. It isn’t optional. It’s required. You need to learn sales as much as you needed to learn how to read and write. Not knowing sales in the business world would be like getting dropped into a war zone without a gun. Sales is your weapon to get what you want in the business world. It’s your claws, fangs, and means of defense. Those who know sales succeed and those who don’t know sales die. It’s a pretty black and white issue. Don’t rely on good connections (but have them), skill at what you do (like that means anything in the modern corporate world), and least of all on the good will of those around you.

You have to become a great salesman for success in life. No other skill even comes close to getting what you want in business. If you feel powerless in business then you aren’t a ballsy enough salesman. The weak and timid get destroyed and left for the vultures. It doesn’t matter if you’re not in a “sales” job because every job is a sales job. There is nothing that will make you more valuable to the marketplace then learning how to sell and do it well. So learn sales to succeed in business.

Masculinity Gives You Power With Women

There is no competition for masculine men.¬†Women want to follow a strong masculine man and will follow him anywhere. The more masculine you are the more women will want you and the stronger that they will respond to you. This isn’t a choice on their part but is biology at work. Remember attraction isn’t a choice, it’s a reaction. And nothing causes a stronger reaction in women than a masculine man. One who is dominant, takes charge, and never apologizes for himself.¬†Just like a man but can’t help to respond to long straight hair, a large bust, and built rear, it’s not a choice.

You must embrace and cultivate your masculinity as well as have an understanding of women. Women are either going to be one of the greatest sources of fun and pleasure for you or the greatest source of misery and pain if you aren’t masculine and don’t understand them. Women can innately sense a man’s power. His innate masculinity that is. Put simply the more masculine you are the more women are naturally going to do what you want and fall into your dominant strong frame. Be a masculine man and women will do whatever you want.

Combat Skills Give You Power In Life

At the end of the day the man who can’t defend himself is a target. You could have all the money in the world as well as understand women completely yet a random thug could take everything from you if he wanted. You have to learn how to fight and defend yourself against predators. You have to know how to throw a punch, be aware to danger, as well as use a firearm. These aren’t negotiable skills either, none of the skills in this article are. They are requirements to live a full life worth living. A life where you have freedom, as freedom stems from power.

If you’re not proficient in these areas then you shouldn’t rest until you are. That would be like being on the front line preparing for an enemy advance. Then resting even though the trench wasn’t dug, the ammo wasn’t stored, and your men weren’t in position. It would only be a matter of time before you’d be overrun and killed. Never forget that there are others out there who if you are a target have no problem exploiting that. Just because we left the jungle doesn’t mean our nature has changed. There will always be prey and predator.


So there you have it. Three ways to get power in three important areas of your life. The sooner you learn these skills and become proficient at them the better off you will be. Pursue power and there is a chance at freedom, pursue anything else and you’ll never get freedom. This world is not your friend and you must conduct yourself accordingly. Don’t be naive, be strong and you’ll make it to where you want to go.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Johnny Grube

    One problem I NEVER had was women, strong men
    whether in high school or as an adult, strong confident
    men always get their you pick! Strength is a virtue that is
    most important.

    Strong men get the women and the jobs.

    My wife knows her role, I asked only two things from my wife,
    raise the kids and give me sex, 24 years later kids are all
    grown and I still get sex.

    I raised my three daughters to see the man as the protector and
    provider, and they so far, have men who do their job!

    • Absolutely if you’re a strong man, you’re not going to have much women troubles.