From Mind To Matter

From Mind To Matter by Charles Sledge

Your mind is an active force. You can use it to shape the world around you. Everything around you originated in the mind of someone. Even nature and the world originated in the mind of God. The computer you are reading this on, the alphabet used to convey the meaning of this sentence, the car you drive, everything once originated in the minds of man. You see man has a unique power to shape what is in his mind into reality. Great companies, great empires, great lives were all shaped through the minds of the men who led them. History itself has been created through the minds of men.

Things pass from an idea into reality through the use of your mind. Most people never realize their inherent power. They go through life thinking they are powerless and live lives of quiet desperation. When you look back through history you could essentially get rid of ninety nine percent of the people who ever lived replace them with mindless zombies who could do basic things and nothing would have changed. Most people never wake up, they stay in sleep until they die. They never realize the great power they have to take things from their minds into the real world. To transform something from mind to matter.

From Mind To Matter

Our ideas become reality when we put energy into them. The energy of thought and action. Thoughts are things, do not think that they are random wisps of energy. They are directed and have a purpose. Every thought you think has an effect. Remember for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Thoughts are very powerful, do not underestimate them as they have the power to shape the course of your life for both gain or ill. As a matter of fact learning to utilize your thoughts is one of the most important skills that you can learn.

Though concentrated energy we can take the idea in our mind and make it true in the real world. This works with anything. Say you have the idea of one day building a great business that helps millions and makes you rich in the process. To get rich through giving value (the most effective way). The first place the business must start is within your mind. Once the framework of the business is set in your mind and you have your idea of it you begin work on it.

The next step is to direct energy into your idea. So for example for creating the great business it would be taking that first step. If it was writing a book it would be penning the introduction, if it was getting in shape it would be hitting the gym. It doesn’t matter the goal or the idea you can bring to it fruition through the concentrated energy of your mind. Through keeping your thoughts focused on it and taking action to create it everyday.

A Process

This is a process and takes time, especially depending on the size of your goal. You should always have a goal you are striving toward. An idea you wish to bring to fruition. Bigger goals take longer to fulfill then smaller goals. It takes longer to make one million dollars then it does one thousand. Same with it takes longer to go from a virgin to sleeping with models then it does to go from a virgin to getting your first date. This isn’t to dissuade you from big goals, as a matter of fact most people shoot too low.

No, this is just letting you know the bigger your goal the longer it takes. So if you don’t see progress right away, ignore it and keep pushing on. Success ultimately comes down to those who wouldn’t give up. Am I saying pursue every business opportunity no matter how unprofitable no of course not. But with that being said the reason most don’t succeed is because they give up too early. They give up five feet away from the diamonds, if they would have dug just a little bit more they would have hit it. But instead they gave up.

This describes so many people I don’t want it to describe you. The key to making that dream in your mind a reality in the world around you is to keep at it. Keep applying your energy too it. Remember for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Something has to give if you apply enough energy to something and if that something isn’t you it will be that around you. The world will give way to your will. The will to power. It’s how great generals conquered the known world and it is how you can make reality do as you wish.


The largest point that I want you to take away from this is that ideas become reality when we put energy into them. Learn how to master your mind so that you can make your dreams a reality. There are few things that pay back a bigger reward then learning how to master your mind. It is your mind that everything else stems from, your mind creates your life and is the biggest indicator of where you are going to end up. A man with the wrong mindset will never go far and likewise a man with the right mindset can never be kept down for long.

The idea for this site originated in my mind, the books I have written originated in my mind, once I started taking things from my mind and making them a reality I began to become aware of the power that I had. I had the same power that any other author or person had. What one man can do another man can do. Learning to apply that power has paid me back more than learning anything else. With it you can do anything you set your mind too. Remember you have the power to take things from mind to matter.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge