Five Minutes Of Alpha

Five Minutes Of Alpha by Charles Sledge

Never has it been better to be an alpha and never has it been worse to be a beta. In today’s world the men at the top of the sexual pyramid are experiencing more success than ever before while those at the bottom are settling more than ever before. With women’s sexuality let out of the bag and unrestrained, society has changed drastically. Women leave their beta husbands for a chance at an alpha in record numbers, women will cheat at the drop of a hat if it’s with an attractive guy. To be a man that women fantasize about a man simple needs to be an alpha. Meaning a man who has embraced his masculinity fully and completely as well as understands the truth about women.

You see an guy who is an alpha (a guy who is a man) will stand out in a woman’s mind and she will do anything to be with a man that effects her in such a way. The beta’s (guy who isn’t masculine) money, looks, status, or anything else will not prevent that women he wants or loves from being pumped and dumped by the alpha that she fantasizes about. A guy who gets a woman hot and horny with his masculinity and dominance is going to be her first pick over any other guy no matter what. It doesn’t matter if that guy has been dutifully married to her for ten years, had four kids with her, is a ripped millionaire, or anything else.

Five Minutes Of Alpha Is Worth A Lifetime Of Beta

The popular saying five minutes of alpha is worth a lifetime of beta essentially means a woman would rather get banged (or even be around) an alpha guy for five minutes than have a lifetime of devotion, love, or anything else from a beta. The guy who burnt a woman in high school will stand out more than her famous actor boyfriend. Because he is alpha. A guy who doesn’t take crap from a woman and puts her in her place is going to stand out in her mind forever more.

The bad boy that dumped her she will still be remembering and fantasizing about ten years down the line, unless a bigger alpha comes into her life. The man who makes the biggest impact on her will crowd out all other men in her life, even is she marries, dates, or whatevers with those other men. She cannot forget the alpha, she cannot shake the tingles that he still stirs up. Women automatically respond this way to dominant men, even though they may hate and/or deny it.

To Be The Alpha Women Fantasize About

To be the alpha essentially means to be a man fully and completely. To be dominant, unapologetic, and strong. To never apologize for your masculinity and to always put yourself first. Women would rather share an alpha man. A man who has his own thing going and for which she is just an accessory to his life that can be discarded and replaced at women. Then have complete devotion and love from a beta male. A male who is going to put her above himself and who has not embraced his masculinity.

Being and becoming a man is a multifaceted topic and one that is not going to be completely covered in a post. Which is why I wrote a book about it, yet even then masculinity cannot be contained with one book. This article is to simply show you the direction in which you should go. Put yourself first and the women will come. Work on yourself and invest in yourself. Learn all that you can about being a man and embracing your masculinity. Things like dressing well and looking good are simply stepping stones to become the man you want to be, not the end goal.

Some Guidelines To Get You Started

Be a man completely and without apology. Be dominant. Assert yourself into the world around you. Remember you are man, creation and women are reactive forces you are the active force. Go and make the world to how you see fit. Take the lead with women and in life. Remember the end goal is to become a masculine man. To fully develop that masculinity within you and to understand the nature of women. Do these two things and women will fall at your feet.

Understand how women view you. They are either going to see you as completely irrelevant to them, a good target to take advantage of, or a man they want to submit to and be ravished by. Be strong, dominant, and never let a woman control you. They want you to be the uncontrollable stallion that they pine after. Don’t be the donkey for carrying their goods. Be a masculine man and you will be the man women fantasize about. Fully embracing one’s masculinity is something that can be developed for a lifetime and is worth doing so. That is your mission and it is the woman’s mission to go after a man like you.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge