Feminism Is Not About Equality (Stefan Simonovic)

Feminism Is Not About Equality (Stefan Simonovic) by Charles Sledge

This is a guest post from Stefan Simonovic. Stefan runs a number of dating sites and has written for the site multiple times covering a variety of different topics relating to dating. Here he talks about feminism and how it was never about equality. Enjoy.

Feminism is NOT about equality

In theory, feminism should be about social, political, and economic equality between men and women. It has a goal to provide women with equal rights and opportunities. Nowadays, however, most women represent themselves as feminists and this “modern feminism” has nothing to do with equality. Celebrity Snapchat names and other famous people are using this modified version of the movement to increase their popularity and enhance their influence all over the world. Unfortunately, it’s safe to say that feminism became some sort of a tool women use to reach their goals. It’s very Machiavellian and that’s exactly why more and more people are turning their backs on modern trend.

Famous Women Are Using It To Promote Themselves

As we already said in the introduction, feminism became a very useful self-promoting tool that allows women to gain attention and cheap points. This type of behavior is most common in the world of show business. Famous female singers and actresses are using the popularity of modern feminism to cement their place in Hollywood. Of course, there are some young women who understand what this movement is all about (like Emma Watson for example), but unfortunately, most of them are just using it in order to get to the top.

Modern Feminism Is Creating A Misandrist Society

Even though feminism should be about equality for both genders, it’s becoming quite clear that modern feminists are trying to create some sort of a misandrist culture. What exactly does this mean? Well, it means that all serious social issues regarding men are being overshadowed and ignored. Feminists are doing everything in their power to make an average man feel guilty for being a man. This type of dominant behavior is endangering thousands of regular, innocent, and non-misogynistic men. Being a strong, confident, and empowered man is nothing to be ashamed of, but this new trend is trying to label every self-assured man as sexist. We can honestly say that this is anything but a healthy environment.

Some (Unqualified) Women Are Getting Important Jobs And Roles In Society Just Because They’re Women

Don’t get me wrong, I are all about equal chances and rights when it comes to job applications and hiring, but it’s becoming clear that some women are climbing their way to the top by relying on victimization and guilt. They are using modern feminism as their secret weapon. Also, whenever they find themselves in a sticky situation at work, they start complaining about sexism at the workplace and suddenly, they’re untouchable. This is their “get out of jail free card”. ┬áThe biggest problem with modern feminism is the fact that some women, despite being underqualified, are able to reach highest positions in the various companies and even national governments. It may sound harsh, but some of these ladies are there just for the sake of the balance. The hiring process should be about experience, skills, and necessary qualifications, not gender.

These problems are an undeniable proof that feminism, or at least it’s modern form, is definitely not about equality.

Charles Sledge