Faux Masculinity

Faux Masculinity by Charles Sledge

Masculinity has been under attack in our society for some time. With the shaming, deconstruction, and all but outlawing of masculinity it has given rise to various forms of faux masculinity or fake masculinity. Things that may appear to be good on the outside but when looked at have a rotten core. This faux masculinity has been offered as a watered down replacement of the real thing. Those at the top have figured out that a full blown assault against something doesn’t often work and can actually backfire. It’s much smarter to offer a controlled alternative.

This faux masculinity acts as the watered down replacement. It seems to be a step in the right direction but is actually a noose waiting to be tightened. There is only masculinity, that does not compromise or change. It is timeless and has been the same since creation and will be the same at the end. Below are three impostors that claim to be in the interest of masculinity and men but are anything but. Some of these have good intention, some are out to make a buck, and others are fully against masculinity and men. Regardless of their intentions all can cause harm and take you from the path to true masculinity.

Men’s Right Activists

First off the idea of rights is laughable and a feminine concept. Rights only exist when those with power decide it’s better for them to. There is no such thing as a right. If you say you have a right to life but I’m stronger than you and those who protect you, guess what? That’s right, you’re “right” doesn’t mean jack shit. Men’s right activists claim that men are victims when this is not true. While I agree feminism is a cancer and insane all men have to do to end it is put women in their place.

Once men find their balls feminism doesn’t exist anymore. Men’s right activists make men out to weak and at the mercy of women. They make men think that they have no power and that there is nothing they can do against society and women. When it’s the opposite. If all the males of society found their balls there is nothing society, governments, or women could do. Men have incredible power, they are not weak like the men’s right activists would have you believe. This group represents just one of the forms faux masculinity can take.

Spiritual Masculinity

This version of faux masculinity came about in the 90’s with the men’s movement. Which pretty much consisted of a bunch of pussies sitting around a circle jerking off to mother earth and talking about their feelings. I’m exaggerating but you get the picture. Those who followed this movement believed that the old form of masculinity was wrong but that being a giant pussy wasn’t so great either. They attempted to balance something that didn’t need to be balanced in the first place. Like trying to balance banging hot women with ugly women, it just doesn’t make any damn sense.

The preachers of this movement believed men were called to be sensitive yet strong. Yet their definition of strong was always constrained to their form of morality. They tried to take masculinity and make it a spiritual experience when it isn’t. Masculinity it what it is, it isn’t spiritual and spiritualizing it simply weakens it. Like watering down whiskey, it’s an abomination. The men’s movement attempted to sedate men by giving them a thimble of masculinity when breaking the dam was needed. They encouraged “being strong” (but not too strong or that kind of strong, or…or…) while balancing it with being sensitive. Which has nothing to do with masculinity. Again another faux masculinity idea that may have had good intentions but ultimately does harm to the real thing.

The Purple Pill

The purple pill refers to a type of faux masculinity where men take red pill truths and then twist or water them down to better serve women or society. Completely subverting the entire point of the red pill. It would be like being taught to be dangerous but then only against certain people. The red pill gives you power, nothing more and nothing less. It does not give you stipulations as in “These truths can only be used in the defense of women/society” or something like that. The red pill is the truth and the truth simply is, nothing more and nothing less. It has no agenda or ends it is the truth.

The purple pill takes truths that have the ability to give men great power and then neuters that power so that those truths still serve women and society. For example “Yes, be a dominant man but only in the bedroom so your woman can have better orgasms, never be dominant for your own sake” and so on and so forth. You see a lot of dating sites and books out now that take things from the red pill and then water them down for a larger audience. For example be an alpha male an alpha male is someone who takes charge and respects women. They put stipulation and morality where they don’t belong.

The truth simply is. Remember that.

Faux Masculinity

Here I gave a very brief highlight of three faux masculinity movements to be on the lookout for. While these things seem good on the surface they are poison within. Remember compromise is an evil. I dedicated a whole chapter on the evils of compromise in Become A King and if anything wish I had devoted more space to it. Don’t be lukewarm even Jesus hates lukewarm people. Either go one hundred percent or don’t go at all. Masculinity is something you embrace wholeheartedly and then ride that tiger to the end. It cannot be subverted or moralized, if it is then it is no longer masculinity but faux masculinity which is toxic.

Don’t water down the truth with limits, lies, or morality. Pursue the pure truth and that will set you free, nothing more and nothing less. Remember the gate that leads to life is narrow and there are many distractions leading away from it and large it the gate that leads to death. Don’t get off your path. Don’t be misled. Not everything that glitters is gold. Beware faux masculinity, stick to what you know deep down to be true and then follow it even though the entire world may doubt and hate you. Fuck em, the only thing a man needs is himself, his masculinity, and his path.

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-Charles Sledge


Charles Sledge