Fail At 100 MPH

100 mph

We all fail. It is inevitable. After all we are only human.

However failing isn’t a problem in and of itself. There are things much worse than failure.

The Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is often one hundred times worse than actually failing. The reason for this is that the fear of failure is what often keeps us from acting. Not the actual event of failure. But how we portray the event in our minds. The build up of horrible nonexistent consequences. Consequences that upon examination would be found to either have no base in reality or be so minor as not to matter.

Action is the killer of fear. The best way to keep the fear of failure from taking over is to take action. And then to continuously take action after it. When you are too focused on accomplishing the goals you have set for yourself and on taking action forward you don’t have the time to be scared.

Instead of sitting back and letting the fear grow until it overpowers you will, you reverse the process and take the fight to your fears. You hit before you get hit.

You become proactive instead of reactive. One of the keys to success in all aspects of your life. You’ll never get anything sitting back and hoping. Faith without actions is dead. Meaning won’t do shit for you.

When you look around you at those who are holding back their advancement in life you will often see it wasn’t because they took a shot and had a horrible consequence but because they never took a shot and had a horrible outcome dreamed up in their mind.

The delusions of their mind kill their chance to accomplish their dreams in reality. The fake bad prevents them from experiencing the real good.

You do not want to end up like this and if you are like this, don’t feel bad. Most people are. You can change it. But you can only change it by taking action. By taking the shot. By being decisive, having the balls, and going through with it.

Sure you’ll mess up, we all do.

So what?

The awful consequences of failure are in your head. And even if they were real, sitting back and being a bitch has consequences as well. Consequences that are much worse than going for it.

Consequences like never getting close to your dreams, never getting close to the life you want.

If Failure is Inevitable…

Then it makes sense to go at it one hundred percent. If you know pain is coming might and well tough it out and continue on.

When things do good bad because of the actions you took, you’ll still be fine when you continue making actions to propel you towards what you want.

An example. You have a meeting with a big client. Who has the potential to make you lots of money. You take a chance meeting with him as he is known to be a giant ass. The deal doesn’t go well. You end up pissed that you wasted your time and effort.

So what do you do now?

You move on, you should already have your next client in the pipeline with another after him. When you are dedicated to constantly taking action and working hard, one failure no matter how large it seems is not going to hold you back.

They will be at most an annoyance.

This can be the same with girls. Your going out on a date with a hot girl and she bails on you. You could whine about how girls are flaky or this or that. Or you could invite the next girl in your rotation out. Or go out and find a replacement. Take action. Don’t sit back and whine.

The point is if your going to fail then do it at full speed. Fail forward. Fail fast and fail often.

The fear of failure is worse than the failure itself. You shouldn’t expect failure but when it happens brush yourself and continue on. You fall in a race you get back up as soon as you can to continue on. You don’t sit and hope things get better.

Take action, and move at 100 MPH and your failures no matter how sever (or not) will not matter.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge