How Eye Contact & Body Language Are Connected To Attractiveness

How Eye Contact & Body Language Are Connected To Attractiveness by Charles Sledge

This is a weekly column by Stefan Simonovic. Stefan runs multiple dating sites and writes about dating for men. In this article Stefan talks about how your body language and eye contact are related to your attractiveness to women. Enjoy.

Even though romance isn’t a taboo anymore you would be surprised to hear how many singles simply don’t know how to talk to the opposite sex. Sadly, thousands of people out there still have certain problems when it comes to flirting and it’s all because they underestimate the power of eye contact and body language. It doesn’t matter if you’re into traditional matchmaking, cougars, or even BBW dating, in order to avoid awkward and unpleasant experiences in your local dating arena, you need to stick around and find out why these two factors are so important. Once you understand that, you’ll be able to use them to your advantage during your future romantic endeavors.

Eye Contact = Great First Impression

Everyone knows that a good first impression is half the battle. However, dazzling a companion on the first date is anything but easy. So, in order to achieve that goal, most singles tend to engage in a good old “staring contest”. They try to use the power of an intense eye contact to impress their date! So, if you’re on a dinner with someone, and your eyes meet, whatever you do, don’t look away! Keep looking at him/her directly in the eyes and smile. This way, you’ll create a lasting impression on your potential partner and you’re guaranteed to receive an invitation to the second date.

Body Language Can Reveal Your Intentions

A lot of people have a hard time expressing their intentions, emotions, and motives through words. Therefore, they use body language to attract their crush and that’s why this form of communication is so important when it comes to romance and flirting. People are able to flirt with other singles without saying a word. For example, the way you sit or the way you position your arms and head during the date can reveal your true intentions. So, if you face directly towards your crush and keep your torso area open, he/she will know you’re ready to take your date to another level.

Deep Eye Contact Can Create Passion And Sexual Tension

Since we’re talking about spicing things up on a date, it’s time to mention the importance and effectiveness of the deep eye contact. Most singles use this strategy when they want to enhance the passion and sexual tension. Therefore, if you want your companions to be attracted to you sexually, make sure to engage in a long and deep eye contact with them. If you manage to maintain fixated on their eyes for a long time, you’ll increase your chance of hooking up with them at the end of the date.

Playful Body Language Can Help You Seal The Deal

We already mentioned the significance of body language, but now, we’re going to show you how it can be used as a “weapon”. Being open simply isn’t enough sometimes, which means people need to find a different way to display their affection. Playful body language is the answer! For example, if you’re on a date and your potential partner is not able to read your subtle signals, you need to get physical. A delicate and gentle touch or caress is something that will help you seal the deal. Once you master these techniques, you’ll find that flirting is not actually that complicated.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    speaking of masculinity, you’ve ever heard of the book titled “Wild at Heart”?

    • Yeah

      • H8TheWayLifeIs

        just wondering if that’s a book you recommend, and by the way, I know it will sound kinda stupid but what does it mean for a guy to be “grounded”? because I already know that guys are expected to be strong obviously, but they also say we are expected to be grounded, something I feel I wasn’t explained really in my formative years

        • I read it a long time ago. Pretty much watered down masculinity packaged for a Christian audience. Good at the time, not so much now. Just the fact that it wasn’t ravingly feminist was a departure from most I had come into contact with at the time.

          And grounded would mean secure in who you are and not changing. Having frame is another way of putting this. Someone who is grounded isn’t going to be moved or swayed very easily. Like the phrase “grounded in one’s beliefs”.

  • Nice points. Eye contact and a confident body language are two indispensable attributes to increase date successes. I wrote an article on how to own confident body language and build strong presence you should check out those posts on my blog.