Evolutionary Biology & The Sexual Market

Evolutionary Biology & The Sexual Market by Charles Sledge

This is a free chapter from my latest book Get Sexy: How To Increase Your Sexual Market Value To Attract The Girl Of Your Dreams. Enjoy.

Alright so you’ll recall that I talked about how man has an animal side or nature to him. What this means is that a large part of human behavior is derived from our primal survival mechanisms, and mating is no exception. Despite popular belief to the contrary attraction isn’t a choice it is a biological response. Let me repeat that attraction is not a choice, attraction is a biological response. If a woman wants you it’s not because she’s logically concluded that you’d make a good mate (regardless if it’s for a century or an hour) but rather because her instincts are responding to you. Her subconsious or hindbrain is telling her to mate with you.

Her logical mind really has nothing to do with it. Same with men. When you see a woman with a nice round ass and curvy hips you don’t logically think “Hmm alright that is a pretty nice ass I guess I will be attracted to her” it’s just a natural response that happens. It isn’t a choice. A woman can say she doesn’t like “bad boys” (men with balls) and wants a nice guy until she’s blue in the face (as women often do) that won’t stop them from humping bad boys like crazy and whining to nice guys about it. Likewise weak males often to try to curry favor (unsuccessfully as weakness is never rewarded, especially by women) with women will declare how they don’t “objectify women” which means their either gay or something is deeply wrong with them.

Objectifying woman is the “shaming tactic” used to describe natural healthy behaviors in men. Meaning whether their brain responds to a woman’s physical dimensions thereby deciding if she’d be a good mother (biologically). Again I want to make clear that this all happens subconsciously and out of one’s awareness. You don’t decide to be attracted to curvy hips and full lips and women don’t decide to be attracted to broad shoulders and a deep voice. They simply are. Trying to change what attracts women (or men) is as futile as trying to change the alignment of the stars on the Earth’s rotation. It doesn’t matter how “unmoral” or “misogynistic” you think nature is or how much you whine about it. Might as well yell at the moon because you don’t like how the tides work, good luck with that.

The Animal Inside

Alright so we know that attraction isn’t something that is negotiated but rather something that is a biological response. Most of the biological responses that cue attraction (if not all of them) stem from a trait that has an advantage for survival. For example women are attracted to broad shoulders because that’s a sign of a man with strength that will be able to kill a tiger that comes after her or smash the head in of an invader who wants to rape her. Now you may be thinking “But none of that happens anymore, so none of it should matter. Things have changed, we have evolved”. But the simply truth of the matter is that we actually haven’t evolved.

The same inner system (the animal inside) that controls attraction is the same now as it was when we were running naked from tigers with clubs. Human biology has not changed since those times and isn’t going to. Agriculture hasn’t even been adjusted for and you think living in a technology filled city has been? We’re still those same animals, those we’d like to deny at. Again not the man doesn’t have a rational side it’s just that it plays little role in the mating game (as one can tell from observation). This is also why men are attracted to curvy hips on a woman because it’s a sign of fertility and child bearing health. Aka it’s a sign that one would make a good mother biologically.

With that in mind realize that everything else in this book stems from that biological reality. Attraction is largely survival based and is entirely biological. It has nothing to do with what society wants or is trying to form us into at this time. Political ideologies cannot override basic ideology. Neither can moral systems no matter their type (that is on attraction, they certainly play a part in how people behave sexually). Meaning that a moral system can’t make a man attracted to a fat shorted haired woman but it can prevent him from cheating on his wife just because another woman is more attractive. However remember morality and political ideologies no matter how strongly one adheres to or believes in them can’t change biology and therefore what attracts them.

The Delusion

This is why a man who has a high sexual market value (survivability value) can treat a woman like crap and have women fawning all over him. While the guy who writes women sonnets, poems, and dedicates himself to her will get nothing but a spewing of her emotions when the real man hurts them and nothing more. Either that or straight up rejection. It doesn’t matter if a woman is a dedicated religious fundamentalist or the most hard core crazy feminist. They will still for the most part have the same biological reactions to a man with a high sexual market value. This is why there is such a huge difference between what women say and what they do. As all wise men know don’t worry about what a woman says rather watch what she actually does.

Do that and you won’t be misled like so many other guys. Of course the fact that the media complex, the government, teachers, preachers, and even well meaning parents preach and teach otherwise to what I’m laying out here doesn’t help with the confusion. I remember one man on a message board talking about how he has “gotten rid of all his masculinity” and wondered why “women were repulsed by him more than ever”. He’s been brainwashed by a culure hostile to masculinity that his masculinity was the problem (something that he probably had very little of in the first place). That’d be like saying “I took all the protein out of my diet and my muscles are going away faster than ever!”.

The point I’m making is that society and the beliefs of society are not in your favor when it comes to mating (or really anything in life). There are many delusions some more malicious and others simply to protect the feelings of the weak. Regardless they do you no favors and it’ll help you tremendously to get rid of them. Starting with the fact that attraction and therefore mating is a biological proccess one that is is void of things like morality, societal beliefs, or political ideologies (though those things can play an imporant part in a long term realtionship). But as far as just wanting to have sex with someone, play no part. This goes for both men and women.


So sexual attraction is an amoral process and stems from ones biology. Any talk of the sexual market value that doesn’t take these things into account and deal with the reality of them is going to have a faulty base. And if something has a faulty base it isn’t going to stand. One must drop what one wants something to be and instead see it for what it is, even if it’s not as pleasant as what one had in mind. The sexual market is no different. It’s a cruel harsh market that “unfairly” rewards those at the top and punishes those at the bottom (just like nature). And just like nature your effort is exponentially rewarded the closer to the top that you get.

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Charles Sledge

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