Embracing The “I Am Dominant” Mindset

Embracing The "I Am Dominant" Mindset by Charles Sledge

What does it mean to be dominant? While there are many facets to dominance. The different types of dominance have an underlying similarity. Specifically that they have to do with your reality being stronger than the others. This can be cultivated even to the point where you shape the very world around you. No I’m not talking about psychic powers or any such nonsense. I’m talking using your mind to create the life of your dreams. A topic that I wrote an entire book about.

Being dominant is about having a stronger frame or version of reality than others. So for a simplified example let’s say that you think you’re great. You meet a girl who looks at you and says your trash. A guy with no dominance and a weak frame would apologize for “being trash” or react emotionally while agreeing with her subconsciously. A guy with a strong frame and sense of dominance would either ignore her completely or laugh at her faulty attempts to faze him.

This is the mindset that you should have. In any situation that you are dominant. This doesn’t mean domineering where you wade your way into everyone’s space and make demands of them. Rather that your frame and the way you see things remain the dominant focal point of your mind.

In Social Settings

Well use a party as an example. Let’s say your at a party in high school. You just moved in from out of town and were invited by some girl who went into some room with a guy and you haven’t seen her in a while nor expect to. It’s just you, you don’t know anything else. Now let’s say you see a cute girl surrounded in a corner surrounded by a bunch of guys.

A guy with a dominant mindset would go over and talk to her. As his desire to do so would be more important to him than being judged by others. A guy with a submissive mindset would try to make friends with everyone first then be “allowed” to talk to the girl. He wouldn’t go straight after what he wants, he would go about in a round about way. Which is feminine and submissive behavior.

The point is you should always consider your frame of reference the most important one. You’re at a party, you think you’re great, awesome. Talk to whoever you want, flirty with whoever you want, operate uninhibitedly as a freeman. Don’t let others shame you into a corner or accept their version of reality if it differs from yours. Do so and people will eventually come around to your version of reality. They may resist it at first but the weak have docile minds and will always give in to someone who knows in which direction they are headed. A man with a “I am dominant” mindset.

You’re The King

You are the king of your own world. You are the most important person in your own world. You should love yourself and invest in yourself. Care more about what you think of yourself than what others think of you, no matter who those others may be. Let your frame and version of reality be the strongest. Don’t give in to what others think. Instead choose your own path and follow it to fruition.

What you think matters most. Others will try to shame you and control you. Don’t let them. Nothing and I mean nothing is worth your freedom. You are the captain of your own ship. You control in which direction your life is heading. It is your choice to be a confident dominant man who gets the most out of life or to be another castrated slave, a sheep, shackled to the limited beliefs of society and others.

Break free and reclaim your freedom. Live for yourself that is how it is supposed to be. Treat the world as your own personal domain, for it is. Well that’s not entirely accurate as it’s not just the world that is your domain but the universe itself. We were created to be creators. To extend our will on the world and reality around us and shape it to how we see fit.


Assert yourself into the reality of others with your own version always being the strongest. Pierce and dominate the reality of others with your own. Always maintain the frame and have the stronger version of reality. You’re the king, never forget this. When others see strength they instinctually test it, especially women. But once they see you won’t change for them then they submit to it. Women will generally get turned on and males will either get all pissy you don’t give a shit what they think, while men will respect you. Always embrace the “I am dominant” mindset in every situation regardless if it’s with work, women, or wherever else. You are dominant.

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-Charles Sledge


Charles Sledge

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    How long has the rite of passage existed for guys? is there any evidence that a rite of passage for guys, to be initiated into manhood, that it is existed when us humans lived in caves, before civilization, when us humans lived in tribes or were even kinda ape-like? i was reading in a blog of one dating coach, where he also lamented that guys are not real men anymore, that we live in an emasculated society, mainly in the western world, and he mentioned about the lack of a rite of passage, and he specifically said a tradition that has been around since the dawn of civilization, that i’m not sure, but you think the rite of passage, initiation into manhood has been around even before civilization?

    • Idk about ape like man but mankind since tribal society yes they’ve had some sort of initiation right.