Embrace Your Masculinity

Embrace Your Masculinity by Charles Sledge

This is a chapter from my book Be A Man, Get The Girl: Testosterone & Success With Women. Enjoy.

So many of people’s modern issues (especially males but increasingly females) comes form a denying of their natures. I don’t mean that people don’t give in to their human natures enough. No our society is filled with those that have no discipline and make giving into whatever is easiest a way of life. No rather I mean their nature as men and women. In the modern world women are told to be men and men are told to be women and then people wonder why they are so confused and not accomplishing what they want. As if the natures that they were given was a curse and not a gift.

Sure when it comes to human natures humans are certainly fallen creatures there is no doubt there. But when it comes to the nature of man and woman there is no error there. Men were made to be men and women women. Androgyny is no virtue and as a matter of fact is a sin. A sin against both God and nature. One of the most sickening things that I have witness is adults telling children that their nature is wrong. Boys are taught that there nature is wrong and that they should be girls as well as girls are taught that their nature is wrong and that they should be boys. And people are actually blind and dumb enough to think that this is healthy.

The Source Of The Problem

When I see a male and he is struggling with issues with women (which generally are caused by many different issues, but this is the one he is most focused on for obvious reasons) I generally see a male that is divorced from his nature and divorced from his masculinity. He might even think his masculinity is bad. He might even think that the solution to his issues is to become even less masculine. Which is sort of like a drowning man thinking drinking more water will save him. Because of indoctrination he doesn’t realize that he is fighting against the very thing that can save him.

That thing is his nature. His nature as a man. If he would only embrace it then he would see the great power that it gives him. He is fighting against the very thing that can save him. He rejects the antidote for his ills because he has been told that it is evil then he guzzles down more poison hoping for salvation. Man was not made to fight against his nature as a man. To fight and rise above his nature as a human yes but his nature as a man that is something that he must embrace. His issues stem from his abdication of his nature, his abandoning of what was given to him to succeed. This results in problems of all kind (including with women).


Instead if the male would begin to embrace all that makes him a man and move further and further away from androgyny. He would find his lot steadily improving. He would find his health increase, his mind grow sharper, his level of living rise, and his problems with women disappear. Because he would be acting in accordance with his nature. A male who does not embrace his masculinity is like a lion who does not eat meat. Though the male will not die physically by not embracing his nature he will die spiritually.

Masculinity is not just good but great. It’s the elixir of life. It’s great power and an honor. There is something very wrong with a male who does not value his masculinity. It is his lifeline and power source not something to be ridiculed or hated. You might as well hate your own soul. Masculinity is glorious and honorable. The only thing a man need to concern himself with is embracing his masculinity then cultivating and refining it to higher and higher levels. Becoming more of a man with each.

Be A Man

Be a man and everything else falls into place. When a man is focusing on being more of a man everyday all the other facets of life fall into place. Money, women, and everything else. Manhood is the center piece upon which all else rests. It’s the foundation upon which everything else is dependent on. Stop chasing women or chasing a dollar or anything else. When you become a man fully and completely everything else gets one hundred times easier. Becoming more of a man makes every area of your life that much easier. Masculinity is the center, not necessarily a cure all but damn close to it.

Everyone respects and wants a man. Powerful men want other men in their company and by their side in battle. Women obviously want men and are desperate for them. Children feel safe and look up to men. Society needs men more than anything else for health and growth. Before you do anything else before you take another step forward you must embrace your masculinity completely and without reservation. It is the lifeblood, energy, core from which all else flows. It is the heart of who you are. Without it you will not accomplish much and will always feel like you’re not fully there (because you’re not).


Embracing your manhood and masculinity is the first step. Once you take that step everything else will surely but slowly begin to fall into place. Right thoughts, right actions, and right living proceed from your masculine core. You can’t ignore it without severe consequence. Your heart can only be suppressed not denied. Masculinity is the lifeblood of creation. Be a man and everything else will fall into place. Work, women, happiness, and life. Your masculinity is to your life what the sun is the the galaxy. The center and from which everything else flows. Do not deny who you are, embrace it and become powerful.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge