Elite Online Dating by Nicholas Jack Review

Review of Elite Online Dating by Nicholas Jack

Nicholas Jack or 20 Nation runs at blog at Swoop The World about the life of being a global seducer. He along with a few other writers writes about picking up women around the world. In this particular book Jack goes into the details of using popular online dating sites to net your self more dates and bangs. While I wasn’t a big fan of online dating and probably never will be nevertheless I realize that when properly utilized you can build yourself a steady harem with relatively little effort. So while I would never recommend replacing online dating with approaching women in your day to day life and when out, it can still be used as a great supplement to your sex life. Now about the book.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Jack makes it abundantly clear that your picture is the absolute most important part of your online dating profile and the results that you will get. You can have most of the other stuff nailed down but if you have pictures you are going to have a very hard time getting very far. Your picture is the first thing that a woman sees and is what she is going to get her first impression off of. The first impression is always very important as most tend to judge us based off their first impression of us. Doesn’t mean you can’t change a negative first impression but why go through the hassle in the first place?

So you have some pics where you’re look good, great you’re done right? Well not quite. You see in addition to looking good Jack explains that your pictures are also telling a story to the woman. Looking good is just the first step. In addition to looking good you should hit multiple attraction factors that will make women more intrigued in you. For example say you have a picture where you look good but it’s just you sitting at a desk. Now let’s say you have a picture where you don’t look great but it’s you in a cage with a tiger (to steal Jack’s example). Which one is going to turn a woman on more and get her more interested in you? If you guess the tiger than you guess right. You see as men were used to looking a picture and if the woman is hot then that’s enough for us. We don’t care as much if she’s looking hot in a pool, while out on the town, or while in another country. If she’s hot then thumbs up and if she’s not than thumb’s down. Women are a little more complicated when it comes to what turns them on. Jack lays out all of the attraction triggers which you should follow.


After your great pics are up and your profile is done Jack covers messaging woman online. He first covers the women who you should message and the ones to look out for. Jack lists some red flags to avoid women you would rather not spend any time or effort with. For example if a woman has all shots from a particular angle, it’s a good bet that she is hiding something. For example if all you see on a profile is six pictures of a woman’s face and non of her body there is probably a reason for that. Jack leaves it to you to use your own wisdom as not all red flags are bad, just things to keep in mind and if enough show up it’s probably best to move on.

Next Jack covers the first message that you send. This in addition to your pictures is going to give the woman her first impression of you, which is very important. Jack highlights the importance of “hooking” women. Pretty much the same as fishing you put out some interesting bait (for example say you’re an author or something else to pique the woman’s interest) and then pull away once she is latched on. Meaning don’t give her all the information let her come to you to find it all out. Jack gives examples of different hooks to use and which women to use them on.


Jack notes that math will play at factor in your online dating success. Put in the work consistently and watch how “lucky” you get. Like farming the groundwork is what matters. By reading this book and following the advice you set the groundwork for online dating success. At the beginning it takes a lot of work that pays out later. Sort of like growing a business. At first your ROI isn’t that great and probably negative but as things progress the tables turn until down the road the ROI is staggeringly high.

So while finding the right pictures and going through the process of having a great profile might take worth it is more than worth it in the long run. If you just throw a picture up and write a couple sentences don’t expect to have much success with online dating. Even if you look good and are fun and dangerous. Put in the work in conveying your attractiveness to women and the results will come. It’s a process there is no getting around this. So if you’re results with online dating have been lackluster follow the advice laid out by Jack, put in the time and effort, and things will turn around. Don’t write off a stream of women because of the bad experiences of others.

Final Thoughts

Jack covers much more than what is listed above. This review gives you the gist of the book and if you are intrigued I would encourage you to check out the book. Like everything else in life you get what you put in. So while there are plenty of guys out there who complain about online dating and how women who use it’s egos are inflated so great that it makes them harder to land. Jack shows that if you know what you are doing this is not the case (just like at clubs or anywhere else). Invest some time and effort into online dating and you will reap what you have sown, same as anything else in life.

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Charles Sledge