The Destructive Power Of Numbness

The Destructive Power Of Numbness by Charles Sledge

Lately I have been thinking more and more about something that has affected my life as well as the life of essentially all men at one point or another. And that is numbness. Emotional numbness in particular but numbness overall. Numbness to life. Many males numb themselves as a coping mechanism. Some do it through porn, others through booze, and yet others through sports or something else. They feel powerless and weak. But instead of rising to meet their problems they sink further and further into their numbing agents until they feel nothing at all.

To be numb is to not feel and to not feel is to not be alive. I’ve written about emotions before and why they are important. For one they spur men on to action. Emotions are needed to be fully and completely alive. The only thing wrong with emotions and when males let the weak ones control them otherwise emotions are essential to life and masculinity. We were not created to be tin men walking around like automatons devoid of life and spirit. Men without hearts, men without chests, men without balls.

Why We Numb Ourselves

Many males are not comfortable with their emotions. They repress them or hide them. Which isn’t healthy and has consequences. The reasons we numb ourselves are many. The primary one being a coping mechanism. For example I know males who watch porn on a consistent basis yet have game and relatively good sex lives. Sometimes they say they do it even when they have no desire too. While obviously addiction and other brain chemicals are playing a huge role ultimately it comes down to being numb.

They have things in their lives that they don’t want to deal with or feel like they can’t deal with and therefore numb themselves with porn. Like I said earlier others do it through booze and yet others through sports and others through different means. Some do it through all of the above and more. Instead of fighting whatever is causing the problem in the first place males retreat into numbness. Because when you are numb you can’t feel pain…but then again neither can you fight.

Overcoming The Numbness

Apathy can be a dangerous thing when it forced. A male if he wants can retreat from all that he hold dear. His family, his friends, even and most detrimental he can become numb from himself. From his own emotions, thoughts, and feelings until he becomes a modern zombie walking around. This is also pushed by society who wishes to have all men become listless zombies that won’t fight and are easy to control. Remember it is men who change society and who can defeat the enemy

Women and children are easy to control. As long as they have no strong men to guide them. Numbness is weakness. It weakens men until they won’t strike back and won’t fight. Until they become patsies that can be walked on because they have lost all feelings. They have no heart and no balls. That is what numbness does. A man who feels with his heart and soul is a fearsome force feared by those who stand against him and revered by those he stands for. Numbness is like defanging a lion or neutering a wolf. But it can be overcome.

Steps To Reconnect

First and foremost you must reconnect with yourself. You must reconnect with your heart and soul. You must reconnect to the seat of your power. First off you must cut out whatever it is that is your main numbing agent. If it’s booze cut it out. If it’s porn cut it out. If it’s sports reduce it to social functions (the same could be said with booze, but no exceptions are to be made with porn). Begin journaling what you feel.

Upon waking write down what is on your heart. It is there for a reason. Connect with that and you will connect with yourself. You will begin reconnecting with your masculine power. You will begin to feel again. Evil will make you sick as will weakness. You will begin holding yourself to a standard. You will begin to get your fight back. You will begin to get your manhood back. Those in control don’t want this because men are the only ones who can change the path this world is on.

The Roaring Lion

When the lion roars the wolves scatter. Remember you are powerful. The evils of the world have gone unopposed for too long. The dragons and giants run through the land because men have disappeared from it. When the heroes return the monsters run. You were given a heart and soul for a reason and to divorce yourself from the two was not the reason. Take the fight to them.

If all become numb there will never again be a David, a Solomon, a Achilles, a Ulysses, a Arthur, a Martel, a Lionheart, a Leonidas, a Washington, a Jackson, or a Patton. All will become sheep and led to the slaughter. It is men and men alone that can prevent this. Numb men do not fight they lie down. Fight against this reconnect with yourself and rekindle the fire that lies within.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge