Is Desire The Key To Game?

Is Desire The Key To Game? by Charles Sledge

Attraction and sex are primal things. They go beyond words and phrases. They are a natural and instinctual thing. They have been around since before humans communicated through words written or otherwise. One mistake that I see many make in regards to having lots of sex with beautiful women is that they get in the way of their own primal desires. This is usually done because they listen to some guru market pua who tells them so crap like they should never show a woman desire or something like that. Which effectively stifles that man’s natural sexual energy that women crave and plays a big part in whether or not a man and a woman have sex.

Getting laid is not hard or complicated. It is a relatively straightforward process one a man becomes in tune with his masculinity and his masculine desires. Desire is a key component of “game” which is really just naturally relating to the opposite sex as a man. As a man you want a woman, you want her physically. Hiding this does not do you any favors. Being indirect is a great way to either postpone something that would have happened a lot earlier or preventing a sure thing from happening. No matter what when you are indirect and hide your desire for a woman you lose.

Why Desire Matters

A woman has to know you want her. At some point if your going to sleep with her she has to know that you want too. A normal man would have no problem showing this desire. He would show it in a bold and straightforward way. And no whistling or cat calling is not bold or straightforward as the men use it because they don’t have the balls to really approach a woman and assume it will fail most of the time. Showing your masculine desire for a woman unapologetically is going to turn her on like nothing else. Showing that desire through your eyes will have her hypnotized by you.

With desire you will get laid a lot. It’s as simple as that. Give a guy the very rudimentary basics of game, hell have him read this article and then send him out and with enough desire (as in sexual desire for women) he will start getting laid left and right. Women are easy to men who show them sexual desire unapologetically and in a manly direct way. Meanwhile have a guy who knows everything there is to know about attraction yet watches too much porn or lives at home with his parents and therefore has no desire will not get laid much if at all.

Cultivate Desire

Having desire for woman is a natural thing. However we live in an unnatural society. You have people who will tell you your sexual desires for woman are evil, wrong, or whatever. But it’s bullshit, they’re naturally and healthy. Combine that with someone who chronically whacks off to porn and suffers the consequences of it. Combine that with a bad diet and it’s no wonder that many men have trouble with having the right desire to project to women. The first thing a guy must do is get in touch with that primal masculine desire that is the number one factor in getting laid a lot.

Eating a healthy diet and cutting out crap is a start. Follow that with limiting or completely cutting out masturbation and porn so that your sexual desires aren’t being siphoned off but can be applied how they were meant to be applied. To real women. If you live with your parents you need to solve this. Find ways to make money, work overtime until you save enough to move out, do a side hustle. Anything but if this is your situation your number one goal is to move out before anything else. Being an attractive masculine man isn’t going to mean much (or even be fully possible) if you’re living in your mom’s basement.


Desire is often overlooked but is one of the most important parts of game. You have got to want it. When you want it you’ll get it. It’s as simple as that. That primal sexual desire is what is going to do more for you as far as getting laid is concerned than anything else. Showing your true sexual desires to women unapologetically and forwardly is going to turn them on and lead to some fun times for you. Don’t hide, push down, or divert your desires. Don’t waste it on porn and don’t let it never build up by having a horrible diet.

When the desire is there, the way will appear. If you’re not getting laid and your not as put above living with your parents or in some other unfortunate living situation then you need to check your desire. Take some zinc, lay off the masturbation, channel that desire to the women around you. Use it as energy to fuel you and create sparks between you and the women you are going to meet. That is what it is there for, that is what it was created for, so use it.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Agreed – I think that one of the biggest turn-ons for a woman is being intensely desired. They love it when you’re very openly sexual with them (granted others can’t see to hear or judge them).

    • Exactly. Took me awhile to figure this out but helped immensely once I did.

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    ya i saw a video from David DeAngelo(i’m sure you have heard of him) he says that women instinctively, innately, naturally, come hardwired, pre-programmed, conscisously, on how the human mating dance, courtship ritual works, and know all the steps, while men do not, men have to learn it. I’ll have to find the video link

    • Yeah that’s a pretty good description. It stems from women being weaker and therefore their hindbrains being more sensitive to survival instincts. A woman can’t afford to make a mistake (survival wise) while a man because of his strength has some leeway.