Claim Your Destiny

Claim Your Destiny by Charles Sledge

Nothing can stand in the way who is focused. Nothing can stay in the way of a man who has claimed his masculinity and knows his task before him. No government, no outside force, can stand in the way of a man who has harness that which is inside him and set it in motion. Kingdoms have been undone by single men, wars have been won by single men, the fate of the world has been changed by single men.

Give me a man dedicated to his cause and he will beat back one hundred men who are not. The man who has taken possession of his will and duty is unstoppable. Combine this with the will to fight and a man becomes the most powerful force there is on this earth. Man was created to be powerful, to be strong, to be man. Our culture has turned this into a parody. Either man as evil or man as castrated loser. When to be a man is the highest calling that there is.


Something I hate about many anti-feminist movements despite all the goods thing that they do is how they label men as powerless. As weak and victims. While I get what they are getting at they are doing men a disservice by blinding men to the power that they are capable of. They are clipping the wings of potential eagles. Men are powerful when they embrace their masculinity and throw off the shackles of a corrupted and decadent society. There is nothing masculine or empowering about whining or bitching as men do not whine or bitch but get things done. They either put up or shut up.

Instead of whining about legislation not being passed for men (since when have men given a fuck about laws?) instead they should be focusing on being men and the women and society will adjust themselves accordingly. Because they will have no other option. Because what men want is what happens, which is why governments struggle so hard to castrate men. They are a threat to their power because they are in fact powerful. A bear is not threatened by a limp camel but will look twice at a lion.

The Threat

Because men represent a threat to the NWO or any order that seeks to enslave the masses for their own schemes, men and masculinity are essentially outlawed. Men are told that masculinity is evil or that masculinity consists of working out at the gym or drinking beers. When masculinity is a deep, visceral, primal, and ethereal thing. It covers all facets of life. It is life giving and life taking. It is creative and destructive. Masculinity mirrors God himself as femininity mirrors God’s creation, nature.

This is a threat to the enemy and they know it. To be a man in a world that is doing everything it can day and night to eradicate manhood is an accomplishment. Manhood has been lying in the dust long forgotten. It needs to be risen from the sands and placed at the head of the kingdom. It needs to reclaim it’s rightful place as head. Just as God is the head over creation. Man the head over woman. So is masculinity the headship over the society.

Rise Up

Rise up, claim your mantle, become a king, and join the masculine rising across the world. You cannot hold a power down that guide created to be head of creation for long. It will come back and when it does it will rise like the phoenix. There will be a cleansing and then a restoration of all that is good and noble. Be part of this special time in history. Claim your destiny to be remembered in the history books and before your God. If you are a man then you were created to be a champion. Not a whiner or loser. You were created to accomplish great things. All men are but few ever embrace it.

To be a man is to given the opportunity to be most like God than any other creation other than the angels. When you look at the history books as well as the religious texts over the world in the end it is the right order that prevails. This unholy Babylon we have over us only lasts so long before it is destroyed. It’s cracks are beginning to show. A rebellion for good is around the corner. The world is getting ready to right itself once more. Masculine men are growing by the day and feminine women will soon be following them. The hydra can be slain the dragon defeated, but it must be done by a man. Are you ready to embrace your destiny, achieve greatness, and take your ranks among men and claim your destiny.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge