Chase Greatness, Not Women

Chase Greatness, Not Women by Charles Sledge

This is a chapter from my book Be A Man, Get The Girl: Testosterone & Success With Women. Enjoy.

You know what a great way to waste your time is? Chasing after women. Now I’m not saying that if you see a pretty girl to not talk to her and I’m not saying that women are evil and should be avoided at all costs. What I’m saying is that positioning your life around chasing women is a very foolish thing to do for a variety of reasons. Let’s say that you have your money in order you’re making six figures and your health is top notch. And now you want to have some fun and spend a couple of years/months just running through gorgeous girl after gorgeous girl. Alright nothing wrong with that but even so you still shouldn’t make chasing women your priority.

For one sleeping with women isn’t that fulfilling (or hard) alright yeah sure it’s lots of fun but that’s about it. After all it’s just a nut. A lot of guys build up sex like it’s this great big thing but for men it really isn’t. It’s just sex. I don’t mean to say that there isn’t meaning to sex (though with modern women there really isn’t) or to say that sex is just a biological function like using the rest room there is much more to it than that. What I am saying is that it shouldn’t take up too much of your thoughts and time. Most males spend their entire lives based on chasing after women. Not realizing that by doing so they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

Put Yourself First

Chase greatness and the women will follow. By putting yourself first not only will you increase your chances of attracting women to you but you will also improve the quality of your life. Women chase after leaders of all sorts. Whether it’s the gang leader taking territory, the CEO expanding his business, or the martial artists who just defeated his greatest opponent. Males who chase women and focus on that solely prove to women that by the very act of chasing them as their number one focus that they have low value. That might be a little confusing but what it essentially boils down to is this. The woman thinks “If this guy’s top priority is as low as me (a simple woman) then this guy has no value”.

Meanwhile a guy who chases greatness will have women flock after him because he is not so foolish as to put women first in his life. Chasing after women instead of working on yourself and going after women as they interact with you is going to backfire on yourself. It’s going to backfire because you’re placing the woman/women ahead of yourself which never works and is never wise. You must always put yourself first. Drill this into your head until it is second nature to you. You come first always. Your mission, your brothers, your dog, your family, all come before women. If you choose to take a wife she’ll rise up the ranks but still never come first.

The Irony

The irony is that guys who chase women here and there have mediocre success (to put it lightly) meanwhile the guys who chase greatness and better themselves in the process have women flocking to them. Women are boring and live pretty boring lives. Most are vapid and have nothing going on. Even the good ones need to be trained by a man to achieve their full potential as women. When you value them so highly women instinctively know that you don’t value yourself or your mission and this is going to kill attraction for them. A guy who waits on a woman hand and foot doesn’t respect or value himself or his time.

There are guys who just approach woman after woman thinking that they are learning something in the process. By all means take action and don’t be a coward. But never make the focus of your life chasing after women. Don’t schedule your day around chasing women. Be a man and you’ll get the girls. It’s not complicated, not intense flow charts or anything of that nature required. Simply be a man chasing after his mission. The man chases his mission the women chases the man and the males chase the women. That’s how it works. You can move from male to man by placing your mission as number one.

How Everything Will Fall Into Place

Look if you never develop your masculinity than any success that you have will be fleeting. A robot spewing lines at a bar could eventually sleep with a woman, that doesn’t make it a victory. Sleeping with a woman isn’t a big deal and isn’t hard. If you put in one hundred hours of work and made a penny would you go around bragging about it and telling all of your friends? Of course not because you’d be a few wasting his life for a measly penny. It’s the same with guys who chase girls forever and end up banging one thinking “Hey I did it!” not realizing how foolish that they sound and how much of their lives they have wasted.

Not that going after women is bad of course. Simply that making it your priority and giving it more importance than your development and manhood is foolish. Have sex with the women that you want and the best way to do this is focus on yourself, your development, and your masculinity. That’s how you’re going to develop into a man who lives a full life (that also happens to be filled with women). Not by chasing after them all of the time like a puppy with nothing better to do with its time. Be a man and everything else falls into place. Masculinity and your manhood come first always.


If you don’t work on yourself then women aren’t going to come to you. And even when you get to a point when women are flocking to you then you’ll realize the foolishness of living a life based on chasing women. That’s like living a life based on chasing pennies when there are diamonds to be had. Get the diamonds and the pennies take care of themselves. Chase greatness. Improve yourself. Focus on that, focus on developing your masculinity and manhood. Just like wisdom when you seek it first all else will be added unto you.

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Charles Sledge