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Become A King by Charles Sledge

This is a chapter from my newest book “Become A King”. The book is only 99 cents until May 11th, get your copy soon.

Growth Mindset

I’m sure at some point in your life, you’ve felt stuck. Felt like things were not improving. That your business, relationships, or progress in the gym were not going anywhere. That what you have done to get to the point you’re at isn’t working anymore.

To put it simply we’ve all been stuck in a rut before. Look around you everyone has been stuck in a rut before. Everyone has had times when they felt like things were just not working out and that no matter what they did things would not change.

Some people stay stuck in their ruts until the day they die. You don’t want to be one of those people. Those people who stay the same day in and day out. Who are stagnate and not going anywhere. You know the kind. Work a forty hour per week job come home and smoke weed and play video games. Then jack off before falling asleep. Maybe you’ve been that person before. That’s fine we’ve all been in a similar situation before. The point is not to stay like that. To grow past it into bigger and brighter things.

Preventing Ruts

You’ve heard it said before that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This applies to many things in life. One of which is the care of your mind and the prevention of stagnation. You see your mind like your body must be fed. It needs nutrition. Unlike your body it needs more than just physical nutrition. It needs mental nutrition as well.

Your mind needs stimulation to grow. Just like your body. The influx of new information is what keeps your mind from getting stuck in the same loops (or ruts as we called them). When you are constantly learning new things your mind stays flexible, adaptive, and grows stronger.

It keeps you out of ruts or when you get in them you at the very least are able to get out faster. It helps you to deal with problems that life inevitably throws your way. You are more creative and responsive to life around you. The constant movement prevents you from getting stuck.

There Is No Stop

The majority of people believe that we can stay still in life. That we can be changeless. This is not true. The human mind, body, and spirit is always going in a direction. It is either ascending and growing better and stronger. Or it is descending and becoming weaker. There is no standing still. We are in constant motion. Our body, mind, and spirit changes from moment to moment. Not necessarily drastically but it changes.

Because of this we must make sure that we are doing activities that constantly move it in the right direction. We must cultivate good habits so that we ascend instead of descend.

For example. Every day I make sure to do the following things. The only exception to this is on weekdays or on short vacations and even then I find myself sticking to the list. Every day I read at least a chapter in a non-fiction book. The book could be related to writing, business, fitness, nutrition, attraction, or a variety of other subjects. The book has the opportunity to impact my life. It gives me new knowledge that I was not aware of before I opened the book. Every day I work out. Not balls to the wall PR setting but do a physical activity of some type. It used to be barbell complexes now it is usually three days of weightlifting with two of other activities. Such as going for a run, swimming, or playing a sport of some kind. I also try to have some sort of quiet time every day. It can be reading a book or just meditating.

Each and every day I take actions to better my mind, body, and spirit. I make time for these because I know if they are ignored all the progress that I have made will atrophy. Spending five years in the gym and one year out will not do you any good. Each and everyday things change for better or for worse. It’s your job to make sure that those things are changing for the better.


We have just about an unlimited potential as to what we can be and do. The human mind never reaches it full capacity. There is always room for growth and improvement. Which is a good thing. This means that we can grow until the day we die. We will never know it all and we will never do it perfectly.

Having a growth mindset sets you up for success. Because you grow into higher and higher “levels” of life. Like leveling up in a video game. You get stronger, smarter, and wiser. Allowing you to take on challenges that you could not have before. Eventually you get to the point where things that were once a challenge for you, don’t faze you at all.

Things that once would have sent you running away or paralyzed in fear you face with confidence. You face with an unshakable belief in yourself. Because you have grown in response to the challenges that life has thrown at you. You grow in response to stimulation. Like lifting a weight. At first maybe even the bar seemed heavy. Now you don’t even notice it.

The same can be done with life. All facets of it. However like in the gym it takes hard work. Not just hard work but hard and consistent work. This is a commitment. A commitment to yourself, a commitment to growth, a commitment to getting the most out of your life. A commitment to achieving your dreams.

Those who do not grow end up going extinct. It is the way of the world. It holds true in business, in relationships, and in your health. You have a choice to fall down to the ranks of mediocrity or to rise up to the status of a king. Like said before the choice is yours. Embrace your destiny and grow to the point where your dreams are reality.

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-Charles Sledge



Charles Sledge

  • ShadySharad

    Hey there! Loved this excerpt and would like to buy your book, however on the Amazon page it says the book isn’t available for purchase. I’m hailing from India, is there anything you can do about that to help me get a copy?

    • Hey sorry about that Sharad. I’m not sure why that would be a problem. I’ll look into it.

    • Hey Sharad should be good now if not send me and e-mail through the contact page and I’ll work it out

  • Arthur Stone

    Stayed up until 4am reading and studying this book. After that I commenced to throw my TV out and start writing my mission plan. It is a must read especially for young males. It will light a fire up your ass and the concepts can be applied to your life immediately. Nice one Charles.

    • Arthur thank you very much for the purchase and the kind words. Glad you found so much value in it.

      • Mahdi Dhifi

        Please,how can i buy physical version of this book online not electronic one ??

  • Mahdi Dhifi

    Please,how can i buy physical version of this book online not electronic one ??

    • Hey Mahdi at this point in time kindle is the only version available if you are having trouble accessing the electronic version through kindle send me an email and I’ll work something out.

      • Mahdi Dhifi

        I can t buy the Book in this Format.

        • Hey Mahdi send me an email through the contact page and we’ll work something out

  • Bought your book recently. Will be doing a review on my site pretty soon. Great work Charles. I am sure I could learn a few things since I am formulating my own book right now.

    • Thank you Jack, that means a lot. Looking forward to your book.