How To Break Your Addiction To Outrage

How To Break Your Addiction To Outrage by Charles Sledge

“OMG Trump said words!”, This no name rapper who is now national news said to kill all the white people, some random thing happened in some part of the world that’ll piss you off. We’re addicted to outrage. Whether it’s finding random feminists who say stupid shit (how hard is that really?), getting our panties in a twist because some politicians somewhere said something, or finding some racist asshole and making him national news. This infection has spread throughout the red pill and manosphere as well.

While a less cynical person might say that these things are spread to raise awareness about them so something can be done about them we all know that isn’t true. Change is affected through action not through yelling at a keyboard or sharing something on social media. Being outraged (unless it’s something that actually happens in your life) is a waste of time. Look politicians don’t like you, aren’t here to help you, and there is always someone of the opposite sex who hates your sex and who is a different race than you and hates you. The world’s a big place filled with all kinds of people.

How Does Outrage Help You?

Outrage sells products and gets clicks. Outrage gets attention which is what the news is all about. This applies to the mainstream networks such as CNN and FOX as well as the “alternative” sources whatever that may be for you. The trick is to keep people in a constant stage of outrage so they’ll keep tuning in to get their fix. It doesn’t matter how far and wise one must go to find the outrage they’ll find it and then focus on it like a laser so you have justification to get all pissed off about it. A horrible cycle to get stuck in and one that all (yes all) news sources want you in. It’s how the news works.

While this cycle may be good for the producers of the news, it’s no good for your life. Time spent being outraged about whatever B.S. the newscaster (or blogger/vlogger/etc.) says you should be outraged about is time taken away from doing actual productive things with your life. Things like working on your fitness, sharpening your combat skills, reading a good book, writing, working on your business, having sex with a beautiful woman, networking, being a good father, and so much more. If someone comes up and slaps you upside the head then outrage is warrented and good. However being outraged because some random person somewhere says he doesn’t like you is not.

Unplug From The Source

One of the best things that you can do for both your productivity and wellbeing is unplug from the news. Whether that’s turning off the TV, changing the radio, unfollowing on Twitter, unsubscribing on YouTube, getting off an email list, or simply stop checking a website for updates. You need to unplug from the outrage cycle. There will always be things in this world that is focused on will get you all riled up. Like I said the world is a big placed filled with all kinds of people. There will always be bad things happening, stupid people doing stupid things, and wrongdoings throughout the world.

But that’s not your problem. Your only problem are those that are directly in your vicinity. Things you can affect directly, like the guy slapping you upside the head or your boss threatening to fire you. Trust me if something big happens you’ll know because it’ll actually affect you directly. Read that last part “actually affect you directly”. And you’ll have spent so much time preparing for the worst that you’ll be able to take whatever comes. Unlike the guy who spent all his time with his panties in a twist walking around pissed off. Unplugging from the source is the first thing you need to do.

Fill Your Time With Productive Actions

Now that you’ve unplugged you need to fill that time with productive actions so that if/when things do get bad you’re be prepared. Whether that’s being able to leave a country, knowing the basics of fighting and surviving, and just all around being a man who’s prepared for whatever may come. You want to fill your time with actions that are going to get you closer to the goal of becoming a man ready for all things. Instead of watching the news hit the gym or dojo. Instead of seeing what the latest thing you should be pissed off about on Twitter is read a book about business. Instead of listening to some talking head spout off about all that’s wrong with the world on the radio listen to a podcast that adds value to your life.

Training, reading, writing, working on business, working on yourself, listening to podcasts, listening to productive YouTube videos. There is so much that you could be doing with your life. Getting financially free, getting in shape, being proficient at self-defense, attracting beautiful women, hiking in nature, just relaxing and enjoying nature. There is so much to do, because of this there is no time to waste on outrage that is impotent. Again outrage has a time and place but when it’s chronically stimulated by happenings all over the world it doesn’t do you any good.


Your job is to break the cycle of outrage. To spend your time in pursuits that add to your life instead of take away from it. There will always be something to be outraged about, trust me. The news isn’t going anywhere and their game is never going to change. Disconnect from it and be free. Outrage doesn’t do anything for you unless it’s something that happens directly in your vicinity otherwise focus on developing yourself. And end your addiction to outrage.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • If you are brand new to the topics of globalism, social degeneracy etc then it is good to get a little bit up to speed on the topic. Sadly the best source is through the outrage peddlers.

    Most men will reach a point, as i did a while ago, that they no longer need to keep up to date. They know the problems and are waiting for the opportunity to fix them.

    Good article!

    • For sure, awareness is important. Like you said there comes a point when you know who and what the enemy is and need to focus on working on yourself, your family, and community. And thanks!

  • Johnny Grube

    I was happier when I was uninformed, I started paying attention about 10 years ago, and realized everything is fucked up!

    Good article!

  • Placide Buduri

    A refreshing Article

    It’s amusing when some people blame their failure on external factors and the system when they are the one’s who allowed their mind to be brainwashed in the first place.
    Shifting focus is absolutely key.

    You’re on point here.

    ”……Things like working on your fitness, sharpening your combat skills, reading a good book, writing, working on your business, having sex with a beautiful woman, networking, being a good father, and so much more”

  • Old Goat

    Excellent article. The 24 hour news cycle & ever-connectedness of social media has played a huge role in this phenomena. Everyday it’s a new hysteria to deal with. I had to give up on trying to stay informed a while ago, but I still encounter people everyday that are in a frenzy & full of anxiety over some new mania.

    • Haha yup, the cycle will never stop. I figure if somethings really that important I’ll get wind of it, otherwise I got the basics so time to tune out.