Blog Yourself Rich: Is Content King?

Blog Yourself Rich by Charles Sledge

You’ve heard it before content is king. Meaning that of everything your content is the most important part of your blog, book, or information product. For the most part I agree with this statement but with some caveats. Content no doubt is extremely important. After all content is what people come for. Whether that content comes through the form of blog posts, e-books, real books, videos, seminars, classes, or whatever doesn’t matter nearly as much as the quality of that content. It’s true without good content you are going to have a hard, if not impossible time creating a blog that you can live off of the revenue from.

Content is the base upon which you are going to build the rest of your blog. Without good quality content people are not going to come back this much is true. However focusing on content to the neglect of other important factors will leave you will a slow growing or eventually unsuccessful blog. For example great content cannot replace the need for consistency, great content cannot replace the need to market your information, great content cannot replace the need to network with other like minded bloggers. Content is important, it is the foundation and in a way it is the king but there is more to that than meets the eye.

The Foundation

Like I said above content is the foundation upon which everything else is built. A pyramid or a house would collapse in on itself if it did not have a properly built strong foundation. This is how content works for your blog as a foundation upon which everything else can be built. Without this foundation no matter what you put up it will collapse back down. Like building a castle in the muck or like the foolish man who built his house upon the sand. Be like the wise man in the parable and build your house upon the rock so when the rains come your house will stand the test. Build your blog upon the rock foundation of great quality content that provides value to your readers and betters their lives in some way, shape, or form.

The foundation while being an essential part to every building is simply that the foundation. If you just leave something at the foundation it’s not going to do much. You must build upon that foundation for it to be useful and truly be worth building in the first place. A foundation for the sake of a foundation isn’t going to do much of anything for anyone. The foundation is just the beginning. Now quality value giving content should be something that you continue to put up forever, there is no end to putting up quality content. Build you base with it and then continue to do so.

Content Is King, Marketing Is Queen

In the game of chess the king is the most important piece. Simplified to the extreme it is the only piece that “matters”. It is the only piece upon taking that the game ends the player who loses his king, loses the game. Now just because the king is the most important piece does not mean that it is the most valuable piece. As a matter of fact the king doesn’t do a whole much when compared with the rest of the pieces on the board. He simply needs to be there. The most powerful piece on the board is the queen.

In blogging your content is you product and that is king, without it there is nothing. However what has the power is your queen or the marketing. You must both have a quality product (content) as well as good marketing to have a truly successful blog, one that you can live off of. So yes without quality content there is no point, the game is over. Content is king but that does not mean that content is the most powerful. The queen or marketing is the most powerful. So by all means focus on writing quality content just like in a game of chess you should always be aware of your king. However don’t focus on it to the neglect of your queen and the other pieces on the board. King is the most essential, queen is the most powerful or content is the most essential but marketing is the most powerful.


Don’t neglect any aspect of blogging. It is a multifaceted topic that requires you to excel on many different fronts. You cannot simply write good content and expect the blog to take off nor can you write crap and expect to be able to pass it off onto people while growing your readership. Write quality value giving content and then utilize everything else to bring it all together and produce a quality blog that truly helps the lives of others. Because helping the lives of others is what we are after. Regardless if you just want to make a buck or change the world genuinely giving value to others is the way to go about doing it.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • This is an area in which I flounder. What are the most effective ways of getting your name out there and creating a huge audience? I pull in some people from Disqus and other comments on websites, but it doesn’t amount to a whole lot. I have a Twitter account that I haven’t done much with. Might as well see if I can utilize that.

    • For quick spikes I would recommend guest posting, especially in the beginning. Something that I being honest I have neglected. However for the long run consistent good content. Publish as much as you can, especially in the beginning.
      It’s like building a snowball it takes time but once it hits a certain mass its going to keep rolling. The thing is most quit before it hits that critical mass.