Bleed On The Page

Bleed On The Page by Charles Sledge

One often overlooked key to being a good writer and building your writing platform is you have to bleed on the page. Now you may be asking what does it mean to bleed on the page? To bleed on the page means to infuse your heart, your soul, your blood with your writing. It means taking what’s unique inside of you combining it with relevant information and then putting that on paper. It’s relatively a simple process but one that many writers stifle. They stifle it because they’re afraid of people not liking them no realizing if no one likes you then there is something wrong with you.

To be liked by all is to be loved by none. And being liked doesn’t mean shit. You must put your own unique flare in your writing to keep the readers coming back. People are tired of hearing the same old recycled watered down bullshit. They want some fresh air. You have the potential to be that fresh air. You want to know how I know that?┬áBecause there isn’t another you. Now usually that phrase has some dumb hippy connotation to it but in this case it means something. You have a unique voice and a unique soul, there is no doubt about that. Utilize it.

Bleed On The Page

Don’t continue doing the same as everyone else. Don’t take a position just because it’s popular (or because it isn’t popular). Take a stand on something because it is how you truly feel and think. Bleed on the page. Be your own man. People are desperate for someone who isn’t afraid to go against the grain, who isn’t afraid to stand out, who isn’t afraid to be a little ( a lot) different. People respect a man like this. A man who plays by his own rules. A man who goes his own way and is unapologetically who he is.

Bleed on the page. Spill out your heart and guts in addition to giving great content. Look if you right about yourself you’re not going to get many readers. However if you simply focus on doing certain keywords and such you’re not going to get a steady readership either. You must provide value for your readers through your own unique way. For example my blog isn’t the first to talk about masculinity, women, or anything else. But no one is like me and no one does it like me and they never will. I am who I am and I do my best to offer value while also making sure I bleed on the page.

Stand Out From The Crowd

I’ll admit. To be a good writer (or good at anything for that matter) you have to be an outlaw. You can’t follow the herd or simply listen to the leaders. You have to do things your own way and bring your own unique experiences into your writing. You have to be a bit stubborn and go your own way. A trait that I for better or worse have in spades. Don’t follow all the rules, break a couple if it means being unique. Again bleed on the page.

Take your soul and express it to others while providing those others value. That’s the only way to stand out. You have to be unique and value filled for readers to keep coming back. You could have the finest copywriting, SEO skills, and all the bells and whistles but without heart and soul you are only going to go so far. When you bleed on the page you infuse your writing with something that only you can. You stand out from the crowd. You become unique not just another manosphere/masculine self-improvement/copywriting/X blogger but you become you.

Stand Your Ground

Don’t be afraid to court controversy if it is how you truly feel. Even if your niche or whatever has different views from you don’t be afraid to stand out. Never apologize for what you believe especially because others don’t agree with you. You have to step on a few toes and break a few eggs to be a successful blogger or to be successful at life. Stop worrying about offending people and worry about not being true to your heart and soul. Which matters so much more.

If you don’t bleed on the page you could write for years and no one is going to give a shit. I’ve seen blogs with articles going back three or more years yet barely any readers. They had good titles, they did the online marketer stuff right, but their site was neutered. There was no heart or soul to be found. It was like the online equivalent of a hospital (a building I hate). Sterile, docile, and without life. No heart, no soul, and no blood on the page. Take a stand. It’s better to be loved by few and hated by most than to be liked by all.


Bleed on the page. Sure do all the blogging stuff you should but remember without bleeding on the page it’s going to mean little. I and everyone else is tired of seeing the same old shit. Have some balls, be you, be unique. This used to mean something before it was hijacked like a good portion of the English language. You are who you are for a reason and that reason sure as hell ain’t being a good politically correct sheep who toes the line.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Seth Rose

    This is definitely crucial for setting yourself apart from others. It turns generic articles into ‘masterpieces’.

    I also like the idea of bleeding on the page, spilling your guts, and just writing, writing, writing. Then later see what you came up with and edit the original draft for errors.

    • Agreed. Have to be unique people are tired of the same old, same old. Writing with soul combined with good grammar equals great writing.